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TextBetter logo

Telephone marketing and landline texting software

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TextBetter is a telephone marketing solution that helps businesses pair landline numbers with email addresses to send or receive text messages. The software allows managers to schedule customizable automated responses, send appointment reminders, and archive messages on a unified dashboard.

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Gupshup logo

One-to-one. With Everyone

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A solution optimized for cost, speed and quality, Gupshup's smart messaging platform helps acquire, engage, and retain customers with a single API to access every communication channel your customers use for all your business messaging needs.

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Improvado logo

Marketing data aggregation tool

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Improvado is an ETL platform that extracts data from 200+ pre-built connectors, transforms it, and seamlessly loads the results to wherever you need them.
Real-time reports & dashboards eliminate manual reporting time by 90%. No developers or SQL knowledge required.
Book a demo now at!

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Chatfuel logo

Build your bot now, no coding required.

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Chatfuel is the leading chatbot platform for Messenger. Increase sales, personalize marketing and automate support, all with Chatfuel. Build your bot now, no coding required.

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SMSGlobal logo

Communication management and SMS marketing platform

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SMSGlobal is a communication management software designed to help businesses improve marketing operations and enhance customer engagement through automated text messages. Key features include two-way SMS, data import, scheduling, account management, notifications, customizable templates, and more.

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Pixel logo

Capture data with every click & scan

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Pixel helps businesses transform links and QR codes into marketing tools. It offers customizable dynamic QR codes, short links, and microsites to engage audiences and provides the ability to manage, edit and track every click and scan.

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UltraSMSScript logo

The Ultimate Text Message & SMS Marketing Software Platform

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UltraSMSScript is a fully-featured, white-labeled SMS Software platform designed to serve startups, SMEs, ad/media agencies, and marketing providers. Businesses can pay a 1-time fee for the platform and install UltraSMSScript on their own servers. They can also allow UltraSMSScript to host it for them using the monthly hosted plans!

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Xtremepush logo

Multi-channel analytics & engagement platform

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Push Notifications are a powerful and engaging means of reaching your app users.

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Engage360 logo

? AI-Driven Omnichannel Marketing Platform

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Vizury Engage360 ia an AI-driven Omnichannel marketing platform that aims to bring efficiency in your marketing spends by integrating CRM channels like emails, notifications, messaging, chatbot apps together with paid programmatic advertising channels through social, native, display & video ads.

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Sarbacane logo

Sarbacane® - Emailing, SMS, automation & conseils marketing

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Facilité d'utilisation. Design intuitif. Efficacité. Sarbacane est un puissant logiciel d'emailing et de SMS marketing adaptée aux plus ambitieux.

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Pushwoosh logo

Ease your omnichannel messaging and grow revenue

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Achieve the growth you strive for with one platform. Engage, convert, and retain your customers through push notifications, in-app messages, emails, SMS, and WhatsApp messaging.

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charles logo

Web-based conversational commerce suite for consumer brands

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charles assists companies in pioneering conversational commerce by integrating shop systems, chat apps, and bots in a single platform. Key features include lead distribution & qualification, analytics, human handover, one-to-one messaging, real-time conversations, multi-chat, automation, and more.

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MessageDesk logo

Add SMS Superpowers to Your Business Phone.

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Text Message Customer Support, Text Message Marketing, Text Message Sales

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Marigold Engage logo

Multi-channel marketing solution fusing insight & engagement

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Marigold Engage is a multi-channel marketing solution for identifying customers, analyzing behavior across channels, and interpreting data with custom reports

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Infobip logo

Omni-channel customer communication and engagement

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Infobip is an omni-channel communications platform for customer support and engagement, which uses SMS, voice messages, email, and mobile app messaging. Features of the platform include customer profiling, custom payload tools, geolocation, chatbots, AI, event triggered actions, and more.

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Ackroo logo

Customer loyalty management and gift-card distribution tool

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Ackroo is a customer loyalty software designed for businesses across several industry segments, such as retail, hospitality, petroleum, and automotive. It helps organizations manage gift cards, loyalty marketing, payments, and more on a centralized platform.

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AppTweak logo

App Store Acquisition Platform Driven by Data Science

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AppTweak is the trusted app store acquisition partner for mobile leaders worldwide; we provide innovative solutions that help apps and games optimize their app store presence and increase downloads.

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Trackier logo

Real time performance and affiliate marketing platform

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Trackier, formerly vNative, is a cloud-based performance marketing solution that helps marketing agencies manage campaigns, track affiliate sales, and optimize customer conversions. Key features include white-labeling, click tracking, traffic segments, geotargeting, real-time data, and reporting.

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White Label Platform logo

Build Your Business by Helping Others Build Theirs

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textLIVING was founded in 2010 in Nashville, TN. We have helped over 10,000 merchants, processed over 750 million customer interactions, & produced over $192 million in additional revenue for businesses.
We believe in our product so much, we decided to white label it for others to use as well.

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StorifyMe logo

Build stunning stories for your website or your app.

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The most effective platform for distributing unique and interesting stories is StorifyMe.

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Outbrain logo

Native Advertising Platform

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Outbrain is the worlds leading native advertising platform. Connecting readers, publishers and marketers.

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Rakuten DX logo

Content creation & app building without coding

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Rakuten Aquafadas provides the technology for enterprises to create sales & content apps, with low coding & deploy them across multiple platforms

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AIO logo

Omnichannel marketing and digital communication software

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AIO is an on-premise and cloud-based omnichannel marketing software that helps businesses of all sizes manage digital campaigns and streamline client communication through emails, SMS and more.

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Unified communications & transactional emails

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Routee, powered by AMD Telecom, provides Web and API Communication as a Service solutions, so as to expand and simplify communication capabilities between people, applications, corporations, and technology. Organizations are able to utilize forms of messaging, voice, and verification.

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AppFollow logo

Understand and elevate your app’s reputation.

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AppFollow is an integrated solution that makes monitoring, analyzing, and elevating your app's reputation easy!

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