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CleverTap logo
Category Leaders

User Retention Platform for High-Growth Mobile Apps

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CleverTap helps you retain your mobile users. It brings together user data with an omnichannel approach on a centralized platform. It is a comprehensive and user-friendly solution to all your behavioural app analytics, user engagement and retention needs.

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MoEngage logo

An Insights-led Customer Engagement Platform

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MoEngage is an insights-led customer engagement platform for consumer brands, that empowers marketers and product owners with AI-driven insights to create cross-channel experiences that consumers love.

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Swaarm logo

Performance marketing platform

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Swaarm is a performance-based marketing platform and it provides an market tracking and campaign management solution.

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Statflo logo

Empower Frontline Workers With Business Text Messaging

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Statflo is the leading one-to-one business text messaging software that empowers front-line teams to have purposeful two-way conversations with their customers.

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Heymarket logo

Business text messaging for teams

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Heymarket provides business text messaging for marketing, sales, support & operations teams, with shared inboxes, mobile apps, message templates, and more

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Scalify logo

Marketing automation software

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Scalify is a marketing automation software that enables businesses to launch, analyze, optimize, and scale Facebook and Instagram ads faster with game-changing automation. Key features include AI ad copy, pre-built custom audiences, bulk scaling campaigns, quickstart strategies, and metric comparison. It also allows small businesses to launch successful ad campaigns using built-in templates, statistics, and insights from the data team.

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Cartloop SMS Marketing logo
Category Leaders

Conversational text marketing platform for Shopify brands.

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Cartloop helps Shopify brands bring in additional revenue every month, where real people drive sales and offer support by texting shoppers in real-time.

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ADA logo

ADA AI Conversational Marketing Platform

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ADA personalizes customer engagement by putting the power of AI in the hands of the people who know your business best. With ADA, it's simple for non-technical teams to build an automated, enterprise-class chatbot that solves 80% of customer inquiries.

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Eltropy logo

Customer engagement software for the finance sector

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Eltropy is a customer communications management software designed to help businesses in the financial sector securely communicate with members. The platform enables managers to send personalized documents, manage in-house communication flows, and create branded content.

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Kimoby logo

Business Instant Messaging for service departments.

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Kimoby is a leading cloud-based communication platform that offers Business Instant Messaging for improved team collaboration, exceptional customer service, and mobile payment requests. Using the data and resources that businesses already have, Kimoby makes it easy to boost engagement and sales.

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Uberall logo

Reputation management software for retail businesses

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Best Customer Experience Management Solution in 2023 MarTech Breakthrough Awards.We make sure you deliver memorable customer experience.

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iVision Mobile logo
Category Leaders

Text messaging tool for SMBs & brands in the U.S. & Canada

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Thousands of businesses and organizations across North America use iVision Mobile's text messaging software to engage their contacts with relevant mobile marketing and communications.

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Whispir logo

Your all-in-one messaging tool.

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Foster rich engagement with Whispir's personalized, cost-effective communication software.

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Notificare logo

Customer Engagement Platform

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Notificare is a leading Customer Engagement Platform that helps brands to (re)engage their audience, shed light on customer behavior, and increase conversions.
With channels App Push, Web Push, Email, SMS, and Mobile Wallet.

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Agility CMS logo

Unlock Your Brand's Voice With Agility CMS.

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Agility is the Headless CMS for businesses seeking personalized, scalable, and future-proofed content management solutions. With an API-first approach and flexible architecture, Agility easily empowers your brand to create and distribute engaging content across channels.

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Octopush logo

Business SMS sending platform

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Octopush is a business SMS platform which allows companies to send text messages worldwide for marketing campaigns, customer follow-ups, reminders, surveys, and more. The software includes tools for message personalization, scheduling, contact management, sender customization, and campaign analysis.

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WebEngage logo

Marketing Automation & Customer Data Platform for SMBs

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WebEngage is a customer data platform & marketing automation suite that makes user engagement & retention simplified and highly effective for consumer tech enterprises and SMBs.

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Singular logo

Next-gen marketing analytics and attribution platform

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Singular powers marketers to drive faster growth with next-gen attribution, full-funnel analytics, and best-in-class fraud prevention.

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websms logo

Worldwide messaging service

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The Messaging Portal by LINK Mobility is a service for companies to send messages worldwide via delivery channels such as SMS, WhatsApp, and Threema which can be selected by the customer. These particular services are utilized according to their respective advantages and disadvantages.

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Kochava logo

Mobile attribution and analytics platform for app marketers

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Kochava provides attribution and real-time analytics, fraud mitigation, audience disocvery, and push notifications for mobile marketers.

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Sinch MessageMedia logo

Mobile messaging global leader with an easy-to-use platform.

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Sinch MessageMedia is a mobile messaging solutions for small to large-sized businesses. Send and manage texts from web, email or API to engage customers through mobile experiences. Reach them via the channel of their choice – SMS, socials, and 85+ integrations – and maximize ROI, effortlessly.

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Users also considered logo

Conversational commerce platform

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DTC Brands on Shopify & WooCommerce (WordPress), Ecommerce companies, & retail brands looking to engage customers on online media.

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Survicate logo

Effortlessly collect continuous customer feedback at scale

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Survey software for customer-centric businesses to collect continuous continuous customer insights at scale. Survicate allows you to create and launch surveys in minutes, analyze them in real-time, and act on feedback to improve your operations and increase customer satisfaction.

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SMS API logo

Success as a Service

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Advertise your unique products, services, or company message directly to customers globally with our powerful SMS API service. If you can think of it, our SMS API can do it!

- Highly Competitive Pricing
- Government Grade Security
- Capable of Voice Broadcast
- 24/7 Customer & Tech Support

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TrueDialog logo

Enterprise-Grade SMS Text Messaging Platform with SMS API

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TrueDialog is an enterprise-grade SMS texting solution built for big business, made easy for small business. Mass Texting & 2-Way dialog at scale. Extensive features at half the price of competitors. SMS integrations with Salesforce, MS Dynamics, Oracle, Marketo, Hubspot, others. Robust SMS API.

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