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Improvado logo

Marketing data aggregation tool

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Improvado is an ETL platform that extracts data from 200+ pre-built connectors, transforms it, and seamlessly loads the results to wherever you need them.
Real-time reports & dashboards eliminate manual reporting time by 90%. No developers or SQL knowledge required.
Book a demo now at!

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ActiveTrail logo

Email marketing and marketing automation platform

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ActiveTrail is an email marketing and marketing automation platform with features for designing, sending and analyzing email marketing & SMS campaigns

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MarketSurge logo

All in one lead management software

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MarketSurge is the one-stop shop for lead management. The application enables businesses to manage communication and contacts from a unified platform.

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LeadMaster logo

CRM & Lead Management Solution

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LeadMaster has been providing affordable white-label web-based Salesforce CRM and Lead Management solutions since 1998. The application features robust marketing automation features for campaign management, lead nurturing and email marketing

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LinkTrust logo

Affiliate/Referral Marketing & Lead Generation Software

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#1 Affiliate Marketing and Lead Generation software. Create an affiliate program and drive more leads and sales to your website. We make it EASY. FREE TRIAL.

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Babuin logo


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Increase the impact of your investment on various KPIs,
through thousands of micro bids automatically adjusted every hour.

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Beacon logo

Campaign management software

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Beacon is a campaign management solution that enables businesses to manage their marketing campaigns from creation to execution. The platform allows managers to create, monitor, and manage marketing campaigns, as well as build, publish and distribute campaign content across multiple channels.

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Klemail logo

N°1 tool for email address verification

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Klemail is an email management tool that enables businesses to detect incorrect emails in the database. These email addresses are dangerous for your email reputation. Cleaning your contact lists will allow you to lower your bounce rate when sending email campaigns and thus increase your deliverability.

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Claravine logo

Take the drama out of your marketing data

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Claravine is The Data Standards Company. We help brands and agencies deliver on the promise of modern marketing by standardizing taxonomies, naming conventions, and metadata across all digital experiences.

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AdNabu for Google Shopping logo

AdNabu helps you to easily create an error-free feed.

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AdNabu’s app helps you to easily create error-free feeds. All changes from your Shopify store are fetched and updated automatically in the feed.

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Sarbacane logo

Sarbacane® - Emailing, SMS, automation & conseils marketing

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Sarbacane is an emailing & SMS marketing solution for the most ambitious, who want to succeed and be RGPD compliant.

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CallFire logo

Telephony and call center app

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CallFire combines text messaging, call tracking, voice broadcast, and IVR, with a cloud call center.

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Acquisio logo

Performance media solution for digital marketers

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Acquisio is a suite of solutions for agencies and marketers to sell, launch, manage, optimize and report on digital advertising campaign on Google, Facebook and Bing Ads. Marketers use their industry leading AI-powered PPC automation solutions to improve efficiency and scale their business.

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App Samurai logo

Mobile User Acquisition Platform

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AppSamurai is an AI-powered One-Stop Shop user acquisition platform for advertisers to access premium placements across the globe.

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eContact logo

Make Every Contact Count, Actionable and Optimized

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eContact is an integrated operations & customer outreach platform that optimizes every contact and delivers actionable insights.

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ExxpertApps logo

All-In-One Next Generation Enterprise Application in Cloud

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ExxpertApps is a cloud-based application which improves the business results in the areas of development, sales, marketing, and invoicing.It helps to manage, contacts, customers, providers, and enterprise communications.It is used by large and small enterprises as departmental and core systems.

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NationBuilder logo

Software designed for politics, advocacy, and nonprofits

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NationBuilder is campaign management software for political, advocacy, and nonprofit organizations to help mobilize volunteers, raise funds and engage with supporters.

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Offerslook logo

Smart tracking for performance marketing networks

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Offerslook is an innovative marketing solution for Performance Marketing networks. Offerslook lets users build & manage their own ad network/ affiliate network

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Easymailing logo

Email marketing platform with campaign tracking

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Easymailing is a Spanish language email marketing platform, which provides users with tools to create, distribute, and analyze email campaigns, manage subscribers, segment audiences, and enhance conversions. It allows businesses to design custom email campaigns using the drag & drop interface.

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Bizible logo

B2B revenue attribution & planning

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Bizible is a B2B marketing attribution solution that enables hundreds of companies to optimize for what really matters: revenue. It's called pipeline marketing.

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