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Vision Metrics 360

360 degree feedback simplified

4.86/5 (14 reviews)

Vision Metrics 360 overview

VISION METRICS employee performance from multiple perspectives, such as those of their peers, managers, direct reports, indirect reports, and more. Users can utilize built-in survey templates, or create their own, with an unlimited number of customizable question forms available and a library containing more than 1200 questions. Open text responses can be added to questions and colored Likert scales can be configured to suit different question types. Employees can be imported individually, or in bulk from an Excel sheet, and organized into groups, lists, and departments. Imported members can be added to surveys, and automatically sent customized invite messages and completion reminders.

VISION METRICS 360 includes real-time analytics, enabling users to track participation, logins, number of evaluations an individual has been evaluated, number of evaluations they have completed, and more. Daily appraisal completion statistics give users insight into the optimum time to send survey completion reminders. Scoring data is also available in real time, revealing hotspots per subject, with colored flags showing areas which require attention. PDF reports are automatically generated on survey closing dates, with users able to customize report designs with different color schemes, gauges, and more. Reports are created in the language set for each respondent, and any language the HR administrator has enabled.


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English, Dutch, German, Spanish
Vision Metrics 360 screenshot: Users can manage surveys from Vision Metrics 360's dashboard360 degree feedback appraisal reviews cloud demo - Vision MetricsVision Metrics 360 screenshot: Vision Metrics 360 reports daily on survey completionsVision Metrics 360 screenshot: Users can configure Likert scales in Vision Metrics 360Vision Metrics 360 screenshot: Vision Metrics 360 automatically generates PDF reports on survey closing datesVision Metrics 360 screenshot: Users can customize the gauges used in Vision Metrics 360's reports

Vision Metrics 360 reviews


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Claire Oksayan

A 360 Feedback Survey that makes me look like the hero!

Reviewed 2015-03-23
Review Source: Capterra

I tripped across Vision Metrics online while trying to find a good yet cost effective 360-degree feedback system for our organization. We're a medium sized Non-Profit so we want the best products but can't spend a fortune on them. I was first attracted to how customizable the survey questions were. Most other systems I found had pre-determined questions that couldn't be modified very much. We needed to add questions specific to our agency's core values and culture - so customization was key for us. Once I started playing around with Vision Metrics using the free trial I became even more impressed with their customer service! My company is in the customer service industry, so when I was contacted by a Vision Metrics employee just to simply check on me as I started working in the system -- and not to sell me anything -- I became sold on this company!! If you're looking for a cost-effective, fully customizable 360 feedback survey where you get to stay in control, but with ample support to help you look like the hero in your organization - this one is it!

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April Comstock

Excellent Product

Reviewed 2016-05-19
Review Source: Capterra

There are many features to this product that I enjoy, but the overall best to me is the database feature. Being able to create the relationships, show exactly the flow and level of employees, and import those relationships into each campaign is a huge plus. Being able to enable and disable feedback options at that level is beneficiary. This is probably the feature I'm most fond of due to the fact it plays so much into how easy the product is to use. Also, I like the questions that are provided as a guide or example. It makes survey creating less stressful and puts is in the right direction of what we would like to learn from each employee. Giving them the ability to take different surveys, depending on who they are evaluating, and the ability to evaluate those under, peer, or above them in the company is a great way to see how each person views the company from their current level.

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Nancy Quane

A Great Tool to Conduct Efficient 360 Reviews

Reviewed 2014-10-15
Review Source: Capterra

Vision Metrics is a great performance management tool to conduct 360 reviews. From the onset of our conversations, Vision Metrics was always ready and available to help me customize and set up a 360 review that could meet our company's needs. The site is user friendly and offers an extensive library of categories and questions for your use in designing the survey. The flow and lay out of the survey worked well. The reports were comprehensive and will help us with the professional development of our young leaders. We will continue to use Vision Metrics in the years to come.

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Georgina Karalekas

360 Survey and Customer Service from Ference Liskay

Reviewed 2016-05-31
Review Source: Capterra

We are on our third phase of doing the 360 Survey as we have chosen to spoon feed this to our managers. As the Director of Human Resources, my attention is constantly split between employee relations and projects. The product itself took me some time to get used to, but that was due to my attention being diverted to many other areas within the company. Ference Lizkay, has shown me so much patience and has been a constant coach during all our phases. Without his help, I would be a train wreck. He is Visionmetrics as far as I am concerned. The customer service is what I must say, sets your company above all other vendors I have worked with. Ference is a star!

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Danielle Drier

Basic product, comprehensive results

Used monthly for 2+ years
Reviewed 2017-11-30
Review Source: Capterra

The graphs and reports for the employees were beautiful and fun. It put life into our performance reviews.

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Custom packs available on request.

Vision Metrics 360 features

Automatic Reminders
Customizable Reporting

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Additional information for Vision Metrics 360

Key features of Vision Metrics 360

  • Bulk user import
  • Survey templates
  • Over 1200 questions
  • Automated reminders
  • Real-time statistics and analytics
  • Real-time scoring
  • Participation monitoring
  • Customizable reports
  • Group summary reports
  • Customizable invite messages
  • Questionnaire form control
  • Over 50 competencies
  • Open text responses
  • Configurable colored scales
  • Automated messaging
  • Individual reports
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Multiple appraisals can be performed over time, and the most recent results benchmarked against previous feedback.

Comparative analysis can be performed, with segmentation of rater perceptions from peers, employees, supervisors, and more.

Fixed deployment mode enables users able to pre-configure relationships and evaluation rights.

Open deployment allows users to either provide feedback anonymously, or have subjects request feedback from users.

Users can view real-time analytics including participations, survey status, number of evaluations an individual has carried out or received, login tracking, and more.