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Galooli Smart Site logo

Galooli Smart Site


Remote monitoring and management software

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Smart Site Management is a remote monitoring and management software designed to help businesses manage on-site power resources including rectifiers, generators, and batteries, facilitating operational expenditure (OPEX) savings. Administrators can gain insights into energy cost based on battery and site types to optimize power consumption.

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Quickbase logo



No-code application development platform & online database

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Quickbase provides a no-code operational agility platform that enables organizations to improve operations through real time insights and automation across complex processes and disparate systems. We help organizations become more adaptable, responsive to customers, and engaging to employees.

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Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Insights

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Energy and Utility Management

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Clockworks Analytics logo

Clockworks Analytics


Revolutionizing the built environment with smarter buildings

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Clockworks Analytics is a building intelligence platform that helps businesses gain insights into property operations for facility and energy managers. Through its technology, the company proactively identifies inefficiencies and root causes within building systems and prioritizes the most urgent tasks for building staff in real-time.

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WatchWire logo



Fully integrated, cloud-based energy management platform

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Watchwire is a fully integrated cloud-based energy management solution for organizations monitoring and managing utility consumption, expenses, and emissions

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JadeTrack logo



Cloud-based tool for managing energy & sustainability data

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JadeTrack is a cloud-based solution designed to help businesses, governments, commercial enterprises, and smart cities manage data related to energy and sustainability. With Energy Star facility benchmarking, users can automate utility bill management and monitoring of critical data in real-time.

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Kordata logo



Flexible mobile business data collection within the cloud

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Kordata is a customizable data collection solution that utilizes mobile apps and secured, cloud-based transmission to collect, analyze and report business data

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ProntoForms logo



ProntoForms is the leader in enterprise-grade mobile forms.

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ProntoForms is the leader in enterprise-grade mobile forms. Built with field teams at front of mind, ProntoForms makes real-time, accurate data collection fast and easy. Empower your field employees to complete complex inspections, audits, and other tasks on their mobile devices with confidence.

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Datakwip logo



Energy management software for property and asset managers

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Datakwip is facility management software designed to help building engineers and property managers plan, assess, implement, and track energy consumptions and costs. Administrators can visualize collected data on custom dashboards and define personalized energy conservation measures.

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Vitality logo



Energy management software for real estate businesses

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Vitality is an energy management software that helps businesses connect with IoT devices to centralize building data and handle utility billing processes. Administrators can set up heating, ventilation, and air conditioning points to measure per unit cost of operations.

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Veritone Energy logo

Veritone Energy


Energy management software for utility providers

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Veritone Energy is an energy management software that helps equipment providers, independent operators, and utility businesses predict energy demands to synchronize, and control smart grids. The platform enables managers to utilize real-time weather and device data to control distributed energy resources (DERs) and optimize grid utilization.

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I²oT Solutions logo

I²oT Solutions


Internet of Things (IoT) software for asset management

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I²oT Solutions is an Internet of Things (IoT) software designed to help businesses in energy, pharmaceutical, and other industries automate asset, maintenance, and energy management processes.

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Snapmeter logo



Web-based energy usage and expense tracking and management

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Snapmeter is an energy tracking tool for businesses wanting to lower electricity and natural gas costs, quantify utility bill variance and run custom reporting

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DEXMA Energy Intelligence logo

DEXMA Energy Intelligence


Automatic monitoring & targeting (aM&T) software

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DEXMA is a cloud-based, enterprise-class automatic monitoring & targeting (aM&T) software for buildings in the commercial & industrial sector.

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Rosmiman logo



Real Estate, Facility Management, Government, Healthcare

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Rosmiman IWMS is a Facility Management & Real Estate Management software, characterised by its robustness and high reliability.

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One2Team logo



Platform to deliver work & projects

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One2Team is a multi-solutions platform to manage
enterprise-wide end-to-end process for faster
and more productive delivery in a hybrid world.
Our platform onboards all populations: strategy, planning and projects execution.

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Strata logo



Web-based IIOT and energy management software

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Strata by Cotopaxi is a web-based energy management software designed to help businesses monitor and analyze data for optimizing energy resources. The application enables managers to gain insights into site energy and utility consumption, access live data, and configure workflows via a unified platform.

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inavitas logo



Energy management tool for utilities, businesses and plants

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inavitas helps businesses, plants, and other enterprises streamline electricity production, distribution, and consumption tracking operations. Businesses can use the platform to monitor electricity bills and solar production, control devices, and receive notifications for faulty devices.

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Energy & Utilities Cloud logo

Energy & Utilities Cloud


Energy and utility management software

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Energy & Utilities Cloud by Salesforce helps businesses streamline utility customer service management and engagement operations via a unified platform. It enables employees to communicate with suppliers, capture and store customer data in a centralized repository, and conduct predictive analytics.

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Entronix EMP logo

Entronix EMP


Enterprise-grade energy monitoring & management

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Entronix Energy Management Platform provides real-time, enterprise-level monitoring of power meters for water, electrical and gas in commercial buildings

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Wattics logo



Analytics & management tool for identifying energy wastage

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Energy monitoring, machine-learning energy analytics, measurement and verification, building energy management, IoT energy management, wastage analysis, CO2 monitoring and reporting, energy analysis reporting and utility bills, peak demand finder, solar analytics, real-time alarms and notifications.

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EnergyCAP logo



Utility Bill Accounting & Energy Managemment Software

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EnergyCAP is utility bill accounting and energy management software for utility bill processing, auditing, and analysis; M&V, submeters & chargebacks, energy benchmarking, interval data, custom dashboards, reporting.

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eSight logo



Cloud-based and on-premises energy management software

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eSight helps firms monitor utilities and numerous meter points across multiple locations, allowing them to understand every aspect of their energy consumption. Key features include data collection, anomaly detection, utility bill management, energy analysis, tenant billing, solar monitoring, and more.

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Eniscope logo



Cloud-based energy management and analysis software

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Eniscope is a cloud-based energy management software that helps businesses remotely monitor, control, and optimize the energy usage of assets across multiple locations. It provides a mobile application, which can be utilized by administrators to track energy performance via actionable analytics.

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Energy Manager logo

Energy Manager


Utility spend management solution

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Energy Manager by Brightly Software (formerly Dude Solutions) is a cloud-based utility spend management solution which provides users with insight into their utility spending & enables the identification of billing errors or possible savings. The platform is suited for education, government, manufacturing, healthcare, and more.

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Here's what we'll cover:

Buyers Guide

Energy Management

Imagine you’re a property owner and your electric bill suddenly spikes one month. You would want to know where this increase in energy consumption is coming from and how you can reduce it so it doesn’t affect your future energy costs.

This is precisely where energy management software can come in handy. It can help you assess your building, asset, or property’s energy consumption and optimize it to reduce costs.

To help you find an energy management tool, we have prepared this guide. Here’s what we’ll cover:

What is energy management software?

Energy management software is software that helps businesses track and analyze energy consumption to help reduce costs. It typically includes energy usage monitoring; energy data analytics; heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems controls; and carbon and sustainability reporting.

You can input data from a smart meter, your past utility bills, or asset-wise or floor-wise breakdowns requested from your energy provider. The software analyzes this data to highlight areas or equipment that need performance improvement. Some solutions also include features to control energy usage and make your consumption more efficient. 

What are the deployment options for energy management software?

Energy management solutions are available with one of two deployment models:

Cloud-based deployment: With this option, the responsibility of hosting and maintaining the solution rests with the vendor, and you access the solution via a browser or a mobile app. These are usually priced on a per-user-per-month or per-asset-per-month basis.

On-premise deployment: With this option, you must handle hosting and maintaining the solution. You may also need to pay for additional support or software updates. These solutions are usually priced through a licensing model and require higher upfront investment for implementation.

Key question to ask a vendor: After considering implementation costs, data migration, and any additional equipment requirements, what is the solution’s total cost of ownership?

What are some common features of energy management software?

To help you narrow down the right energy management solution for you, you’ll need to understand what these tools offer. We’ve listed the most common features below:

Bill import/data collection: Input energy data via multiple sources, including smart meters, utility bills, sensors, or existing building automation systems. Some solutions also make the billing history accessible to users for recordkeeping.

Example of bill history

Bill history in Snapmeter

Energy dashboard: Display key performance indicators, such as consumption, cost, and emission of one or multiple buildings, assets, or properties for continuous monitoring.

Example of dashboard

Dashboard in Energy Manager

Reporting: Analyze energy data to discover inefficient locations or energy-wasting assets, and highlight areas for improvement.

example of reporting

Reporting of cost and consumption trends in EnergyCAP

Usage benchmarking: Compare the energy consumption of your buildings, assets, or properties to standards such as Energy Star scores.

example of benchmarking

Energy usage benchmarking in Watchwire 

Key question to ask a vendor: Will the software integrate with my existing meters, sensors, and building automation tools, or will I need to upgrade some of my existing equipment to be able to implement it?

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Note: The applications selected in this article are examples to show a feature in context, and are not intended as endorsements or recommendations, obtained from sources believed to be reliable at the time of publication.