Service Dispatch Software

What is Service Dispatch Software?

Service dispatching software is used to automate the procedure of dispatching employees, vehicles or equipment to customers. Dispatch software is geared towards the field service industry and enables service providers and service technicians to work remotely. Dispatchers use this software to enhance their ability to assign the correct employees, vehicles and services to clients and to manage the schedules and availability of their resources.

Key features of dispatch software include client and service information logging; call taking and routing; work order management and job scheduling; inventory management; job allocation and customer qualification; route planning, quoting and job estimating; and electronic signature capture.

The call taking features of service dispatch software allow you to gather pertinent information from your customer and match this with instantly available, information on resources and availability. These business apps provide you with instant visual overviews of all service call activities and current customer sites and equipment assets.

The software keeps you abreast of service history, agent interaction history, warranty, contract coverage, RMA number and site equipment assets. This information is automatically updated and can be converted to a work order or an authorized product repair.

Scheduling tools form a key component of scheduling software. They allow you to schedule jobs by specific time slots and dates using shared calendars. You can also calculate and plan routes using integrations with common mapping tools.

Team scheduling is another common function of service dispatch software, along with the ability to track the progress of multiple jobs at once and in real-time. Many dispatch applications will also feature the ability to create invoices, proposals, and tax and income reports to send to clients.

The majority of dispatch software will hook up to a technicians mobile device, such as iPad or iPhone, allowing for instant communication and rapid dispatch. Auto-dispatch features can be set up to allocate specific job types to preferred technicians on a repeated basis, minimizing dispatchers work load.

Dispatch software will also provide reporting features that give valuable insight into the success of your dispatching efforts. These tools can be used to identify trends by measuring average time on call, service success and technician performance.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Work order creation and management
  • Schedule and availability viewing
  • Job allocation, customer qualification and skill matching
  • Route planning and journey time calculation
  • Inventory and resource management
  • Service history and client interaction history
  • Access to warranty, contract, RMA number and other service data
  • Service reports, quote creation, cost calculation and invoicing
  • Electronic signature
  • Dispatch performance reporting and insights