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Hurma logo

HR platform for managing objectives and training

learn more
HURMA automates HR, recruiting, and OKR processes within one platform, enabling businesses to manage personnel, recruiting activities, employee retention, training, objectives, and more.

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emPerform logo

Online Employee Performance Management Software

learn more
Easy, Affordable & 100% Flexible Employee Performance Management Software.

Ideally suited for companies with 200-4,000 employees, CRG emPerform offers the most configurable & flexible software for automating and streamlining vital performance processes. Get started today!

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Payfit logo

Integrated payroll and HR management software for SMEs.

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PayFit HRIS module makes new employee onboarding very easy with custom onboarding checklists and questionnaires. Employees have access to their own portal to download their payslip, submit expenses for approval and request leaves.

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Fountain logo

High-Volume Hiring for the Hourly Workforce

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Fountain's mobile-first platform is trusted by organizations that rely on an hourly workforce to streamline and scale their recruiting operations across the globe. Fountain enables employers globally to make data-driven decisions and attract the best candidates.

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Users also considered logo

Staff holiday and leave planner

learn more is a time off and absence management solution designed to simplify data entry, improve communication, and track multiple leave and absence types

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Peoplelink logo

Human resources software

learn more
Peoplelink is an Italian language human resources software that helps companies optimize and organize their HR responsibilities.

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Incident IQ logo

Incident IQ is a workflow management solution built by K-12,

learn more
The Incident IQ platform has revolutionized how school districts manage help desk ticketing, asset management, and maintenance work. Our results speak for themselves: 98% of customers renew their Incident IQ subscription every year. Check out our content below to see our platform in action!

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VeriClock logo

Cloud-Based Employee Time, Attendance, & Location Tracking

learn more
VeriClock is a cloud-based employee timekeeping tool that replaces paper timesheets, helping businesses manage worker time & location. Clock in and out by SMS, SmartPhone App, the web, or by phone call. VeriClock simplifies payroll by integrating with QuickBooks & Sage 50, or by CSV/Excel export.

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UBS logo

Human resource management & employee communication platform

learn more
A cloud communication platform that helps businesses bring out the productivity of employees.

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CompensationXL logo

Flexible, Affordable, Compensation Planning Automation

learn more
Compensation Planning Software

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FaceUp Whistleblowing System logo

No one should be afraid to speak up

learn more
FaceUp’s easy-to-use customizable whistleblowing platform makes HR management easier than ever before. Compliant with international whistleblowing laws, FaceUp has advanced report management, maximum data security and is already trusted by over 2,700 organizations. Try FaceUp for free today.

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EBS Toolbox logo

More4apps provides data loading solutions for Oracle EBS.

learn more
More4apps helps users efficiently and effectively streamline their data within an easy-to-use Excel spreadsheet.

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Workwise logo

the only ats that generates applicants for you

learn more
Workwise is solving your recruiting problem with a flexible, easy-to-use platform. You manage all your applicants and your career site for free. Adding multiplier recruiting channels and additional services, such as the Active-Sourcing-Service, will help you fill your job offers.

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RECRU logo

AI-enabled human resource software with applicant tracking

learn more
RECRU is a sophisticated cloud-based ATS Software for recruiters who like to take advantage of automation and artificial intelligence to simplify their selection process.

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Infinite Talent logo

HR powered by AI is the new driver of business growth.

learn more
A fully integrated solution that uses recruiting, onboarding and assessment capabilities that enable organizations to attract, engage and hire top talent – Its’ about having the right person in the right job at the right time

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Bloomin logo

Employee Feedback Platform

learn more
Bloomin allows HR teams and managers to measure the employee experience in real-time with Pulse Surveys and 360 feedback.

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Quiply logo

Internal employee communication app

learn more
With the Quiply employee app, everyone is accessible and informed in real time. Even the operational team far away from their desks is now included. This saves time and avoids misunderstandings. Easy information access for everyone in smart companies that want to become more agile.

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Pento logo

Run UK payroll like it's 2020.

learn more
Pento provides UK’s first fully automated payroll: calculates taxes, makes all the payments and reports to HMRC & pension providers.

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Applauz Recognition logo

Boost culture, cut turnover, and drive productivity!

learn more
Applauz Recognition is a free, cloud-based employee engagement and recognition platform for small & medium-sized businesses, which also offers a rewards catalog

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goHappy logo

App-free employee communication and engagement platform

learn more
GoHappy is an app-free communication platform for managers and their employees. GoHappy is easy to use, increases productivity and boosts morale by sharing exciting company news with employees.

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Bambee logo
Category Leaders

Bambee services businesses with less than 500 employees.

learn more
Bambee puts your HR on autopilot and gives you a dedicated HR Manager, so you can confidently grow your business without HR risk. Get custom policies, help with worker onboarding, terminations, and performance management, and proactively resolve any HR that could cost you your business

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HR management solution

learn more
VOLT HRMS is a human resource management system that offers professionals a choice of management solutions. Its features include registration and login, password recovery, and a mobile version. The software provides identity verification and aims to streamline HR processes.

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Folks HR logo

All-in-one HR Management Solution

learn more
Folks HR is an all-in-one HRIS software for HR professionals in Canada and includes features such as employee onboarding, performance evaluations, and absence management.

Simply add a little bit of maple syrup on top, and you have Folks HR, the best HRIS for Canadian SMBs!

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Planday logo

Employee scheduling, time tracking & absence management

learn more
Planday is the best way for shift-based businesses to manage employee scheduling, communication, time clocking and payroll all in one online system.

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Avanti logo

Run your payroll in half the time with Avanti.

learn more
Run your payroll in half the time with Avanti.

We’re Avanti Software. We’ve been processing payrolls and developing HR technology in Canada for over four decades. Our cloud-based People Management solution helps mid-sized Canadian companies?empower and engage their teams to build better workplace

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