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Digital Waybill

Web-based courier and transportation software

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Digital Waybill overview

Digital Waybill is a courier management software that allows companies to streamline their delivery and dispatch schedules. The software which can either be deployed on-premises on Mac based systems or can be hosted on the web. It can also be accessed on mobile devices through native apps. The product caters to the needs of enterprises of all sizes including, small courier companies, messenger firms or large trucking and transportation companies.

The product offers features such as quick online order entry and tracking that allow users to send orders to drivers in real-time, record instant order status updates, and enable drivers to access order details on POD’s or mobile devices. The 2-way dispatch and e-dispatch functionality of the product offers increased customer satisfaction by providing features such as online order entry, one-click desktop icons, and auto-filling of forms. The product offers auto pricing and driver pay features enabling the calculation of pricing based on zones, distance or on the basis of any other user defined criteria, calculating driver commissions, calculating surcharge and client specific pricing, and printing of reports & payout sheets. The software also offers features such as remote dispatch, routes optimization, GPS tracking, and offsite auto-backup creation.

Digital Waybill caters to the needs of customers based in The USA and Canada including On Time Logistics, Expert Messenger, Rapid Medical Delivery Services Inc., Cal Bay Express, Breeland Courier Service, and Austin Express Couriers, among others.


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Digital Waybill screenshot: Digital Waybill allows managers to send orders on driver's smartphonesDigital Waybill’s Mobile App for Courier Dispatch SoftwareDigital Waybill screenshot: Digital Waybill allows users to take online dispatch ordersDigital Waybill screenshot: Digital Waybill offers advanced search on quick entry desktop applicationDigital Waybill screenshot: Digital Waybill offers quick entry desktop applicationDigital Waybill screenshot: Digital Waybill's image attachment feature allows clients to receive visual proof of their deliveriesDigital Waybill screenshot: Digital Waybill's zone mapping tool allows users to draw custom zones on Google MapDigital Waybill Courier Software Client Testimonial by Tony SteinerDigital Waybill – The only Courier Dispatch Software with Invoicing through Quickbooks Integration

Digital Waybill reviews

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Cathy K.

"Superior Software, Service, & Support!"

Reviewed 2014-07-21
Review Source: Capterra

Our experience with Digital Waybill has been an all around friendliness and care in every area of their services; From a user friendly software program--to a friendly and caring interaction with each member of their team. The software program provides our company and our clients with ease of use, efficiency, and peace of mind. Orders are received in real time and the capability of monitoring drivers and deliveries allow our business to run more efficiently and effectively. Organizing details of each order, invoicing, payroll, sales summary, customer, and driver data base has been a tremendous task. But, thanks to Digital Waybill's system, these tasks have been simplified for us and allowed us to free up some time to focus more on growing our business. The system can be accessed while on the road too. So we're never confined in one place to monitor the system. We have peace of mind that our valuable information are stored in the system and can be restored should the inevitable happen with our devices. Tech Support is always pleasant, friendly, patient, and knowledgeable. You will never feel rushed-- as they take the time to walk you through each step to ensure your confidence in utilizing the system. Digital Waybill's passion for ongoing system enhancement surely serves as an added benefit to empower each client in gaining a competitive edge. Digital Waybill's services has been a valuable asset in meeting our particular business needs. They are surely focused on working with you to assist with your company's future growth and continued success.; While it's also amazing to experience that their Customer Service and Tech Support remains consistent-- as their utmost friendliness, care, respect, and knowledge has been proven time and time again. Thank you Digital Waybill for providing us with superior software, service, & support!

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Matthew Mooney

President Thunderbird Express, Inc

Reviewed 2014-07-24
Review Source: Capterra

This software has made my life so much more simple! Extremely easy and intuitive to set up routes, individual runs, and recurring orders all with prices, notes, reference numbers (you name it!) for your customer to see when it's time to send out invoices. Quick Books syncs up to Digital Way Bill program with no problems and with a few clicks all your orders for any given time period can be emailed immediately. Conversely, if you have a few "picky" clients as I do, you can generate an invoice from Digital Way Bill (rather than running it through Quick Books) with much more detail and information that any "picky" client is sure to appreciate. The best thing about Digital Way Bill (for me) has been the customer service. They see you through from the initial set up of the software on your PC or Mac, to each of the smart phones you and your drivers will be using, to the simple day-to-day questions you have about anything that comes up. They even will call your clients directly to speak with them and help them get set up on the system so they can place their own orders and set up their order panel and pricing the way you and your client need it. They are professional, courteous, knowledgeable, and very patient. Bottom line: the time and money I have saved using this software and being able to consider the Digital Way Bill people part of team, has enabled me to focus on all sorts of areas of my business that would typically be neglected due do to time spent invoicing, dispatching, and cleaning up messes by forgotten orders because we didn't have a good system to capture everything. 5 STARS ALL THE WAY

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Barry Towns

Awesome Customer Service!

Reviewed 2014-10-18
Review Source: Capterra

It took a little time for me to learn all the features of the dispatch software and the QuickBooks integration! There are so many options--yet the design is clean and simple--with everything integrated into a few menus: customers, drivers, settings, pricing, etc. I think I called customer service twice a week for several months! And it did not matter how trivial my question...they guided me (often through remote connection) to the answer or the solution! They are just a great company with fantastic software--and they are always there to help. The desktop order portal really sells itself. Great interface--and once customers see how the GPS to the driver works and see how the POD comes out with signatures and order history always at their fingertips--they are sold! I almost never hear from my customers, as all their questions can be answered with the software. I had looked at another company that was far cheaper. But you get what you pay for, and I am very happy with Digital Waybill. Guaranteed you will not understand some of the features with the route pricing, cost centers, zones, etc. When you get to that stuff, just call them! The driver phone app seems to pull a lot of battery, so I put charging packs in my cars. Cost effective for peace of mind. -)

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Maria Baker

Digital Waybill = Happy Customer

Reviewed 2014-08-01
Review Source: Capterra

We have been with Digital Waybill for several years now and it has been a choice that we have been happy with ever since! I had tried other dispatch software and found them too expensive, un-intuitive and technical support was never easy to reach (and expensive). Not to mention the one that after THREE MONTHS still could not get it to integrate, which was a huge part of this other companies marketing. Digital Waybill has really listened to the customers and it is exciting when they roll out new features that make your day easier...We are not an average "Courier" company...we deal with critical freight and this system is able to meet our odd demands and can expand easily when we grow. At first I thought we might "outgrow" the system, but we quickly learned that that was a worry that we could get rid of; our volume and company has been growing like crazy and Digital Waybill has been a fantastic dispatch system that is growing with us! Very simple to use, it just takes a few minutes to see how it functions. VERY little learning curve, but they have great support if you do need help. For FREE. Great people... Great product.

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Miguel Bravo

Accounting for my business is so much easier!

Reviewed 2014-08-05
Review Source: Capterra

I love Digital Waybill's ability to integrate with QuickBooks and how much easier it is for me to do my accounting work. Before, I had to collect all of the invoices myself and manually put them in which cost me valuable time that I could be using to focus on other aspects of running my business. The software keeps track of everything that comes in or out from our customers so we can look back at any invoices from as far back as we need. The mobile dispatch feature is also a huge help to our business. It makes it possible to manage my company on the go. The technical support at Digital Waybill is always ready to help! If they are not available the moment we call, they always gets back with us in a timely fashion. They've helped us with any issues we've had since we started using the software in 2010.

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Additional information for Digital Waybill

Key features of Digital Waybill

  • Dispatch software
  • Transportation management
  • Online ordering
  • Quickbooks integration
  • Quickbooks integration
  • GPS tracking
  • Automatic invoicing
  • Driver commission calculations
  • Routes with optimization
  • Scheduled recurring routes/orders
  • Scheduled recurring routes/orders
  • Daily offsite auto-backup
  • Google map directions
  • Electronic dispatching
  • Automatic pricing
  • Real-Time tracking
  • Invoicing and driver reports
  • Unlimited drivers and customers
  • API
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● Digital Waybill offers multiple deployment modes including installed on-premises on Mac OS, hosted on the web, as well as being accessible on mobile devices through native apps.

● The product offers live integration with third-party accounting solutions such as QuickBooks for simplifying accounting procedures for its customers.

● The advanced version of the product offers a 2-way dispatch functionality with GPS tracking and route optimization over google maps for courier companies.

● The product offers automated invoicing, interactive reporting of driver trips, calculation of driver commissions, and allows the maintenance of an in-depth database of customer and driver details.

● The software also protects its customers from data loss by offering the daily offsite automatic backup facility.