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VIZOR License Manager

License Manager: Administration, Compliance and Optimization

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VIZOR License Manager overview

What is VIZOR License Manager?

Fed up of using spreadsheets to manage software licensing?! Vizor simplifies software asset management with a secure central license repository for all your license entitlements from enterprise agreements to cloud subscriptions. Vizor audits your network or integrates with existing tools such as Microsoft SCCM to ensure your organization remains legal and compliant. Vizor is completely modular so you only purchase the features you need. Free online and download trial available.


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Software License Manager is a very easy to use software asset management. I make it easy to keep up with registration on the software I use

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VIZOR License Manager pricing

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Pricing is annual and per IT-using employee. The price depends on the number of employees within the organization as well as the edition: Administer, Comply, or Optimize.

VIZOR License Manager features

Access Controls/Permissions
Audit Management
Compliance Management

API (510 other apps)
Activity Dashboard (323 other apps)
Activity Tracking (178 other apps)
Alerts / Escalation (178 other apps)
Alerts/Notifications (330 other apps)
Collaboration Tools (250 other apps)
Dashboard (236 other apps)
Data Import/Export (273 other apps)
Data Visualization (219 other apps)
Drag & Drop (184 other apps)
Monitoring (329 other apps)
Real Time Monitoring (227 other apps)
Reporting & Statistics (286 other apps)
Reporting/Analytics (411 other apps)
Search/Filter (268 other apps)
Third Party Integrations (351 other apps)
Workflow Management (214 other apps)

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Key features of VIZOR License Manager

  • Manage on-premise software licenses
  • Track the complete software life cycle
  • Manage cloud service subscriptions
  • Network software discovery scan
  • Manage the demand for mobile apps
  • Integrates with Microsoft SCCM
  • Email alerts & reminders
  • Integration with purchase & supplier information
  • User customizable dashboards & reports
  • Available on-premise or hosted in SaaS mode
  • Capabilities for pursuing ISO 19770 / ITIL objectives
  • File repository for related license documentation
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Manage The Complete Software Lifecycle
Vizor Software manages the complete software lifecycle, from employee request, through approval, procurement, provisioning, and eventual retirement. Vizor Software ensures that managers are always up-to-date on the status of software, and therefore remain organized, compliant, and ready for any renewals, purchases, replacements or audits.

Allocate On-Premise And Cloud Entitlements
Vizor Software handles on-premise PC software license entitlements from vendors including Microsoft and Adobe, as well as subscriptions to cloud services such as Salesforce. Entitlements can easily be allocated to end users or computers with license key tracking.

License Compliance Reporting
Vizor Software provides accurate reports detailing your effective license position. Dashboards and reports in Vizor Software ensure IT and asset managers have all the information they need to ensure your software estate remains legal and compliant.

Network Software Discovery
Vizor Software includes a PC discovery auditing capability for organizations without an existing software inventory solution. Vizor’s discovery finds and audits all software on your network. These software identifications can quickly and easily be normalized and reconciled against entitlements to form your effective license position.

Integration With Microsoft SCCM & Active Directory
Vizor Software leverages and complements your existing PC discovery and configuration management infrastructure. Software identifications from third party solutions such as Microsoft System Centre Configuration Manager can quickly and easily be normalized and reconciled against entitlements to form your effective license position.

Purchase & Supplier Information
Vizor Software manages all software expenditure including license purchases, agreements, service and maintenance contracts. Purchase information held in existing solutions such as Microsoft Dynamics and Excel can easily be integrated and displayed alongside license entitlement details.

Email Alerts & Reminders
Vizor Software ensures managers to stay on top of license subscriptions and maintenance renewals with timely email alerts and reminders. IT and asset managers can stay informed on past, present, and future software expenditure throughout the software lifecycle with powerful analytics reporting.

Documentation File Repository
Vizor Software provides a central and secure repository for all documentation and certificates related to software licenses. Having proof of purchase information in one place helps managers and prepared in case this information needs to be presented during a vendor audit.

Capabilities For Pursuing ISO 19770 / ITIL Objectives
Vizor Software facilitates the adoption of ISO 19770-1 as the basis for continuous improvement of software asset management and license compliance. This enables the organization to demonstrate a true understanding of Software Asset Management, and prove that it takes this objective seriously.