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EnergyCAP overview

EnergyCAP is a management and analysis software solution for organizations to track energy and non-energy utility usage. With the ability to group and benchmark multiple buildings, the system also permits flexible ways to capture bill data and monitor meter readings. Promising important analytical functionality for cost efficiency and environmental compliance, utility bill management tools span data entry, auditing, analysis and daily reporting. Being centralized and consolidated, EnergyCAP collates utility bill and meter data with reliability to build a traceable history of usage and expenditure.

This information can then be subject to integrated analytical features including cost avoidance for comparing current bills against yearly baselines to achieve more accurate savings insights. Options for data normalization, calendarization and usage versus weather help to factor in conditional parameters, while benchmarking ensures similar buildings or meters can be grouped to spot savings outliers. Budget building, forecasting and rates/tariff checking tools are also joined by sustainability feedback for tracking ENERGY STAR compliance and the monitoring of greenhouse gas emissions – all open to an extensive array of built-in reporting capabilities.


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EnergyCAP screenshot: Example of an ENERGY STAR report generated within EnergyCAPEnergyCAP Intro VideoEnergyCAP screenshot: Groups and benchmarking capabilities allow saving opportunity outliers to be spotted more obviouslyEnergyCAP screenshot: PowerViews illustrate energy usage analytics with data snapshots for highlighting cost and consumption trendsEnergyCAP screenshot: EnergyCAP offers interval (time-series) data charting, for analyzing meter interval data and energy consumptionEnergyCAP screenshot: The energy dashboard facility is customizable and allows users to select and arrange reporting widgets displaying key data snapshotsEnergyCAP screenshot: PowerViews provide charts, graphs and tables summarizing core energy analytics that are dynamically updatedEnergyCAP screenshot: The project tracking feature reports energy and cost savings from a defined project typeEnergyCAP screenshot: Bill Lists offer a customizable view into subsets of bills found within EnergyCAP's database, with options to filter and sort the itemsEnergyCAP screenshot: Treeview navigation is a hierarchical structure that can be used to configure the database to reflect an organizational structure more closelyEnergyCAP screenshot: The Report Designer imports data into Microsoft Excel using an add-in and API support to allow custom reports to be generatedEnergyCAP screenshot: Utility data is presented as charts, graphs and tables across 300+ report types across 12 categories and exportable out to numerous popular file typesEnergyCAP screenshot: Bill entry capabilities allow for electronic bill import and the elimination of the manual entry of monthly utility billsEnergyCAP screenshot: A utility bill audit library automates the running of audits to flag up issues based on specified conditionsEnergyCAP screenshot: Cost avoidance capabilities compare current bills with a normalized baseline year, highlighting energy usage and cost every year to spot important savings trendsEnergyCAP screenshot: Normalization provides a more straightforward method for visualizing and evaluating energy management initiativesEnergyCAP screenshot: Calendarization improves accuracy of the allocation of utility bill data and cost data, by dividing the data and allocating it to the corresponding calendar monthEnergyCAP screenshot: Use versus weather graphs reveal correlations between the two variables, plotting a comparison between monthly degree days and meter energy usageEnergyCAP screenshot: Energy Use Intensity (EUI) is a metric used to monitor long-term energy efficiency for a given buildingEnergyCAP screenshot: Benchmarking invites the comparison of buildings and energy meters within peer groups automatically created by the system based on common attributesEnergyCAP screenshot: Budgeting and forecasting is aided by the ability to generate monthly budget projections based on three years of historical bill dataEnergyCAP screenshot: Compare current utility bill rates with alternatives and harness the system's built-in rate engine to run alternative costs anlaysis based on other pricing plansEnergyCAP screenshot: Automatically submit building energy data to ENERGY STAR's Portfolio Manager via EnergyCAP's unique interface, while tracking a building's current ratingEnergyCAP screenshot: Greenhouse gas emissions are tracked via energy utility bill data, providing feedback relating to the organization's carbon footprint

EnergyCAP reviews

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Mardi Ditze

EnergyCAP has launched the City of Philadelphia into a new sphere of data processing power.

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2018-05-25
Review Source: Capterra

EnergyCAP has many tools to help organizations in various ways. Philadelphia has multiple utilities that are localized, as in, not spread through the country. With that said, we most like the reporting functions, ability to see use and cost quickly, great customer service, ability to easily share data with internal AND external stakeholders, EnergyCAP brings data to life with customizable reporting and dashboards, it works with Portfolio Manager to benchmark buildings more quickly, the ability to change hierarchies or move data within the organization quickly and efficiently with setup sheets, it has open API to communicate with other software in the City, and EnergyCAP uses Bill CAPture, which is a service that uploads bills into EnergyCAP. EnergyCAP has given our team more time to work on other projects using the data rather then spending time manipulating the data in spreadsheets or another cumbersome process.

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Mark Lester

We have used ECAP for 25 years. Can't imagine having an Energy Program without it

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2017-09-06
Review Source: Capterra

(1) As senior energy manager, I love being able to have different data bases, yet still see and access them all. (2) Can produce virtually any report one could ever want. (3) Ability and flexibility to name and change all accounts and meters. (4) Set up in such a manner that one can access specific or general reports and info very fast. (5) Like how it now can produce reports in Excel or PDF's.

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Tony Wkley

Simply one of the best solutions I have ever used and likewise the support

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2018-05-23
Review Source: Capterra

Labor savings Billing error savings Problem identification and resolution savings Energy SavingsTurns a full-time or multiple full time equivalent job into a manageable and reasonable amount of work letting you have time for analysis and proactive management of utilities.

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Corey Culbreath

Best Energy Management Solution that I have used

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2018-05-24
Review Source: Capterra

The user interface is intuitive. The software continuously evolves to meet our needs. There customer service is excellent. The user group training "EnergyCap Catalyst" is a must attend event. I've found Energy Cap to be a company of integrity with honest people.

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Roy Hapeman

Most of the web software is modern.

Reviewed 2015-06-24
Review Source: Capterra

Most of the web software is modern. I love most of the web product, The ability to give rights to view or not view parts of the Ecap is very limited. The reports look like a beginner using Microsoft access for the first time in 1999. The reports are by far the ugliest I have seam by any vendor ..WOW they are ugly. The reports are so ugly we do not use them and we don't tell people they exist , we are too embarrassed. We tell people that the benchmarking section is the reports. The benchmarking section is the most helpful part of the program and you should expand it. Good job in this area.

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Pricing varies by the number meter service points, licensed functionality, and services. Contact EnergyCAP directly for a quote.

The three packaged product offerings include:

EnergyCAP Enterprise - Starting at $8,500/yr for up to 250 meters

EnergyCAP Express - Starting at $2,400/yr for up to 100 meters

EnergyCAP Professional - Requires an energy conservation plan with Cenergistic of Dallas, TX

EnergyCAP features

Activity Dashboard
Calendar Management
Customizable Reporting
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Real Time Data
Reporting & Statistics

Accounting Integration (65 other apps)
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Additional information for EnergyCAP

Key features of EnergyCAP

  • Account management
  • Meter management
  • Metered billing
  • Rate management
  • Non-metered billing
  • Greenhouse gas tracking
  • Bill database
  • Energy price analysis
  • Water
  • Weather normalization
  • Emissions monitoring
  • Meter tracking
  • Bill audit
  • Bill importing
  • Cost / use reporting
  • Alerts / notifications
  • Schools
  • Residential properties
  • Commercial properties
  • Move in / move out
  • Trash
  • Electricity
  • Cable
  • Natural gas
  • Report designer
  • Weather data
  • Ad hoc reporting
  • Bill audits
  • Benchmarking
  • Calendarization (reports)
  • Charts & graphs
  • Cost analysis
  • Custom report templates
  • Data filtering
  • Bill import
  • Report distribution
  • Forecasting
  • Multiple billing rates
  • Energy procurement
  • Project tracking
  • SSO
  • Workflow management
  • Energy dashboard
  • Automated scheduling
  • Government compliance
  • Data export
  • Issue tracking
  • Open APIs
  • User defined fields
  • User permissions
  • Environmental compliance
  • Reporting
  • User management
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EnergyCAP's bill management tools track and audit any energy or non-energy commodity, facilitating manual or electronic monthly bill entries to create a full, accurate history of energy activities and expenditure across an organization.

Saving and analysis features provide a multitude of options for visualizing utility bill data, including cost avoidance, normalization, benchmarking, and budget forecasting tools for spotting actionable areas for improving cost efficiency.

Including 300+ built-in reports, EnergyCAP also includes a Report Designer for building fully exportable custom options from a library a template library, while the Energy Dashboard serves real time online data snapshots within a collection of widgets.

Meet sustainability regulations with ENERGY STAR benchmarking to track building ratings and work towards certification, while Greenhouse Gas Tracking feeds back data on emissions.

Meter data can be imported into EnergyCAP multiple ways, tracking electronic smart meters at set intervals or from other electric meter channels, while the Smart CAPture service automates the upload of existing data from utility vendors.