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Logger's Edge logo

Forestry solution for timber businesses

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Logger’s Edge is an on-premise forestry solution designed to help small to midsize timber businesses and logging agencies track production and streamline payment processes. Key features include mill revenue reconciliation, equipment tracking, profit/loss analysis, and reporting.

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ArborNote logo

Cloud-based forestry solution for arborists

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ArborNote is a cloud-based software designed to help arborists, urban forest owners, and property managers create multi-year plans and handle work orders, projects, and data collection processes on a centralized platform. Supervisors can send generated estimates to clients via email.

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Tally-I/O logo

Forestry Solution for Sawmill Businesses

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Tally-I/O is a cloud-based forestry solution designed to help sawmill businesses manage inventory and accounting. Key features include Log and Lumber inventory tracking, dynamic pricing options, production tracking, barcode scanning, yard management, and reporting.

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Tree Plotter INVENTORY logo

Collect and manage tree data anywhere, on any device.

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TreePlotter INVENTORY is a comprehensive tree inventory and management software. Unlimited users can use any smartphone or tablet to locate assets, assess conditions, store photos, and report findings as well as manage that data with configurable dashboards, analysis, and reports.

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SingleOps logo

All-in-one business software for outdoor service businesses

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SingleOps is an all-in-one business management solution for the green industry including tree care, lawn care, landscaping, and sod farms. The cloud-based solution provides tools for customer management, estimating, billing and invoicing, inventory tracking, job scheduling, and more.

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ArboStar logo

All-In-One Business Management Platform: Tree Care Industry

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Discover the ultimate solution for tree care businesses with ArboStar. Streamline your operations, grow your business and provide exceptional customer service with this intuitive and easy-to-use cloud-based management platform. ArboStar offers a range of management tools to optimize your processes.

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Forestree logo

Cloud-based tree management solution for local governments.

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Forestree is a cloud-based tree management software that lets local governments automate forest inspections, analyze risks, and handle species lists from a unified platform. It allows staff members to manage process workflows, prioritize or assign work orders to contractors, and utilize geolocation capabilities to navigate trees in real-time.

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TRACT logo

Forestry accounting, procurement, and logistics

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TRACT is a cloud-based accounting, procurement, and logistics solution for businesses in the forestry industry. It allows users to manage settlements, invoices, expenses, jobs, accounting, projects, and more, using a desktop or mobile device.

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Forest Metrix logo

Smartphone based forest inventory management software

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Forest Metrix is a smartphone based forest data collection and inventory management software that tracks timber sales, plant healthcare and tree inventories

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EarthCache logo

Earth observation data collection system for developers

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EarthCache is a cloud-based platform which offers developers with APIs to collect and add Earth observation data while building applications and workflows. It provides tools that assist users with data sourcing, fusion, processing, and storage.

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Connected Forest logo

Sustainable forestry management and land planning solution

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Connected Forest is a holistic approach to sustainable forestry management and land planning. Connected Forest manages the full raw materials lifecycle of planning, planting, growing, harvesting, and delivering advanced integrated forest management solutions to the environmental industries.

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Logrithm logo

Forestry Logistics Working to a New Rhythm

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Logrithm is an easy-to-implement turnkey eDocket solution for your company. In order to decrease errors and expedite docket processing for a more seamless end of month, Logrithm drives correct docket data capture using your operational and geospatial data.

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Ganinimobile logo

Mobile data collection app for field services & agriculture

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Ganinimobile is a mobile data collection solution for field services & agriculture that enables the collection of data for labor, material & equipment costs. The app offers features including GPS location tracking, photo capture, inspection management, eProcurement, and supply chain verification.

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EOSDA Forest Monitoring logo

Online satellite-based product for forest monitoring

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EOSDA Forest Monitoring is a satellite-based solution that enables forestry stakeholders to monitor forest health remotely, get notified about changes and risks, manage their forest stands within a unified platform, and predict forestry logging, transportation, and storage costs.

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LIMS logo

Web-based forestry management solution

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LIMS is a digital forestry management tool that brings together all of your operations. It enables professionals to track trees, woods, harvest activities, and inventories in real time. It develops detailed maps and aerial photos to assist with planning. Users can generate reports to analyze how you can improve your business or what needs to be done next season.

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Woodstock Optimization Studio logo

Forestry modeling optimization platform

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Woodstock Optimization Studio is an integrated forestry modeling optimization platform that enables users to build, run and share models.

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LOGR logo

Cloud-based wood delivery tracking for the forestry industry

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LOGR is a cloud-based wood delivery tracking solution which manages the hauling of forestry products from collection to delivery. The software is designed to cater to the needs of small & midsize businesses in the forestry industry, with an online admin dashboard and companion driver mobile app.

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Timber Exchange logo

By the Industry for the Industry

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Collaborative marketplace and digital tools for sawmills, timber importers and forwarders to streamline trading & manage supply chain.

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StumpGeek logo

Timber business management software

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StumpGeek is designed to help loggers, brokers, and timber haulers streamline timber business operations via a unified portal. The platform enables users to track timber loads, tickets, and other items by job number and monitor revenue from mills, landowners, contractors, truckers, subcontractors, and other resources.

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Remsoft Operations logo

Decisions Powered By Intelligence

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Remsoft software centralizes data, plans and intelligence within a single unified view. Remsoft Operations improves forest operations planning, collaboration and transparency.

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Log Scaling Software logo

Android-based, log scali solution for forestry organizations

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Caribou’s Log Scaling Software is an easy-to-use and intuitive Android-based solution for forestry organizations. It runs on Juniper's Allegro 3 Rugged Handheld Computer and allows users to store all loads and logs in one place. Scaling Software provides features for recording log dimensions, calculating volumes, entering deductions, and more. The software can be used as a standalone solution on a handheld device or seamlessly integrated with Cutting Edge, Caribou’s back office desktop system.

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TreeTamer logo

Easy-to-use software built for Tree Pros!

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TreeTamer is built for tree service owner / operators to easily manage and grow their business.

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