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Legal case management software for litigators

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FactBox overview

FactBox is a cloud-based, law practise management software designed to help busy lawyers manage, organize and share case notes efficiently. FactBox simplifies case work by tracking key facts; connecting everyone's work; and delivering deposition prep and more in just one click.

FactBox has been developed to help litigators easily locate and manage all the facts related to their cases as well as to enable real-time collaboration between members of the litigation team.

Creating a case in FactBox is as simple as starting an email. Once a case has been created it can be structured using issues, sub issues and even sub sub issues. Case structure can be altered at any time as per the development of the case.

Case facts stored in FactBox can be transformed into many different forms or 'views'. The View By function controls the grouping and organization of facts, which - via the dropdown menu -can be viewed by issue, creation date, key date, tags, sources or creator depending on the user's needs. Each view enables users to view facts in a different way, from a new perspective.

Once all the relevant facts have been compiled and arranged, users can generate a Word document in just one click. Documents created can be further edited, saved and shared to save duplication of efforts.

FactBox integrates with Box, DropBox, iManage among other third party applications and FactBox Chrome Extension is also available.


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FactBox screenshot: Create and define member roles in FactBoxFactBox OverviewFactBox screenshot:  Narrow down a set of facts in view by adding an additional filter in the View By barFactBox screenshot: Link directly to a certain page within a PDF with FactBox 'Bookmarking'FactBox screenshot: Connect the key people in a case to important facts, issues and documentsFactBox screenshot: View cases as a whole or by specific areaFactBox screenshot: View facts by issue, creation date, key date, tags, sources or creatorFactBox DocumentationFiltering and Sorting Facts in FactBox

FactBox reviews


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Jason Shinn

Great Litigation Software

Reviewed 2015-05-05
Review Source: Capterra

I am a Michigan licensed attorney and have been practicing since 2001. Most of my practice is focused on business and employment litigation supplemented with employment law compliance and Internet related transactional work. In the middle of 2014, after years of using Lexis Case Map and TimeStream by Ntrepid, as well as other options (Word documents to create outlines, Excel to track data, etc.) I tried Factbox on a trial basis and shortly thereafter became a full-time, paying customer. It has become an integral part of my legal practice for myself and paralegal. There is a very short learning curve. Both my paralegal and I were able to use it with minimal time trying to figure out its features or setting it up for our cases. The software is extremely flexible in terms of using it for a diverse range of cases. Yet, it is very easy to set up case templates to efficiently recycle legal work product for the next case. Also, FactBox does not require any advanced server configurations or other technology specific integrations for my paralegal and me to use the product in the office or remotely. In contrast, other products required setting up onsite hosting solution and/or hosted options with additional fees/licensing in order to have real-time, remote access. Also, the report features have created a number of efficiencies relative to depositions and other court proceedings. For example, tagging facts with certain keywords allow me to generate reports (word documents or spreadsheets) with information specific to a deponent. Also, it allows for a centralized database where information about witnesses is collected. We also use the witness information to generate witness list. Additionally, the customer service has been top-shelf; Very responsive and knowledgeable about the product.

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Legal case management software for litigators

John F.

Generates good-looking reports, easy to use

Reviewed 2015-02-03
Review Source: Capterra

Simple, straightforward interface converts into a good-looking MS Word report, especially in "memo mode,"- making it a serious time-saver for report drafting (especially with its collaborative capabilities). Organization fields allow for sorting alphabetically, chronologically, by user-generated tags and by source, and can be done ad infinitum, and being able to reorganize like that allows for a much-needed "second perspective" when presenting findings. Like I said it's a simple interface, so there learning curve is quick. Easy to set up and get started on, otherwise haven't had too much customer service contact. Excited to see what kinds of updates they put out.

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Legal case management software for litigators

Ben Cramer


Reviewed 2015-01-20
Review Source: Capterra

Finally there is software that integrates with my workflow instead of making me change to fit the software. FactBox, as the name suggests, is fact-management software. It is also incredibly easy to use, unlike other litigation management software that I have used. FactBox is managed by a top-notch team and is very responsive to feedback. I had a request and was surprised to be contacted by a developer about implementing it. I strongly recommend FactBox to anyone who needs to manage large matters or just wants their cases to be better organized.

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Legal case management software for litigators

Frank DiMeo

Factbox is the Future

Reviewed 2015-03-07
Review Source: Capterra

I have been looking for a program to help organize all of the information we get on a case in a attorney views the information. And most importantly be able to access the source of the information easily. Factbox does that perfectly. An easier interface with Google Drive would be nice. Also by simply adding hour to the date field you would really help using it as a timeline. I am surprised the folks at Factbox haven't done that yet. But I expect they will. Great Tool.

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Legal case management software for litigators

Bob Meynardie

Great SaaS So Far

Reviewed 2015-01-21
Review Source: Capterra

I am new to FactBox and just getting my new cases loaded but entering facts and linking them to issues is esay and creating a report or memo on them is very easy. Have not yet used it for collaborating with other lawyers or paralegals but that too should be a strength.

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Legal case management software for litigators

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Key features of FactBox

  • Case notes
  • Document storage
  • Document review
  • Categorizing
  • Fact categorization
  • Two-factor authentication
  • Data encryption
  • Collaborative workspace
  • Collaborative review
  • Filtered views
  • Third party integration
  • Multiple document formats
  • Data export
  • Client-ready reports


Categorize facts and ideas into a custom structure as a case is built. FactBox centralizes all case content.

View cases from different perspectives and make new connections with FactBox. Case notes and facts can be rapidly sorted and filtered.

Create editable, client-ready reports with FactBox.

FactBox data is stored in physically secure, access-controlled servers and is encrypted both in transit and at rest.

Add facts to a case directly from the web with FactBox's Chrome Extension. Simply highlight the relevant text and click the FactBox icon in the browser.