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Learning experience management software

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Eduflow is a learning experience management software that helps higher education institutes and corporate training programs create courses, manage learner engagement, create deadlines, and more from within a unified platform. With the built-in authoring functionality, trainers can build custom course resources with text, videos, images, and other file uploads.

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Candidate screening & assessment software for employers

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Tazio is a recruiting platform which combines aptitude tests, video interviewing, situational judgement tests, realistic job previews, and hybrid assessments in order to help businesses find the best candidates for the job. Tazio can be used to schedule interviews, score candidates, and more.

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CodinGame for Work


Pre-employment testing and assessment management software

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CodinGame Assessment is a technical assessment platform that allows companies to assess candidates’ technical skills before hiring, saving time and money.

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Skills-based learning and talent management

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SkillsBoard is a skills-based learning and talent management solution for enterprises, which provides tools for managing learning, assessments, feedback, skills, and more. The cloud-based platform provides portable skills passports for employees to track and share their skills.

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AI-enabled candidate assessment and video interview platform

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X0PA ROOM is a video interview platform designed to help government organizations, educational institutions, and businesses leverage artificial intelligence (AI) technology to conduct assessments and screen candidates. Administrators can customize the interface by adding corporate logos or banners.

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Cloud-based exam, school, and learning management software

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eTutor is an exam, school, and learning management software designed to help educational institutions and government organizations handle academic schedules, users, classrooms, attendance, staff members, admissions, and more. Learners can submit assignments and participate in online activities.

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Game-based learning platform with presentation capabilities

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Kahoot! is a gamification software designed to help corporate trainers and teachers create interactive presentations, training material, and learning games. Individuals can prepare for tests using flashcards, games, quizzes, and peer challenges, ensuring optimal engagement.

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Easy LMS


Cloud-based learning management system solution

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Easy LMS has all the tools you need to take your employee and customer training to the next level, but it's much easier to use than the other, more complicated systems out there.

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Classroom documentation tool for early education programs

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Kaymbu is a family engagement & classroom documentation tool which enables early education institutions to make learning visible through photo & video sharing

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Learning and assessment management software

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Classtime is a solution for teachers that complements in-class teaching with immediate feedback on students’ level of understanding. Create great questions, engage everyone, improve understanding. The platform is available in multiple languages to both students and teachers.

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The Hire Talent


Personality & Competency Pre-Employment Testing Resources

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The Hire Talent is a pre-employment assessment solution with which companies can measure candidates’ people skills, critical thinking, sales aptitude, and more

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See who can do the job before they get the job.

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Vervoe's mission is to make hiring about merit, not background.

We help employers make hiring decisions based on how well candidates can actually do the job instead of how good they look on paper.

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The Devine Group Suite


Employee assessments & talent analytic tools

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The Devine Group is a employee assessment and talent analysis tool for employers and recruiters which is designed to help businesses match the right candidates to each job opening. The online tool uses pre-employment testing and competency-based assessments to aid in making smarter hiring decisions.

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The most advanced assessment platform for technical hiring

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CodeSignal is the leading assessment platform that test developer candidates with real-world questions in a realistic coding environment.

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ProProfs Quiz Maker


Delightfully Smart Tools

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ProProfs Quiz Maker is quiz making tool that helps businesses create online quizzes, tests and exams to track and engage and assess employee performance. Brand quizzes and tests by adding your logo. Create beautiful scored quizzes and personality quizzes to assess employees’ skill set and mindset.

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Your end-to-end Hiring Experience Platform

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HireVue is your end-to-end Hiring Experience Platform with video interview software, conversational AI, and assessments.

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Online pre-employment assessment solution

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Interview Mocha is an online pre-employment testing solution which enables the evaluation of multiple skills using pre-built or custom assessments

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Where the best engineering teams are built.

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Codility's evidence-based platform helps hiring teams predict the real-life skills of their candidates, at scale. This brings faster hiring, time savings, and gives engineers more time to solve problems that matter. That’s why Slack, Microsoft and Tesla are using us already.

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AI-powered interviews for recruitment

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PredictiveHire is a conversational interview platform that helps hiring teams with candidate assessment and interviewing. The cloud-based platform uses an AI (artificial intelligence) powered bot to carry out initial chat interviews and provides predictive intelligence to aid with hiring decisions.

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Assessment management and analytics platform

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ExamSoft is an assessment solution that helps K-12 and higher education institutes as well as government organizations administer exams and assess student performance. It enables educators to automatically generate random question sequences and block internet access to prevent exam fraud.

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Thomas International


Pre-employment testing and assessment software

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Thomas International is a pre-employment testing software that helps HR teams streamline recruitment and talent acquisition processes. It enables managers to gain insights into the applicant’s behavior, aptitude, and personality through psychometric, business intelligence, and other assessments.

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Closing the loop on learning.

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With Trivie, companies can train remotely with confidence. Based on cognitive science, adaptive learning, and gamification, Trivie ensures employees remember training information through science-based automation.

Trivie is 100% self-service and can be deployed in minutes.

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Top Hat


Top Hat is the end-to-end higher education teaching platform

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Top Hat’s powerful combination of formative and summative assessment tools allows institutions to track student performance and improve grades.

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Mercer Mettl Coding Assessments


Coding Platform of the Future: Hire and Upskill the best!

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Mercer | Mettl's Integrated Coding Assessment Platform, along with its suite of digital tools (categorized as Mercer | Mettl Hack) is used to hire and develop the best coders and build high performing coding teams. Mercer Mettl Hack empowers organizations to hire, skill and engage coding talent.

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Test generation solution for K-12 schools and universities

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ExamView is a test generation solution that enables K-12 schools, universities, government agencies, and businesses to streamline processes related to classroom assessment, student performance, and more. Professionals can utilize the in-built library to create questions, assignments and tests.

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