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TimeFlow overview

TimeFlow is a cloud based native desktop application that allows employees to clock in and out quickly and easily, and administrators to manage employee hours from one location, or multiple. The software auto-updates itself every time Duoserve release new features or bug fixes. Managers can add an unlimited numbers of employees and timesheets.

TimeFlow installs and runs on Windows computers as a native app, meanwhile still being accessible as a cloud based solution from other locations (if needed). Employees can view their own timesheets, as well as request off days, which will then need to be approved by TimeFlow's administrator. Administrators can view, edit, and delete employee's timesheet entries, as well as approve or reject their time off requests. Administrators can also view payroll, employee status, and punctuality reports for selected (or all) employees, for any specific date range. Timesheet and employee records are kept for the life of your account, and you can refer to an older time period at any point.


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TimeFlow reviews

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Kenneth Hall

Works for Us!

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2016-07-14
Review Source: Capterra

Once we upgraded to the online system it has been incredibly smooth and convenient for our office. We have been using it for several years and have had little to no problems using it.Functionality is incredibly easy! We don't have a lot of issues using the software and it's great to have it on multiple computers in the office. Before we were only able to have it on one.

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Jennifer Morrow

Great software

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2016-06-17
Review Source: Capterra

We purchased TimeFlow software in 2012 to replace a system that used time cards. we have been happy with our purchase.I love that my employees can see the time of their last punch when they clock in/out. If an employee forgets to punch in, they see that when they leave. We catch and correct errors much more quickly than we did with a card swipe system.

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Tammy Snyder

Overall Good - But Wish It Was GREAT

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2017-01-10
Review Source: Capterra

We use the Duoserve Timeflow as our main Electronic TimeClock. There are many features we like about it, however, it falls short in areas that we would prefer to have....such as different categories for time away such as Birthday, Jury Duty, Funeral or any other categories covering time away. It's not appropriate to lump these absences into "Vacation, Holiday, Sick or Regular". Also, being in the Eastern Standard Time Zone, we have issues getting support when as timely as we would like. Other than those things, we find it suits our needs adequately enough and decent value for the price.Easy to use - like the biometric feature and reports easy to read.

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Lauren Abbott

We have used the TimeFlow clock for our office for 2 years now and we love it.

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2018-06-15
Review Source: Capterra

The time spent on payroll is cut down quite a bit. I allows each individual worker to not only view but print out their hours while keeping the privacy of everyone else's profiles protected by adding a password. It has helped accountability for time worked honest and fair. It also gives great reports for punctuality/tardiness which has helped when doing reviews with each employee monthly.Easy to use and easy to log in for each individual employee. The set up for payroll viewing on employees is not only easy to use and navigate but extremely helpful when it comes time to submit payroll.

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Keli Speranza

Great Time Clock for the Money!

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2017-01-24
Review Source: Capterra

I have 5 Employees that use this everyday. It's easy for them to punch in and out multiple times a day. When I am ready to run time sheets for the week it's simple and easy. I just review everyone's entries and make sure they are correct. If I need to make a change it's super simple and quick. Once the times are correct I can easily run a summary of the time and print that out to log into Quickbooks Payroll. Takes me about 15 minutes every other week. I highly recommend this it's affordable and it actually works. Easy to use, Does exactly what I need it to do.

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TimeFlow pricing

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Pricing varies on the number of computers and employees who will use TimeFlow. For example, the first license starts at $9.95/month for 1 computer and up to 10 employees. Users can opt for yearly plans and save.

TimeFlow features

Applicant Tracking
Employee Database

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Additional information for TimeFlow

Key features of TimeFlow

  • Payroll integration for accurate reports
  • Employee time clock
  • Multi-location
  • Employee database
  • Timesheets
  • Summary reports
  • Real-time monitoring
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* The only cloud based time clock desktop application

*Track who's in or out in real-time.

* Simple Employee Clock In/Clock out Interface

* Comprehensive reports about timesheets, punctuality, employee statuses

* Accurate payroll reports save 3-5% on payroll expenses for many companies

* Managers can view and edit work hours from remote locations

* Multi-location ready within minutes