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Web-based employee engagement & performance management tool

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Steer overview

Steer is a web-based platform offered by ‘By Humans Limited’ of the UK and helps organizations track the performance and satisfaction of their employees. The solution is used by managers, technical leads, team leads, vice presidents, and operations managers to collaborate as well as engage with their direct reports on a regular basis. Steer provides tools that help managers streamline their daily activities related to team coordination, feedback collection, and employee engagement.

Steer provides daily 'stand-up' features that enable team leads to collect feedback by sending a set of questions to their direct reports. The questions focus on employees’ activities, their schedules for the day, and challenges they're facing. The tool lets managers view reports on employees through a single interface as well as helps to reduce the frequency of status meetings.

Steer offers one-on-one check-in capability for managers to quiz their team members on a weekly basis to understand how engaged they are. Managers can select questions from the question bank available within the tool or customize them to meet specific requirements. The solution enables team leads to access individual employee reports as well as monitor the progress they have made in the past few weeks and add action items for future accountability.

Steer provides additional features which include team analytics, behavior tracking, relationship management, regular feedbacks, and career development. The solution ensures security of all user data by sending it over HTTPS channels and provides an automatic daily backup of data on Heroku servers.


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Hannah Wright

Steer is an awesome way to manage 1-1s with your team

Reviewed 2017-04-27
Review Source: Capterra

I'd highly recommend Steer. It's an awesome way to conduct 1-1 meetings with your team, and they also added a daily standup feature which is great. I'm really impressed by the ease of use and support. Keeping up with your team's satisfaction levels is vital when it comes to employee retention.

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A free 30-day trial is available, after which Steer costs $4 per employee per month.

Steer features

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Additional information for Steer

Key features of Steer

  • Cultural alignment
  • Survey management
  • Recognition management
  • Productivity reporting
  • Engagement analytics
  • Feedback automation
  • Status tracking
  • Customizable questions
  • Meeting management
  • Remote monitoring
  • Collaboration tools
  • Communication management
  • Status reporting
  • Career development
  • Reporting & statistics
  • Question library
  • Visual analytics
  • Behavior tracking
  • Performance management
  • Performance reports
  • Progress reports
  • Progress tracking
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• Steer's analytics tool helps managers track team-wide engagement metrics and take timely action on specific behaviors.

• The solution helps improve communication between employees and managers by letting them send regular feedback and insights about career growth.

• Steer helps managers reduce meeting hours to generate status reports and enables them to focus on business development activities, team engagement activities, and identifying top performers.

• The solution uses Paddle as their credit card processor and ensures the security of data by not storing any user information in their servers after submission to Paddle.

• Steer helps managers to prepare the agenda for one on one meetings with their direct reports by collecting online feedback on a regular basis.