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Thales Sentinel logo

Thales Sentinel


Entitlement-Driven Growth

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Employee Compliance Management logo

Employee Compliance Management


Cloud-based Employee Compliance Management Software

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Certemy is a cloud-based employee management software for ensuring workforce compliance. Key features include tracking, verifying, and managing credentials using one solution that integrates with existing systems. This software serves employers, certification boards, and licensing boards.

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InvGate Insight logo

InvGate Insight


A Unified View of Your Assets Inventory

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Discover and centralize everything you need to know about physical, virtual, and cloud assets in a single platform, laying the groundwork for building a CMDB and a normalized catalog.

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InvGate Assets logo

InvGate Assets


Asset Management & Software License Management

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InvGate Assets is an automated network inventory, asset discovery, software deployment and license compliance management solution.

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EZOfficeInventory logo



Asset Tracking and Management Software

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Track and manage check-outs, locations and maintenance schedules of your assets with our cloud based asset management software. QR/Barcode & RFID integration.

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ManageEngine Endpoint Central logo

ManageEngine Endpoint Central


Desktop, mobile device & patch management software

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An integrated desktop & mobile device management application that enables the centralized management of desktops, servers, laptops, tablets & smartphones

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SolarWinds Service Desk logo

SolarWinds Service Desk


IT Service Desk & Asset Management Software

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SolarWinds Service Desk is a fully integrated service desk and asset management solution that allows IT and other service providers to effectively manage and connect service requests to IT assets. Code-free customization allows customers to fully deploy a robust ITSM solution within days.

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JIRA Service Management logo

JIRA Service Management


The only ITSM solution built on the Jira platform

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Formerly known as Jira Service Desk, Jira Service Management is an IT service management solution built on the popular Jira platform that unlocks high-velocity teams. Empowered teams can deliver great, coordinated service experiences, without the complexity of traditional ITSM.

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Freshservice logo



A complete IT service management (ITSM) tool for business

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Freshservice is an online ITIL service desk with ticketing & asset management capabilities, and incident, problem, change, release & knowledge management tools

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Reprise License Manager logo

Reprise License Manager


License management system for software publishers & admins

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Reprise License Manager (RLM) is a cloud-based and on-premise application, which helps enterprises and software publishers implement pricing models and manage the allocation and use of licenses. Features include license sharing, usage tracking, post-use billing, and configuration management.

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CodeMeter logo



Excellence in software protection and license management

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Selling software is an art. With CodeMeter, users can ward it off from piracy, tampering, and reverse engineering attacks, and they can monetize it by seamlessly implementing multiple license models that address the needs of the different market segments.

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Alloy Navigator logo

Alloy Navigator


Award winning IT Asset Mgmt and Service Mgmt platform

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Alloy Navigator is an all-inclusive IT Service and Asset Management solution that provides thoughtful answers to your toughest IT challenges.

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2Checkout logo



Online payment processing and billing platform

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Online businesses around the world sell more every day with 2Checkout payment processing. We're here to help you truly "go global" and offer a local buying experience to your customers.

Our checkout experience maximizes conversions by adapting to local languages, currencies and payment methods. It also reflects your brand, which buyers trust.

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Inventory360 logo



empowering innovation

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Inventory360 offers an inventory with centralized management of all assets. It is efficient and affordable. ISO27001 certified. Made & hosted in Germany.

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Torii logo



SaaS usage & cost tracking, optimization & control solution

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Torii is a cloud-based platform for tracking, optimizing, and controlling the usage and costs of various SaaS applications, including finance, identity management, CRM, HR, project management, communication, marketing, and more, with automation tools and continuous insights

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Zluri logo



Expel SaaS wastage, automate IT tasks, secure SaaS ecosystem

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The most damaging SaaS license management problems are those hidden in plain sight. Zluri addresses them by making your ecosystem leaner, robust and productive. Simplify & automate your SaaS app license management with an approval process to minimize spends.

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Yokoy logo



Save money on every dollar spent.

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Yokoy automates business spend management with artificial intelligence by combining expense management, invoice processing, and handling of corporate cards on a single intuitive platform.

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Keygen logo



Product licensing & distribution management API

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Keygen is a cloud-based licensing & distribution application programming interface designed to help developers encrypt & secure server software, desktop applications & other digital products. Keygen features identity management functionality, enabling users to manage multiple licenses & machines.

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Patronum logo



Your Google Workspace Manager

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Google Workspace Management, Email Signature, Contact Sharing, Drive Management and more.

Patronum takes the Google Workspace (G Suite) administrators wish list in order to create a set of must-have features to transform the way Google Workspace users, groups and resources are managed.

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GLPi logo



GLPI is an IT Service Management software.

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GLPI is an IT Service Management software based on open source technologies. It is a suite for IT, project, financial and user management. GLPI can support companies of any size, and offers both on-premises and cloud (SaaS) solutions.

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OpenGov Permitting & Licensing logo

OpenGov Permitting & Licensing


Build an experience applicants and staff love.

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OpenGov Permitting & Licensing is code enforcement and permit management software that helps governmental organizations manage workflow processes, inspections, permits, reports, and more from within a unified platform.

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Keyzy logo



Painless License Manager

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KEYZY is a software licensing manager that enables software vendors to issue, deliver, track, manage and revoke licenses for their software products.

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Cryptlex logo



Enterprise licensing software solution

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Cryptlex is a software licensing solution that helps enterprises maximize their software revenue by providing protection against software piracy

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Setyl logo



The Complete IT Asset & Software Management Platform.

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IT assets, software licenses and subscriptions — managed from one platform. Get control & visibility over your technology spend. Setyl is a cloud-based IT management platform that integrates across your IT landscape.

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vScope logo



Effortless IT Reporting. Everything in one place.

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vScope is an IT asset management tool that automatically inventories and creates an overview of an organization’s IT information. With vScope IT departments can create powerful reports and analyzes which will ensure a stable and cost efficient delivery of IT.

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Here's what we'll cover:

Buyers Guide

License management

The number of software developers worldwide is expected to reach 28.7 million by 2024, according to Statista. Astounding as it is, it points to the fact that the software development market is booming and that we are probably going to see a huge number, and all kinds, of software being created in the coming years.   

But with more software being developed, what becomes increasingly complex is the licensing process—both for software developers and end users (software buyers). 

Software companies will need to be more efficient in creating different licensing models and managing all their client accounts. On the other hand, end users will need to have mechanisms to track all the applications they license, while measuring and optimizing the ROI of each purchase. 

To that end, both these cohorts can look toward license management software. This buyers guide will explain the basics of license management software that you need to keep in mind while exploring options to implement.

Here’s what we’ll cover:

What is license management software?

License management software is a tool used by software vendors to automate the licensing of their software products and by end users to gain visibility into their licensing needs. 

The tool integrates with the software products and helps in automating the creation of licenses. Likewise, the tool offers reporting dashboards, which allow end users to track multiple licensing agreements and understand the costs of maintaining those licenses. 

What are the deployment options for license management software?

License management software comes with two kinds of deployment choices viz. cloud-based and on-premise. 

Cloud-based deployment: Cloud-based license management software is charged on a recurring pricing model, typically monthly or annual subscription. The software vendor charges this fee for services such as software hosting, maintenance, updates, and technical support. There is typically nothing to install as you can use the software on a web browser via the internet. 

On-premise deployment: On-premise software is offered for a one-time fee, and the software can be typically used by only one user at a time. Unlike with cloud-based tools, you own the software license in this option but have to also take responsibility for maintenance and hosting.

Key questions to ask a vendor before you buy: Do you offer both cloud-based and on-premise deployment options? If yes, then which one would you recommend for my business? 

What are some common features of license management software?

License management software offers several features that can reduce administrative burden in managing software licenses by automating various tasks. Let’s look at them more closely. 

License model creation: Define and deploy different kinds of licensing models based on your pricing strategies, such as trial licenses, pay-per-use licensing, virtual machine licensing, network licenses, and mobile licenses. 

Configuring product licensing in SpringLicense

Creating licensing models for products in LicenseSpring

License policy management: Implement or update software usage policies (copyright, software versions, available features, etc.) by developing or changing terms of use in the license files of your product. 

License policy management

License policy management in Cryptlex

License inventory: Audit the usage and status of license details, such as license versions, number of licenses, and expiration dates, on a built-in dashboard.

Reprise Software License Inventory

License inventory in Reprise License Manager

Reporting and analytics: Track under- or over-utilization of the software solutions your organization has licensed and understand usage by device and the ROI on software purchases.

Reporting and analytics Snow license manager

Reporting and analytics dashboard in Snow License Manager

Key question to ask a vendor before you buy: What kind of features do you offer with your Tier 1 paid plan?

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Note: The applications selected in this article are examples to show a feature in context and aren’t intended as endorsements or recommendations. They’ve been obtained from sources believed to be reliable at the time of publication.