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On-Demand Developer Workspaces with a built in cloud IDE.

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Codenvy overview

Codenvy's on-demand developer workspaces are replicable, collaborative and constraint-free. We focus on solving three hard problems:

1. Developer Bootstrapping: Today, developers spend >30% of their time managing workspaces. Organizations with high attrition, rotating contractors, and restricted systems face additional hurdles. We replace wikis and manual methods with a single URL that allows any authorized user to get instant edit/build/debug access to a software project without installing anything.

2. Agile Development: Today, developers only receive feedback after their code is merged, creating badly timed feedback loops that waste cycles and violate the original premise of the agile development philosophy. Codenvy workspaces enable real time feedback, driven by the developer that shorten development cycles.

3. Workspace Management: Today, decentralized workspaces lack security controls, code chain of custody tracking, and thrash local computers. Using Codenvy, valuable source code is never downloaded to user devices, all access is tracked and execution of workspaces happens in an elastic cluster that doesn't thrash or block under load.


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Codenvy screenshot: Portable workspace with code, configuration, runtime and IDE built-in.Codenvy on-demand developer workspaces. A better agile experience.Codenvy screenshot: Create developer workspaces based on our out-of-the-box runtime stacks, or create your own custom stack with Docker.Codenvy screenshot: Use your desktop IDE over SSH - get all the benefits of a portable, shareable workspace without having to change your IDE.Codenvy screenshot: Codenvy's web IDE includes intellisense, refactoring and debugging.Codenvy screenshot: Create and control multiple workspaces from a single dashboard. Work on several projects or bugs at the same time without thrashing or blocking.Codenvy screenshot: Operations can create, edit and publish Docker containers for developers. Replicate your production environment, or create lightweight "hack spaces" for projects.Codenvy screenshot: Work offline by cloning the workspace to your device, then sync when you reconnect.

Codenvy reviews

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Nanduni Nimalsiri

Brilliant Online IDE: Varied features, ease of coding, better user experience and Docker support.

Reviewed 2016-02-05
Review Source: Capterra

I was very surprised to experience a browser based developer environment with Codenvy. This was perfectly the same idea that I had in my mind several months ago : a browser based developer environment. I was really wondering how my idea has already got into work. I found about this IDE when I was looking for some means to deploy a server in Cloud Foundry. I found it more interesting as it is a cloud based IDE that support rest services. The runner allows the web app to run directly from Codenvy. I am researcher on Docker and Kubernetes stuff. I love the feature of Codenvy to use Tomact servers, Apache servers using Dockerfiles. I used Cloud Foundry runner with Codenvy and it is very interesting. Using Codenvy is very with its plugin for Eclipse. But I love to work in Codenvy workspace. It gives me all the comfort that I expect from an IDE environment. Moreover, the dashboard is well organized, uncluttered and very elegant looking. I like the way how project starts giving details on preparing workspaces, setting up configurations and runners and so on. Coding is easy with Codenvy. It has more comfort than a normal Eclipse or IntelliJ IDEA provides. Create new project window is well organized to select different options for projects. It also provides sample HELLO WORLD projects for various project options so that even a novice developer can start coding with Codenvy. The Dockerfile shown in the configs tab enables us to learn Docker as well. I love all these features. I suppose that Codenvy supports any browser and it can be used with different cloud environments. I used Codenvy to create Maven projects, servlets using Google App Engine Java, Go projects and many more. I feel very comfortable with Codenvy. Codenvy debug features are very useful, even to debug other's code. And its integration with git is very interesting. I can easily pull and push my code. I gain a perfect user experience from the well organized user interfaces, auto complete coding features, error suggestions features and so on. No wonder I can run my code from any machine from the place where I stopped coding. I feel that my code is portable. Codenvy, you are really wonderfu! I hope that it will enhance more features in the future for cloud developers. I prefer if it can use some more shortcut features like 'find and replace' etc. I love using Codenvy as it is a SaaS that provides perfect user experience and it meets all the developer expectations.

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David Duggins

Codenvy: A great choice for coding in the Cloud

Reviewed 2015-03-30
Review Source: Capterra

I am a heavy user of the Cloud 9 IDE and a big fan of the complete cloud based coding environment. So, I was very excited to give Codenvy a whirl. I must say that I was not disappointed. I'm always wary of products that claim to be developer tools that do not do a good job catering to the developer community. Right off the bat, Codenvy does a great job at that. Their free offering is at par with Cloud 9. They do not give clear specifics on upgrading their services, which I find a bit off putting. The starting 512mb of ram that they give is not adequate for much beyond a bit of prototyping. To really work on a full scale app requires allocation of more resources. I'd rather not have to speak to someone in sales just to upgrade my workspace to a high tier. One thing that I am excited about is how they offer a paid version offsite. Cloud 9 is also based on an OpenSource project and so you can easily run the C9 engine on your own servers, but you lose a lot of the features that they have coded into their product offering....the fact that I can run an Open Source version as well as pay to run the full version in my own environment is a nice feature. Pricing out of the way, lets get down to the fun stuff! The ide is well thought out. i enjoy the Che engine. It certainly has a good feel to it. It's a bit light on features at the moment, but that is not a bad things. It has what it needs and it can obviously grow as needed. The Docker environment is something that I love! Here, Codenvy shows that it has a good handle on the environment. I was able to run php applications with ease. Bottom line, I do not feel that this is a mature a platform as C9...but that is a fault that is easily cured with time. But they do have a great product, and certainly with the ability to code and use eclipse plugins, makes this a GREAT choice for an Eclipse shop.

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Kyle Paul

Hands down best Cloud IDE

Reviewed 2015-03-19
Review Source: GetApp

When I moved over to a Chromebook a few years ago I was sifting through all the cloud IDE options and Codenvy really stuck out as the best option from the start. Through the years they have kept to their word and keep making the service better and better. The latest version is just a complete "wow!" from seeing how much the platform has grown. Yes, it's practically a platform since it has so many great features baked in besides being a higly performant IDE; Git (GitHub / Bitbucket), Docker, Bower, Google App Engine (GAE), multiple languages, starter templates, "local" datasources, etc.! The portability of it makes it a simple choice as well since there's nothing to install and works great on every platform I've needed access to my projects (Windows, Mac OSX, ChromeOS, Linux).Portability to be able to access projects on any OS with nothing to install. Just open up a browser tab and start coding. The flexibility to write virtually anything from native Android apps to web apps that run on most PaaS. The ease of the wizard to start a new project is unmatched.

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Dinesh Pabbi

A Feature Rich Cloud based Development Environment !

Used daily for 1-2 years
Reviewed 2019-01-15
Review Source: GetApp

1. It is cloud based development environment and hence can be accessed anywhere on any device 2. The interface is clean and hence it is easy to learn about the tools and just getting hang of the IDE. 3. It is ideal for a web developer like me who has to work in team since it allows easy code sharing and collaborative features to allow other developers to edit and compile code on their machines. 4. It has support for all the latest technologies such as nodejs , reactjs etc.

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Joseph Kurian

It is just an amazing environment to code, debug and improve the effectiveness.

Used other for 1-2 years
Reviewed 2019-03-08
Review Source: GetApp

The application provides a very easy platform for developers like us to create and edit source codes and create automatic codes. You get remote spaces as per your requirements, you can take your coding environment technically anywhere! The application is easy to use and the plugins enable to work efficiently. They have provided an ample number of tutorials to use codes, both automatic and source and the best part I love about this application is its customer service. The customer service is very quick and responsive, and it supports large groups. It has a plethora of advanced features for sharing, organizing files and it supports a lot of languages. The pricing is very much fair and you can share the workspaces with team members as well as external clients and members.

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Codenvy offers packages for download, managed hosting and cloud. Pricing is on a per-user basis and depends on the scale of the installation.

Codenvy features

Activity Tracking
Application Integration
Workflow Management

Access Control (75 other apps)
Activity Dashboard (117 other apps)
Alerts / Escalation (57 other apps)
Auditing (81 other apps)
Automatic Notifications (102 other apps)
Collaboration Tools (66 other apps)
Data Import/Export (83 other apps)
Drag & Drop Interface (86 other apps)
Monitoring (185 other apps)
Real Time Data (77 other apps)
Real Time Monitoring (83 other apps)
Real Time Reporting (65 other apps)
Reporting & Statistics (72 other apps)
SSL Security (69 other apps)
Third Party Integration (117 other apps)

Additional information for Codenvy

Key features of Codenvy

  • Develop with any language for any platform.
  • Guarantee consistency across developers and machines.
  • Create a private Codenvy cloud behind your firewall.
  • Powerful editor with intellisense and refactoring.
  • Use your desktop IDE over SSH with portable workspaces.
  • Complete customizability of environment, IDE and workflow.
  • Docker machines to run any environment for build or debug.
  • Recipes let you define any environment & provision replicas.
  • Administer restrictions to code, keys, plug-ins & resources.
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Using Codenvy, enterprises have seen:
39% increase in coding time for development teams.
>3x more code commits per developer, per week.
Smoother more efficient feedback cycles.
Developer on-boarding times of under 30 seconds.