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DigitalOcean logo

Cloud management and application development software

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DigitalOcean is a cloud management software designed to help businesses build and launch applications in cloud environments. Administrators can use the platform to set up application development frameworks, maintain product catalogs, and capture and store business data in a centralized repository.

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Charon-AXP logo

Emulation & virtualization solution for creating DEC Alpha

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Charon AXP is an emulator that allows users to create a virtual replica of legacy DEC Alpha Hardware on standard Windows or Linux-based host systems. This solution offers a secure alternative to aging DEC hardware, providing customers with a transition to an enterprise-grade virtual Alpha environment on an industry-standard x86 platform. Critical applications that rely on the stability and reliability of OpenVMS or Tru64 on Alpha or VAX processors can now be supported using Charon-AXP.

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Charon-SSP logo

Charon SSP is a SPARC Virtualization and Emulation product.

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Charon SSP is a SPARC Virtualization and Emulation product that creates the virtual replica of Sun SPARC hardware inside a standard 64-bit x86 compatible computer system.

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Google Cloud logo

Modular platform for computing, hosting, storage & more

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Google Cloud Platform is a modular-based platform providing multiple build and scale services to businesses of any size within any industry. It offers tools for document storage, data warehousing, security key enforcement, app creation, API management, AI and machine learning, live chat, and more.

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Microsoft Azure logo

Desktop virtualization platform to enable remote access

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Microsoft Azure is a cloud computing platform designed to help organizations run virtual desktops and applications in the cloud. It offers businesses with built-in migration tools, which enables administrators to migrate remote desktop services (RDS) and Windows server desktops to various devices.

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VirtualBox logo

Open-source cross-platform virtualization application

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Oracle VM VirtualBox is an open-source cross-platform virtualization software, which helps organizations create, manage, and run multiple virtual machines (VMs) simultaneously. Features include guest multiprocessing, USB device support, remote machine display, RDP authentication & soft keyboard.

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NAKIVO Backup & Replication logo

Fast, affordable and top-rated data protection.

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Fast, affordable and top-rated data protection solution for virtual, physical, cloud and SaaS environments.

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VM Backup logo

Virtual machine backup and replication for Hyper-V & VMware

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Altaro VM Backup is a virtual machine backup & replication solution for Microsoft Hyper-V & VMware environments. The cloud-based platform ensures business data is always secure with automatic backup, WAN-optimized replication, cloud storage management, continuous data protection (CPD), and more.

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Amazon EC2 logo

Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud

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Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) is a web service that provides resizable compute capacity in the cloud. It is designed to facilitate web-scale computing for developers.

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DiskStation logo

Manage digital assets across various locations.

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Synology's DiskStation Manager (DSM) is a web-based operating system exclusively designed for their network attached storage (NAS) devices.

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Iperius Backup logo

Backup solution for databases, servers and workstations

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Iperius Backup is a data backup and recovery suite which helps small to large businesses with backups for image files and data restoration. Key features include hard drive cloning, data synchronization, scheduling, user authentication, backup verification, and file transfer.

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Vinchin Backup & Recovery logo

Easy-to-use & Powerful VM Backup Software.

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Vinchin Backup & Recovery is an enterprise-level data protection solution delivering comprehensive backup and disaster recovery strategies for your entire workloads including most mainstream virtualizations, databases, massive files, physical servers, and NAS devices in multiple environments.

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Comet Backup logo

Deliver Fast, Secure Data Protection

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Fast, secure backup software for businesses and IT providers.

Comet is a flexible, all-in-one backup platform available in 13 languages. You choose your backup environment and storage destinations.

No contracts. Test drive Comet with a 30-day FREE trial!

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VMware Workstation Pro logo

On-premise platform for running multiple virtual machines

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VMware Workstation is an on-premise platform designed to help businesses run various operating systems as virtual machines (VMs) on devices, which use Linux and Microsoft Windows. Information Technology (IT) professionals can deploy multiple Open Container Initiative (OCI) containers, Kubernetes clusters, and VMs on a single device.

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Uranium Backup logo

Backup of PCs, Virtual Machines, Servers and Databases

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Software for backup of physical PCs, Virtual Machines (VMware ESX, ESXi, vSphere/Hyper-V), Servers, SQL and Exchange databases.

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Commvault Cloud logo

Total Resilience. No Exceptions.

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Commvault® Cloud is the industry’s only platform for cyber resilience, built to meet the demands of the hybrid
enterprise at the lowest TCO, in the face of ransomware and other cyber threats.

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Atlantic.Net Cloud Platform logo

Cloud platform with virtual servers

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Atlantic.Net Cloud Platform is designed to help organizations launch and scale their businesses using cloud infrastructure and services. The ACP secure control panel enables teams to create and manage cloud virtual servers, SSH keys, DNS records, block storage, private and public IPs, and more.

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Workspace ONE logo

Digital workspace platform

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Workspace ONE is an intelligence-driven digital workspace platform that enables organizations to simply and securely deliver and manage devices, apps, and data from a single, unified console, providing modern, cloud-native endpoint management and secure access to corporate resources.

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VMware Fusion logo

Desktop hypervisors for Mac

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VMware Fusion transforms the user's Mac into a full virtualization workstation, allowing them to run multiple operating systems at the same time on the same Mac.

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Scaleway logo

Database management software for IT developers

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Scaleway is a database management platform designed to help businesses handle cloud computing infrastructure. It enables software developers to deploy virtual machine (VM) instances, define network access rules, track the performance of applications, and monitor CPU or bandwidth usage.

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Amazon Lightsail logo

Virtual private server with load balancing

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Amazon Lightsail is a virtual private server (VPS) designed to help businesses deploy web applications, create websites, run open-source and commercial software, and create testing environments. It lets users route web traffic across instances to accommodate variations in traffic through load balancing.

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V2 Cloud WorkSpaces logo

Desktop virtualization platform for remote teams

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V2 Cloud is a desktop virtualization software that provides businesses with cloud desktops to facilitate remote work and manage published applications on a centralized platform. Users can minimize potential data breaches with HTTPS encryption, ransomware protection, and two-factor authentication.

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Ahsay Offsite Backup Server logo

Cloud-based Backup Platform

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Ahsay Offsite Backup Server is a cloud-based backup platform designed to connect to user devices. It links to cloud providers for storing backups. Servers, computers, mobile devices, and virtual machines can be backed up or restored with little effort. For security, 2-factor authentication is used.

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Cameyo logo

Secure Digital Workspace for Accessing Apps on Any Device

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Cameyo is a cloud-native Digital Workspace that enables the secure delivery of Windows and internal web apps to any device from the browser without the need for VPNs. Cameyo enables remote work by providing employees access to the business-critical apps they need from anywhere and on any device.

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x360Recover logo

Disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS)

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x360Recover is a business continuity and disaster recovery solution for MSPs. It provides support for VMware vSphere, Hyper-V, and Nutanix technologies, as well as virtual machine replication between servers in a data center.

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