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Machine data analytics based on ELK and Grafana

learn more ships with built-in integrations with various performance agents, including pre-made dashboards and visualizations for different log types.

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Galileo logo

Galileo Suite: See More. Know More. DO More.

learn more
Galileo enables organizations to manage the growing complexity within their infrastructures and develop practical roadmaps for growth and transformation. Intuitive multi-vendor monitoring and reporting allow IT teams to see what is relevant, increase speed to resolution, anticipate

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SQL Planner logo

SQL server monitoring, SQL backup & SQL index fragment

learn more
SQL Planner is a SQL server total monitoring solution. It additionally provides SQL backup, Auditing, Index status , Scripting, Task management within single tool and is complementary. It includes a SQL server index fragmentation solution. SQL Planner can be operated from any device and location.

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Splunk On-Call logo

IT & DevOps Incident Management

learn more
Reduce alert fatigue, improve response times, and minimize downtime by routing and escalating IT, server, and network alerts according to customizable rules.

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Chef Enterprise Automation Stack logo

A systems and cloud infrastructure automation framework

learn more
IT automation, configuration management and software delivery for organizations of all sizes whether in the cloud or on-premises

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AimBetter logo

IT Systems Smooth Operations and Security

learn more
AimBetter's RTPS: Real-Time Problem-Solving SaaS platform shortens the time for smooth IT Systems operations.
Through 24/7 automatic analysis, pinpoints in real time the root cause of performance issues in core systems such as SAP Business One, SQL Server/ Oracle, on-prime and cloud.

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Hosted Graphite logo

Scalable Application Metrics

learn more
Is the server up? Is latency at an acceptable level? Get the answers you need by monitoring your servers at scale.

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VMware Aria logo

Unified multi-cloud management

learn more
VMware Aria Hub enables true multi-cloud management based on comprehensive, near real-time visibility into your application and infrastructure environments.

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Future ready protection for enterprise

learn more
Airtight protection of your IT environment,
with complete cyber risk management and
world-class ESET expertise on call.

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XEOX logo

Remote Monitoring and Management of IT Infrastructures

learn more
XEOX software is a cloud-based remote monitoring and management system for MS Windows IT infrastructures. It allows admins to centralize monitoring and management of company-wide inventory and software. Key features include CMDB, network management, software delivery, task automation, and reporting.

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Uila  logo

Application monitoring solution for root cause analysis

learn more
Uila is a network monitoring solution that helps enterprises in healthcare, finance, and other industries optimize the performance of applications and minimize potential cyber threats. Using the real-time dashboard, IT teams can identify the root cause of service outages and performance degradation.

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N-central logo

On-premise and hosted RMM software for MSPs

learn more
N-able N-central® is an endpoint detection and response software designed to help managed service providers (MSPs) prevent, detect, respond to, and recover from threats.

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Black Duck logo

Build secure, high-quality software faster.

learn more
Black Duck is an open source management software for DevSecOps teams to discover, monitor, and manage open source security vulnerabilities and license compliance. This complex and thorough solution seamlessly integrates into your development processes in order to identify and fix critical risks.

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SolarWinds SQL Sentry logo

SQL server performance monitoring

learn more
SQL Sentry is a SQL Server performance monitoring tool which allows businesses to monitor database performance, identify the root causes for SQL Server issues, and collect accurate, real-time data on database health. The platform also allows users to manage alerts and resolve issues.

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Spotlight Cloud logo

Cloud-powered SQL server performance monitoring

learn more
With Spotlight Cloud, IT administrators are provided with the tools to pinpoint key issues within an SQL server environment and resolve them, to help improve overall server performance. Using cloud computing, Spotlight Cloud can store and analyze data in a reliable environment.

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Edgenexus Load Balancer/ADC logo

Load balancing and WAF - Secure, fast, scalable applications

learn more
jetNEXUS Load Balancer is an application delivery controller designed to help securely deliver applications.

Deployed on cloud as well as on-premise, the platform allows users to streamline processes for application security, SSO, pre-authentication, traffic management and load balancing.

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Elastic Observability logo

Full-stack observability platform

learn more
Elastic Observability is a software that allows users to monitor their business's health and performance. Elastic Observability offers a wide range of features, including monitoring, alerting, reporting, and analytics.

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Infraon IMS logo

Unified infrastructure monitoring tool for network engineers

learn more
Infraon IMS is a unified infrastructure monitoring suite that helps IT and network engineers oversee, manage and optimize the performance of their systems across a variety of environments.

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ALog Series logo

Server access log solution for finance and manufacturing

learn more
ALog ConVerter is a server logging solution from AMIYA Corporation, promising a new standard in server access monitoring and management for every industry

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nVision logo

Security software for managing IT assets, networks & systems

learn more
Axence nVision is an IT & security management tool, which enables businesses to analyze traffic across network devices, manage assets, and measure employee productivity. Features include license tracking, user management, failure detection, two-way file sharing, port mapping, and ticket processing.

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RG System logo

French unified IT management platform for MSP and IT pros

learn more
RG System's SaaS IT management portal offers MSPs, IT professionals and Office automation company complementary RMM, Microsoft 365 Data backup and recovery, cybersecurity and remote control functions in a single portal.

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Sensu logo

Multi-cloud monitoring solution

learn more
Automate your monitoring workflow and gain deep visibility into Kubernetes, hybrid cloud, and bare metal infrastructure.

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7SIGNAL logo

The leader in enterprise wireless experience monitoring

learn more
For organizations that rely on mission critical Wi-Fi to conduct business, 7SIGNAL is a cloud-based Wireless Network Monitoring (WNM) platform that continuously tests the wireless network for performance issues – maximizing network uptime, device connectivity and network ROI.

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NMIS logo

Network management software for handling fault analysis

learn more
NMIS (Network Management Information System) is an open-source system designed to help businesses handle administration of various computer networks on a unified platform. It enables network engineers to conduct fault analysis, monitor IT systems’ performances, and gain insights into network status.

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ipMonitor logo

Lightweight IT monitoring tool for networks, servers & apps

learn more
ipMonitor by SolarWinds is a lightweight IT monitoring solution for networks, servers, applications, and VMware hosts. It provides over 12 types of notifications to inform owners and IT staff about any network issues and application failures. This solution can reduce downtime caused by failures with automated remediation to restore services, including server reboots, file backups, and more actions. It can be installed on-premise.

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