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Trail Blazer Campaign Manager logo

Cloud-based voter management and fundraising CRM.

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Trail Blazer is an all-in-one voter management and fundraising CRM for campaigns, political parties, and PACs of all sizes. Key features included FEC reporting, online donations, unlimited mass email, mobile canvassing, and event registration. Track voter issues and improve your GOTV efforts.

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Universe logo

Building memories and experiences that last a lifetime.

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Universe empowers thousands of individuals to monetize their idea, brand or business through events.

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Marketing management software for medium and large companies

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Create top-down budgets, see your remaining budget at a glance, and set spending limits across departments.

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Qomon logo

Most innovative & user-friendly Mobilization platform & app

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Qomon is the most innovative and user-friendly Mobilization platform & mobile app that powers non-profit organizations, campaigns, movements & advocacy groups worldwide to mobilize bigger using data & digital.

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Opal logo

The planning platform that connects strategy to execution.

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Opal is the planning platform that helps marketing and communications teams bridge the gap between strategy and execution.

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Gather logo

Cloud-based data capture platform for small to large firms

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Gather is a cloud-based application designed to help small to large businesses manage data capture processes across sales, marketing & customer engagement channels. The platform allows users to scan information from business cards using OCR, capture data offline & directly sync with business CRMs.

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MassMailer logo

Native email sending to unlimited contacts in Salesforce CRM

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MassMailer is a native email solution for Salesforce CRM that enables users to send unlimited emails, drip campaigns, and email alerts, verify mailing lists, build email templates, and more. Features include email address verification, email success monitoring, and content analysis and optimization.

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Oracle CRM On Demand logo

Industry-specific on-demand CRM solution

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Oracle's Complete CRM solutions offer the broadest and deepest capabilities that help organizations drive sales, marketing, loyalty, and service effectiveness. And in combination with Oracle's Commerce solutions, they deliver a unified cross-channel experience for consumers.

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KickoffLabs logo

Viral Contests, Landing Pages, Popups & Forms for Lead Gen.

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Use KickoffLabs to quickly set up lead capture, viral giveaways, and product launches where fans become influencers! Run these campaigns with dedicated landing pages, pop-ups, or embedded widgets on your own website or domain.

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Marketing Automation Platform

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Actito is an intuitive marketing automation tool, built for efficient customer activation. Non-technical marketers are able to leverage a powerful data model to translate a wealth of customer data into impactful multi-channel customer journeys.

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Mailmodo logo

Email marketing software with templates and AMP emails

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Mailmodo, a new-age email marketing tool, helps you get higher email conversions by adding interactive app-like elements inside emails.

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Skeepers Influencer Marketing logo

Influencer marketing platform with smart matching

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Skeepers IM is a cloud-based influencer management software,designed to help businesses find & collaborate with social media influencers to promote their brand. Using smart matching technology and an extensive search functionality, Skeepers helps businesses find the most suitable influencer matches.

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Target Circle logo

Partner marketing for in-house affiliate teams

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Target Circle is a partner marketing software that provides businesses with the tools to build and run affiliate programs and pay partners globally. It is designed for affiliate marketing professionals and teams that want to build or scale their in-house partner program.

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Postalytics logo

Direct mail marketing solution

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Postalytics helps businesses stand out by delivering personalized messages directly into the hands of the audience to form a deeper impression than email alone. Users will know the delivery status of every piece of mail, whether it is delivered, forwarded, or returned.

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Adversus logo

Cloud-based dialer & CRM solution

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Adversus is a cloud-based dialer and customer relationship management (CRM) solution designed to help small to midsize businesses manage operations related to client communication, telemarketing, lead management & more. The platform enables users to automate call workflows using automatic answering.

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eSilentPARTNER logo

your business e-sp

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eSilentPARTNER is professional services automation software for all public relations (PR), Ad, marketing agencies, media & publishing houses with application access.

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Adverity logo

The integrated data platform for teams that run on data.

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Adverity helps marketing and data teams in agencies and brands to tackle their data challenges and create successful, data-driven campaigns that will deliver a high ROI. Adverity is used by leading brands and agencies including Unilever, Bosch, IKEA, Barilla, Forbes, GroupM, Publicis, and Dentsu.

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Mergo logo

Email Marketing, Drip emails, Cold emailing, Follow-up

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Mergo is an email campaign built on the new generation of Google add-ons:

Send 2000+ highly personalized emails / day with Gmail
Track your campaign results: opens, responses, clicks, unsubscribes.
Send personalized follow-up emails to the recipients who didn't answer!

And more!

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Netcore Customer Engagement logo

AI-driven omnichannel growth platform

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Netcore’s Customer Engagement & Experience suite serves ad a full-stack growth platform for digital brands to boost customer engagement, conversions, retention and product experience at scale. It helps deliver the right message to the right customer through the right channel and at the right time.

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Percolate logo

Leading Marketing Orchestration Platform for the Enterprise

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Percolate is purpose-built to help marketers deliver coordinated, efficient, and intelligent campaigns and content at scale.

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