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Employee Monitoring, Insider Threat & Data Loss Prevention

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View all apps activities, keystrokes, console commands for desktop and cloud applications. Detect idle time and active time. Create rules to prevent the running of dangerous applications. Identify productive and unproductive apps. Detect screen capture, and clipboard operations.

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Network Performance Monitor


Powerful, Affordable IT Management Software

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SolarWinds Network Performance Monitoring software makes it easy to quickly detect, diagnose, and resolve performance issues before outages occur. It delivers real-time views and dashboards that enable you to visually track and monitor network performance at a glance.

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Uptime Cloud Monitoring


Uptime means peace of mind.

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Web and mobile monitoring system for downtime incident reporting and performance insights with key data at your fingertips.

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Automated performance testing for Citrix & EHR apps

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Automated performance testing for all types of applications. Intelligent engine replicates user interaction with existing applications in any environment

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Cloud-hosted log management

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Frustration-free log management. Get started in seconds. Instantly manage logs from 2 servers... or 2,000.

How Papertrail Makes Life Easier

Instant log visibility. Use Papertrail's time-saving log tools, flexible system groups, team-wide access, long-term archives, charts and analytics exports, monitoring webhooks, and 45-second setup.

Realize value from logs you already collect. Track down customer problems, error messages, app requests, slow DB queries, config changes.

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Perfecto Scriptless


Test automation platform for regression & continuous testing

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Perfecto Scriptless is a Selenium based test automation platform for regression and continuous testing with auto maintenance AI technology and visual test modeling. The platform allows for quicker test creation and execution and enables testers to create fully automated test scenarios without coding.

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Continuous measurement of IT performance and security

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ServicePilot is a high-performance monitoring software solution providing full-stack observability via metrics, traces, and logs. Businesses can collect data from IT infrastructure, networks, applications, and security services to streamline issue resolution.

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Online internet application monitoring software

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InternetVista is a web-based software that monitors internet applications and alerts website owners about malfunctions via email, SMS, tweets or RSS feed

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Load testing for high-performance websites

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Load testing for websites, web applications, and APIs. Load testing with Loadster helps you find performance problems, prevent downtime, and ensure your application can handle high traffic events with ease. Loadster is a cloud-hybrid testing solution, so you can run load tests on-demand from 15+ cloud regions, or host your own engines for testing in-house apps.

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SaaS Observability means fewer incidents and happy customers

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Our vision is to turn the world's business data into information to become the market leader in observability.

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Google Cloud Platform


Modular platform for computing, hosting, storage & more

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Google Cloud Platform is a modular-based platform providing multiple build and scale services to businesses of any size within any industry. It offers tools for document storage, data warehousing, security key enforcement, app creation, API management, AI and machine learning, live chat, and more.

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Performance & Security for Any Website

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Cloudflare's CDN reduces latency and makes sites faster. Content served using the optimised protocols such as Websockets, HTTP/2 (w/ SPDY fallback) and Railgun.

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Server and website monitoring software

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Keep track of everything that’s happening on your network – from when a user installs a piece of software they shouldn’t have, to when your printer’s toner level gets low! Spiceworks lets you monitor and receive alerts on all the network happenings you care about most!

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germain APM


APM solution for identifying the root cause of bugs & issues

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germain APM is a cloud-based and on-premise solution designed to help businesses in industries including finance, healthcare, media, retail, telecommunication and others perform root cause analysis to monitor the performance of applications and servers.

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New Relic One


Performance testing and monitoring

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New Relic's application monitoring lets you monitor transactions, diagnose code, receive alerts, generate SLA, availability, & scalability reports, and more.

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Distributed search and analytics solution

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Elasticsearch is a RESTful search & analytics solution designed to helps users search and analyze trends in structured and unstructured data. Key features include data indexing, automatic node recovery, index lifecycle management, audit logging, and alert notifications.

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Turning Sight Into Vistion

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Automated, application-level monitoring for all your critical services, whether they’re running on-prem or in the cloud.

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Track exceptions with modern error logging

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Sentry provides open-source error tracking to monitor and respond to bugs and crashes anywhere in your application in real time.

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Never Blinks

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Panopta’s advanced synthetic checks come in two types, using either a web-browser recorder or Javascript SDK, providing teams with insight into complex user experiences. With both out-of-box and customizable synthetic checks, teams can monitor application performance beyond typical system metrics.

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Site Uptime | Page Speed | App Functionality

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Dotcom-Monitor instantly alerts you when your website has problems. Detailed diagnostics enable you to take quick corrective action and see troubling trends, bottlenecks and intermittent issues clearly. We monitor externally, from the end user's perspective, ensuring your website and web applications perform properly 24x7.

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Open source software for IT infrastructure components

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Zabbix offers great performance for data gathering and can be scaled to very large environments. Distributed monitoring options are available with the use of Zabbix proxies. Zabbix comes with a web-based interface, secure user authentication and a flexible user permission schema. Polling and trapping is supported, with native high performance agents gathering data from virtually any popular operating system; agent-less monitoring methods are available as well.

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Stackify APM+


Performance (APM) for developers. All insights, one platform

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Get code-level insight integrated with inline error & log information. Easily understand your application behavior at every level: URLs, method calls, cache etc

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Leader In Advanced Website and Application Monitoring

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AlertBot is a leading provider of advanced website and performance monitoring for companies of all sizes.

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Sematext Cloud


Cloud-based application and infrastructure monitoring tool

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Sematext Cloud is an all-in-one observability tool that helps businesses assess and gain key insights into the front and back-end performance of system applications. Features include real user and synthetic monitoring, transaction tracing, infrastructure monitoring, and log management.

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Nagios XI


IT infrastructure monitoring & alerting

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Monitor your IT infrastructure, spot problems before they occur, know immediately when problems arise, share availability data with stakeholders, detect security breaches, plan & budget for IT upgrades, reduce downtime & business losses

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