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Perdoo logo

Turn strategy into results.

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Perdoo is the OKR platform used by tomorrow’s market leaders to turn strategy into results. It’s all the tools and expert coaching you need to focus everyone on your strategy and the goals that’ll deliver it.

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LutherOne logo

Collaboration & performance platform that people love

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Continuous real-time data driven collaboration and productivity platform that significantly advances employee engagement & performance, driving enterprise productivity

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Bloomin logo

Employee Feedback Platform

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Bloomin allows HR teams and managers to measure the employee experience in real-time with Pulse Surveys and 360 feedback.

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Runa logo

Digital gifts and rewards platform

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WeGift makes it easy to distribute digital gift cards at scale. Deliver personalized, memorable experiences without the hassle.

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Applauz Recognition logo

Boost culture, cut turnover, and drive productivity!

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Applauz is a full-featured, award-winning employee experience platform that caters to small and midsize businesses across various industries.

Improve company culture, reduce churn & boost productivity with a full-featured employee engagement & recognition program.

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Speakap logo

Stay on the pulse of your organization. From anywhere.

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Speakap is an enterprise social network and communication platform which enables organizations of all sizes to improve engagement with non-desk and customer-facing employees to share new knowledge, ideas, internal achievements, and more

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energage logo

Employee engagement platform

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Energage is a cloud-based employee engagement platform that caters to the needs of businesses in a variety of industries (construction, education, government etc.) with features such as employee and cultural alignment, performance and feedback management, surveys, and more

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Culture Cloud logo
Category Leaders

We help people thrive at work.

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The Culture Cloud employee recognition platform from O.C. Tanner helps companies create thriving cultures that champion great work. From incentive-based team initiatives to everyday expressions of gratitude, Culture Cloud offers intuitive tools for crafting experiences employees love.

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Winningtemp logo

AI-powered surveys and agile performance management

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Winningtemp boosts job satisfaction, wellbeing and productivity by monitoring employee performance and engagement with real time AI powered surveys.
The AI-enabled platform provides businesses with insight into employee issues, growth opportunities, and long-term development plans.

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Alkimii People logo

Internal communications and onboarding software

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Alkimii People is a human resources software designed to help businesses in the hospitality sector optimize daily operations, nurture communication, boost engagement, and automate crucial HR functions. It offers centralized employee data, payroll projections, streamlined rostering, and instant acces

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SalesScreen logo

Sales performance management tool

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SalesScreen is a web-based sales performance management platform designed to improve employee focus, motivation & productivity through gamification, competitions, milestone tracking, recognition, and real-time data visualization. Native apps for Android & iOS keep employees connected from anywhere.

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Hoopla logo

Cloud-based sales motivation & employee engagement platform

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Hoopla is a web-based platform designed to improve sales team motivation and performance. Use gamification and competition theory to increase engagement.

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Darwinbox logo

Human resource management software for the entire workforce

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Darwinbox is a unified HRMS platform built for large enterprises. Loved by HR teams and employees alike, it is used by 1.5M+ employees in 650+ global companies.

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Oracle Cloud HCM logo

Redefine best in HR

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Oracle HCM Cloud is a suite of human capital management applications that help find and retain talent including HR, benefits, payroll, & performance management

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Lucky Carrot logo

All-in-one employee engagement platform

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Lucky Carrot is a recognition platform that allows users to send virtual carrots to one another as rewards for accomplishments big and small. Later, the recipient can redeem their collected carrots for gift cards or other fun experiences.

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Zimyo logo

Tomorrow's HR-Tech, Delivered Today

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The all-in-one end-to-end HRMS platform that simplifies and streamlines HR operations for businesses of all kinds.

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Prosper EX logo

Cloud-based employee engagement platform

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Prosper EX is a cloud-based employee engagement platform that helps businesses gain team insights such as performance overview, retention rates, workforce data, and more on a unified platform.

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Lanteria HR logo

The most customizable HR platform for companies 50-1000+ emp

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All-in-one HR platform, easy to customize and integrate with Microsoft apps like Office 365 and Teams. Trusted by 250 000+ users.

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Synergita logo

Feedback based employee performance & engagement software

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Synergita is an okr, employee performance & engagement solution for managing appraisals, talent development and review, social recognition & continuous feedback

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WorkTogether logo

A workflow-based intranet solution for companies in Italy

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WorkTogether is a collaborative intranet program for Italian companies with over 100 employees. It provides business leaders with over 40 customizable modules, enabling them to engage staff, restructure internal communications, manage projects, build knowledge bases, and create approval processes.

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EmployeeConnect logo

Human resource management software with customizable HRIS

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EmployeeConnect is a cloud-based human capital management software, which helps organizations manage onboarding, recruitment, benefits, and more. The platform enables businesses to create a personalized HR information system with custom workflows, menus, and forms.

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Unily logo

Unite your Enterprise

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Designed for large enterprises, Unily is the employee experience platform that powers better work for everyone. This sophisticated cloud native platform offers customers scalability, a rich feature set, and deep integrations with other mission-critical enterprise systems.

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Reviewr logo

Application submission management software

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Reviewr is an online application submission management software used to power awards, grants, scholarships, and more from start to finish.

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Teamspective logo

The Most Actionable People Analytics Solution

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Teamspective is an employee engagement and performance management platform with 3 unique twists, loved by over 200 high-growth tech companies globally:

1. Superior in-Slack user experience
2. Latest AI-functionalities to enable leaders to action
3. Network Analysis based on your big data

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HiFives logo

360° Employee Experience Software Platform

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HiFives is a game-changing global employee recognition and engagement platform that enabled organizations motivate their employees, working in a hybrid model.

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