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Nectar logo

Create a culture people don't want to leave

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Nectar helps team members feel connected, engaged and valued no matter where they work. Build camaraderie and celebrate wins both big and small.

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Motivosity logo

Enhance the employee recognition at every level.

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Motivosity is the people-first Recognition and Rewards software that unifies your company and engages your employees through gratitude and social connection.

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Bonusly logo

High-performing cultures thrive with Bonusly.

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Bonusly is the #1-rated solution for a high-performing work culture that’s founded on recognition. Encourage peer-to-peer and manager recognition, and reward business outcomes that fit your company values. Start your free trial today and get actionable employee insights you can use for coaching.

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Bucketlist logo

Peer to peer motivation, recognition and rewards platform.

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Bucketlist is an employee recognition and awards platform that allows employees to earn points for good performance, then redeem these for rewards & experiences

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Awardco logo

Boost productivity. Reduce spend. Build culture.

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Awardco partners with Amazon Business to bring millions of reward choices, lower vendor fees and dollar-for-dollar recognition spend to your organization. More choice, less spend, all in one simple platform.

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Reward Gateway logo

Employee engagement and recognition platform for enterprises

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Reward Gateway's employee engagement platform brings reward & recognition, communications, employee surveys, and discounts together.

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The Bot Platform logo

Build better ways to work on MS Teams, Slack or Workplace

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Looking to build better employee recognition programs?

HR, People & Internal Comms teams around the world use The Bot Platform to build bespoke recognition tools that are seamlessly connected to and integrated with the existing communication systems their staff are already using.

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Kudoboard logo

Group cards for employee birthdays & work anniversaries!

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Kudoboard is a group ecard creation tool that is designed to replace paper cards within businesses. Users can create electronic cards for employee birthdays, work anniversaries, onboardings, farewells, retirements, or to give recognition to employees for their hard work. Great for remote teams.

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Leapsome logo

Performance Management & Personalised Learning Platform

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With Leapsome’s all-in-one people management platform you can give employees the support, feedback and recognition needed to improve performance, increase engagement and reduce employee turnover.

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Guusto logo

#1 Highest Rated Recognition Platform on G2

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Inspire great employee performance!

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Giftbit logo

Simple, powerful digital rewards and incentives software.

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Use Giftbit to buy, send & track digital gift cards to recognize, reward & engage your employees. Send individually or in bulk with our simple web-app, integrate directly with our API, or connect your apps to trigger via Zapier. Free account, on-demand.

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PerformYard logo

The easy and complete employee performance toolkit

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PerformYard makes it easy to provide public and private feedback on employee performance in real time.

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Flex Surveys logo

Employee Engagement Survey solution that saves time & money.

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Flex Surveys is a fully managed employee survey software designed to help organizations improve employee engagement and satisfaction through NPS, benchmarking, and engagement assessments. It lets users customize various aspects of their reporting based on specific requirements of the organization.

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CultureBot logo

Employee engagement software

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CultureBot is the #1 employee recognition software that helps businesses connect remote and hybrid teams to improve collaboration inside Slack.

The platform enables administrators to create custom celebration messages for birthdays, work anniversaries, shoutouts, employee introductions, and more.

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Cooleaf logo

Employee Engagement and Recognition Software

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Cooleaf is an employee experience platform that helps organizations to foster a culture of engagement, recognition, and growth. It offers a suite of tools and features to create a personalized, seamless, and enjoyable employee experience.

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Workstars logo

Integrated employee recognition & reward platform

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Integrated employee recognition & reward software

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Teamo logo

Employee recognition software for the financial sector

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Teamo is a web-based employee recognition platform designed to help businesses in the finance and insurance sector recognize and reward employees for multiple achievements in the workplace. The software enables administrators to conduct surveys or polls and share the responses on social boards to engage staff members.

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Thrive.App logo

Connect. Communicate. Thrive.

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Thrive.App: Empower orgs with seamless employee apps for enhanced communication, retention, and productivity. Inclusive language features foster engaged workforces. Join global success!"

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Vantage Circle logo

A Global Cloud-based Employee Engagement & benefits platform

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Automate and simplify your employee rewards and recognition program with Vantage Rewards easy-to-use cloud-based solution. Its unique points based awarding system and on-spot recognition makes sure that every exemplary effort in your organisation gets noticed!

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Jotform logo

Powerful Forms Get It Done

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Jotform Enterprise provides an all-in-one solution to the collection & organization of employee feedback. Whether it be to create opinion surveys, schedule one-on-ones, or send bonuses, this versatile tool will accommodate the employee recognition needs of your business. Book a free demo today!

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Kudos logo

Build a Thriving Culture With Kudos®

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Kudos is an Employee Recognition Software designed to engage your teams with enhanced communication, collaboration, appreciation, and engagement throughout your company.

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Tango logo

Rewards that are easy to give and awesome to receive!

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Tango Card automates workplace gifting through incentive delivery technology. It is designed for companies in the B2B space for domestic and global reward programs. The platform allows users to send gift cards, donations, and prepaid cards to groups or individuals and automate incentive programs.

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Workhuman logo

A modern approach to employee recognition

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With Social Recognition®, you’re making it easy for your team to recognize and reward each other for a job well done, extra effort, or reaching key milestones. Whether recognition comes from a peer, a manager, or a company leader, the data is clear. Being recognized is proven to help increase employ

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Connecteam logo

Enhance employee management with the only all-in-one app

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Make hard work feel worthwhile with Connecteam’s employee recognition app & award digital tokens employees can exchange for gift cards.

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Recognize logo

Boutique employee experience platform

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Recognize is an integrated employee recognition platform which enables SMBs to recognize employee contribution using rewards, badges & nomination voting

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Here's what we'll cover:

Buyers Guide

Employee Recognition

If you’re an HR partner or a team manager struggling to make the employee recognition process simple yet effective, you might benefit from using a software tool that is built specifically for that purpose. A dedicated tool can help you track the performance of all employees, capture praise and recognition they receive, and integrate the data into performance reviews for each employee.  

We’ve prepared this guide to help you select the right employee recognition software for your business. Here’s what we’ll cover:

What is employee recognition software?

Employee recognition software is software that helps HR teams and team managers develop strategies to acknowledge employee contributions and reward them accordingly. It helps employees recognize the contributions of their peers with a social media-like feed. Users can also track rewards, shout-outs, and points accrued. 

What are the deployment options for employee recognition software?

To select the right employee recognition software, you need to understand the deployment options available. 

Cloud-based deployment: Vendors host cloud-based solutions on their own or third-party servers and cover server maintenance, data storage, and updates. Users can access these solutions through mobile apps or web browsers. Vendors usually offer these solutions on a subscription basis, typically paid annually or monthly.

On-premise deployment: Unlike cloud solutions, on-premise solutions are hosted by business organizations on their own servers. The cost for server maintenance and support is incurred by the businesses themselves. Vendors usually offer these solutions for a one-time, per-user license fee. 

Key questions to ask a vendor before you buy: Are there any additional costs involved in the implementation? Is additional training required to use the software?

What are some common features of employee recognition software?

Once you’ve familiarized yourself with the deployment options, you should look at the common features of employee recognition software. This information will help you shortlist products according to your requirements.

Here are the common features of employee recognition software:

Reward gifting: Offer goods and/or services to reward employees; manage related functions such as budget for reward programs and gift vendor management.

rewards gifting

Rewards gifting in Blueboard

Continuous feedback: Share performance feedback with employees regularly and customize the frequency of feedback requests. You can also share feedback in retrospect at the completion of major projects.

continuous feedback

Continuous feedback sharing in Friday Feedback

Analytics and reporting: Identify top performers by keeping track of their achievements and developing strategies to develop their skills; collect and assess rewards and recognition data to understand its impact on employee performance.

data and analytics

Analytics and reporting in PerformYard Talent 

Performance management: Set goals for employees and involve them in the goal-setting process; offer continuous coaching, and gather feedback that you can integrate directly into their performance review.

performance managment 2

Performance management in PerformYard Talent 

Key question to ask a vendor before you buy: What are the core features of your software? Which pricing plan covers the core features that I need?

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Note: The applications selected in this article are examples to show a feature in context and are not intended as endorsements or recommendations; they are obtained from sources believed to be reliable at the time of publication.