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Jobber logo



Quoting, scheduling, & invoicing for home service businesses

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Join over 200K home service pros using Jobber. We make it easy to schedule appointments, quote, invoice, and get paid faster. Organize your field service business by starting a free trial today.

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Samsara logo



All-in-one fleet operations management platform

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Samsara is a fleet operations management platform which helps various industries including transportation, logistics & construction streamline fleet operations with features like GPS fleet tracking, ELD compliance, routing & dispatch, documents, reporting & alerts, & more

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Salesforce Field Service logo

Salesforce Field Service


Cloud-based field service and onsite job management

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Field Service Lightning by Salesforce is a cloud-based field service management platform designed to help businesses manage their mobile workforce. The centralized platform allows users to automate appointment scheduling, manage work orders & gain real-time visibility into field service operations.

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Epicor BisTrack logo

Epicor BisTrack


Custom ERP solutions for building materials companies

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Epicor for Building Supply provides ERP solutions, including Epicor BisTrack and Epicor LumberTrack, that are specifically designed for building materials companies. These tools can help accelerate growth and maximize profitability opportunities for businesses in the building supply industry. Software features include detailed reporting, workflow management, and forecasting capabilities.

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Vonigo logo



Cloud-based Field Service Software

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Vonigo works great for field service companies looking to streamline scheduling and dispatching operations.

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Tenna logo



Asset & inventory management for Construction Companies

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The first construction-specific dispatch solution for mixed asset fleets leveraging telematics-based insights.

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Ventus logo



Service and Construction ERP

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Vertical Market Software is a fully-integrated service management solution that includes a CRM, job costing, service management, and inventory control.

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Repair-CRM logo



Repair-CRM: Streamline, Simplify, Succeed

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Elevate your field service business with Repair-CRM, a comprehensive software solution for job scheduling, dispatching, and invoicing. Featuring real-time tracking, limitless notes, document attachments, and direct QuickBooks integration, Repair-CRM is your pathway to growth and efficiency.

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Commusoft logo



All-in-one job management software for field service

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Our all-in-one management software allows you to take control of your customer data, technician schedules, and business communications to maximise profitability.

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Housecall Pro logo

Housecall Pro


Field Service Management App

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Call now to start your free trial: 833-903-2949

Streamline any size operation with our easy-to-use service dispatch app, plus get scheduling, invoicing, payment features and more.

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Method:Field Services logo

Method:Field Services


Field service management software from the #1 QuickBooks CRM

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Method:Field Services is designed to help businesses streamline various field service operations, from job scheduling to invoicing. Technicians can use the mobile application to plan routes, track job progress, create estimates, and update the status of work orders. Managers can create and email invoices from mobile devices after job completion, process online payments, and sync transactions with QuickBooks.

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Evron Field Service logo

Evron Field Service


Field service solution for automating dispatch operations

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Evron Field Service is a cloud-based platform that helps enterprises automate dispatching activities and streamline administrative operations. Professionals can track task completion through customizable checklists and generate reports on technicians’ utilization rates.

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Orcatec logo



Cloud-based field service management software

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Orcatec is a cloud-based field service management software designed to help businesses handle and streamline various administrative processes, such as dispatching, employee management, and more. Supervisors can schedule appointments on a calendar and color-code them according to requirements.

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MobiWork logo



Robust, Scalable, & Configurable Mobile Workforce Solution!

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MobiWork the #1 mobile workforce software solution for your employees in the field, in the office, and for you all your customers.

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Crew Control logo

Crew Control


The easy-to-use management software for managing your crews

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Crew Control helps field service businesses by handling scheduling and changes to your schedule with ease, staying on top of your jobs and in touch with your crews, and giving you insight into how to grow smarter and more profitably.

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Connecteam logo



Enhance employee management with the only all-in-one app

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An all-in-one employee app that's both powerful, affordable, and easy to use, especially for the mobile workforce. Start for free!

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Zuper logo



Field Service Management Software.

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Zuper is an intelligent workforce management platform that enables organization to digitize, automate and optimize field operations and offer on-demand customer experience.

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Kickserv logo



#1 Most User-Friendly Software to Run a Service Business

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Use Kickserv to dispatch service technicians to jobs. Manage all of your scheduled jobs, appointments, employees and resources from a shared calendar. See technician and job locations live. All techs and customers instantly have what they need.

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Bella FSM logo

Bella FSM


Web-based field service management software

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Bella is an online field service management software offering features such as dispatching, scheduling, work order management, inventory tracking, and invoicing

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Prism Visual Software logo

Prism Visual Software


Route optimization and distribution management software

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Prism Visual Software is a cloud-based route planning and distribution management solution designed to help businesses streamline inventory, accounting, and field service operations on a centralized platform. Supervisors can maintain a record of available equipment inventory, schedule service maintenance, and avoid stockouts via threshold notifications.

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FSM Grid logo

FSM Grid


Omnichannel field service management solution

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FSM Grid is an AI/IoT enabled, omnichannel field service management solution that automates scheduling, routing, work orders and inventory control.

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Service Fusion logo

Service Fusion


Easy. Powerful. Mobile. Field service management software.

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Service Fusion helps service companies impress customers, reduce employee headaches, and get paid faster, without breaking the bank.

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Field Force Tracker logo

Field Force Tracker


All-in-one field service management solution

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Field Force Tracker is a field service management system with tools for managing customers & employees, scheduling, contracts, time tracking, invoicing & more

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Fieldmagic logo



Field Service Management, Maintenance Management & CRM

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Fieldmagic is a complete and mobile field service platform designed for fire services, electrical, plumbing, security & maintenance, and HVAC industries

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ServiceTitan logo



Management Software for Service Contractors.

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ServiceTitan is the leading business software solution for both residential and commercial field service businesses. Our powerful platform optimizes and eliminates tasks both out in the field and in the office with cloud-based responsiveness, real-time sync, and unbeatable uptimes.

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Here's what we'll cover:

Buyers Guide

Service Dispatch

Service dispatch is one of the core functions of a field service business. It involves scheduling of field service jobs and coordination between managers and their staff in the field.

Jump to the following sections for a quick look:

What is service dispatch software?

Service dispatch software is a platform that helps field service businesses assign field staff to jobs, provide them with navigation assistance, and share task lists to be carried out while on site. It also helps field service managers track and manage assets such as equipment and spare parts.

What are the types of service dispatch software?

To select the right dispatch solution for your field service business, you must first understand the types of service dispatch software offered. Here, we are looking at the two most common types of dispatch management solutions:

  • Stand-alone service dispatch software: This software lets you assign tasks to field service workers and provide them with a list of on-site tasks. If you only need a solution for field staff scheduling and coordination needs, you should consider this type of tool.

  • Combined work order management and dispatch management suites: In addition to field staff scheduling, these software suites let you create and manage work orders based on customer requests. If your business handles a lot of customer requests, you should focus your search on this type of service dispatch software.

Key question to ask your vendor before you buy: Will a best-of-breed service dispatch software suffice for the number of employees and customer requests I need to accommodate?

What are the deployment options for service dispatch software?

After you’ve decided which type of service dispatch software will best fit your business needs, the next step is to choose the right deployment option. Here are the deployment options available in service dispatch software:

  • Cloud-based deployment: This option lets you access the software using a web browser or a native mobile app. Cloud-based solutions follow subscription pricing and charge on a per-month or per-user per-month pricing plan.

  • On-premise deployment: On-premise solutions are hosted on in-house servers and are accessible from the office network. On-premise solutions typically incur a one-time investment and charge on a per-user license basis. Users must also pay for software upgrades (e.g., new feature releases).

Key question to ask your vendor before you buy: Does your product offer a mobile app that field staff can use on the job site?

What are the common features of service dispatch software?

To see the best results, it’s essential that you choose a solution with features that meet your specific needs. In this section, we’ll take a look at the common service dispatch software features that you should look for when selecting service dispatch software:

Staff scheduling. Lets you assign field staff to customer jobs based on their availability and skill set. Field staff can also access their service requests and get notifications about changes in their schedule.

Staff scheduling

Job scheduling in Field Force Tracker

Mobile access. Lets your field service staff access customer requests and a list of tasks that need to be handled at the job site. Since field service staff are the primary users of this software, this is a must-have feature in service dispatch software.


Menu of features offered in UpKeep's mobile app 

Job tracking. Provides field service managers with real-time statuses of completed, in-progress, and pending jobs. It also helps managers update schedules to account for emergencies, urgent request, and employee time off.

Job Tracking

Invoicing in ServiceM8

Key question to ask your vendor before you buy: Does your product include features relevant to my dispatching needs?

*Note: The applications shown here are examples to show a feature in context and are not intended as endorsements or recommendations.

What are some important service dispatch software integrations?

To make the best use of a service dispatch management solution, select a product that integrates with the other apps you’re already using. Integration enables real-time data flow between applications, eliminating manual data transfer.

Following are some integrations you should look for when selecting a service dispatch solution:

  • Work order management software. Allows you to manage scheduling directly from within your work order software. It also allows you to update work orders in real time as soon as a technician completes the service request.

  • Payment processing software. Enables you to collect payments and email invoices at the job site itself. Some common payment integrations are Stripe and PayPal.

  • Call center management solutions. Allows you to create a service dispatch task as soon as an agent receives a customer request via phone or email. You should look for this integration if your field service business uses call center software for managing customer requests.

  • Accounting software. Updates accounts payable and receivable entries as soon as a business transaction is complete.

Key question to ask your vendor before you buy: Does your product integrate with the software solutions used in my business?

What does an advanced service dispatch software configuration look like?

Once you understand the common features and most useful integrations, the next step is to learn about any advanced features offered.

Assess the relevance of these features to your business and then select service dispatch software that includes those that are most relevant. For instance, if your business carries out email campaigns, look for a tool with customer management features that will help you personalize campaigns using customer data and interaction histories.

Here are some of the advanced features that you should consider while selecting a service dispatch solution:

  • Customer management. Record and save customer details such as name, contact info, and location. Use this information to autofill fields in customer request forms, documents, and invoices.

  • GPS tracking. Track real-time location of field service staff and provide them with navigation assistance to find customer locations.

  • Billing and invoicing. Generate paper or online bills and invoices as soon as a transaction is complete.

  • Service history tracking. Track the service history and activity of each customer and field service agent.

  • Reporting. Prepare reports on different service parameters. Examples include average time-to-reach and first-time fix rate reports.

Key question to ask your vendor before you buy: How many of the advanced features relevant to my business does your product include?