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Advantage Club logo

Employee Recognition and Wellness Platform

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Advantage Club is an employee engagement and financial wellness platform. Persuade employees to engage in company incentive programs with Advantage Club's intuitive, mobile-friendly platform. The Advantage Club platform helps businesses offer perks and prizes to keep all employees happy while at the same time fostering a community of trust and engagement among employees.

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WorkTango logo

Revolutionizing employee engagement.

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WorkTango revolutionizes how forward-thinking companies engage and inspire their people.

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Factorial logo

HR software for small & medium companies

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Factorial is a powerful HR software for small to medium companies to automate administrative tasks such as documents, holidays, absences, and much more. Manage payrolls and securely store important documents or even offer flexible compensation and benefits for employees in just one place.

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ELMO Software logo

HR & Payroll Software, simplified.

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ELMO Rewards & Recognition can help build a culture of recognition and pride throughout your organisation. With peer to peer recognition, social features, integrated rewards and gamification it ensures organisation increase employee engagement and decrease employee turnover.

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Matter logo

Employee Recognition & Rewards all inside Slack or Teams! 💜

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Employee Recognition, Rewards, and Surveys all in Slack or Microsoft Teams! 💜

✅ Free 30-Day Trial
✅ Easy Setup
✅ No Credit Card Required

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Spinify logo

Spinify Lively Leaderboards: Gamification Made Easy

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Spinify encourages a recognition culture through leaderboards that provide visibility into performance. Points, badges and personalized celebrations are used to reward staff for meeting and exceeding goals. Being productive and having fun no longer need to be mutually exclusive.

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StaffCircle logo

Employee Success Platform

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The First Multi-Channel Communications Rewards & Recognition Platform for your non-desk based employees without downloading an App. Upload values and behaviours with realtime feedback

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Mirro logo

Mirro - Team Journeys

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Mirro is best suited to goal-oriented companies that want to develop a transparent, people-first culture, interested in automating tasks and reducing the administrative burden.

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Bizneo HR logo

Reduce more than 35% of operational tasks in your HR team

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Bizneo HR is a self-management software with more than 16 modules that optimizes over 35% of operational processes in talent management for companies of all sizes.

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Employment Hero logo

Connecting employers and employees in the new world of work

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Keep your team rewarded and engaged. We want to level the playing field for non-enterprise businesses by giving you the resources to be more competitive through our innovative reward + recognition platform.

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YuMuuv logo

Employee wellness app

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YuMuuv offers HR and corporate leaders a wellness app for their employees. Combining ease of use, cost-effective pricing and subscription plans that are built according to to their employees.

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isolved logo

Where People Heroes Grow

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isolved, seamlessly connects and manages the employee journey across talent management, HR & payroll, workforce management and engagement management functions.

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Crewhu logo

Web-based employee engagement and customer satisfaction tool

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Crewhu is a web-based recognition and gamification platform designed to help businesses across various industry verticals collect customer satisfaction feedback, gamify performance metrics, and recognize employees based on their performance. It lets organizations reward employees using automated badges for a variety of occasions including birthdays and company anniversaries.

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Mo logo

Culture defining moments

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Mo is an employee recognition app to share experiences worth celebrating at work.

The highs and lows, the victories and the learnings. Meaningful moments can connect people, improve engagement and create a culture that improves performance. We do this through recognition, reward and employee ideas.

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YuLife logo

Wellbeing and protection everday, for everyone.

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YuLife is the all-in-one insurance, benefits, and wellbeing platform designed to help businesses reward their employees.

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Thankbox logo

Deliver appreciation to your remote team

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You don’t need a complicated solution for making people feel valued. From birthday celebrations to marking milestones - ramp up the joy in your team with Thankbox. The card & gifting platform built for remote teams.

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eXo Platform logo

Digital Workplace Software

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Ensure recognition and promote engagement behaviours with eXo Platform’s rewards program.

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ThrivePass logo

Benefits administration platform with reimbursement requests

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ThrivePass is a benefits administration software designed to help businesses manage employee onboarding, engagement, tuition reimbursement, benefit stipends, spending, and other processes from within a unified platform. Staff members can access information about enrollments, submit requests for reimbursements, and view balances across pre-tax accounts.

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Assembly logo

Empower Engagement and Enhance Productivity

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Foster engaging and top-performing teams
We are a recognition and rewards platform that helps you scale your company culture.

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Tap My Back logo

Employee Recognition & real-time feedback software

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Improve your company’s culture with social, meaningful recognition that is associated with desirable behaviors. Motivate your employees and improve team work.

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Hi5 logo

Virtual Hi5's for a culture of recognition & appreciation

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Somebody’s done a great job? It’s simple - whip out your phone and give them a Hi5!

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Lattice logo

Develop engaged and high-performing teams

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Lattice makes people management software that allows forward-thinking HR admins to develop and engage high-performing teams.

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JobPts logo

Activate Your Culture and People

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With JobPts you will be able to manage all your company-wide recognition programs in one unified platform. With global and local programs, we help you consolidate, modernize, and meet all global organizational needs. Our approach helps your company culture thrive by adopting the programs you want.

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Confetti logo

Unforgettable experiences

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Confetti is a web-based virtual event solution, which provides features such as event customization, scheduling, gamification, and employee engagement.

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Woliba logo

Corporate wellness, recognition, and engagement Platform

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Woliba is a comprehensive employ wellness software that helps businesses manage processes for employee recognition, engagement, and wellbeing on a centralized platform

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