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eQuip! overview

eQuip! is a cloud-based enterprise asset management platform designed to track the contractual, financial, and physical inventory of IT and physical assets throughout their life cycles, and the status and location of fixed assets. The system can be accessed from any device, and offers native apps for iOS and Android, allowing users to manage inventory and audit assets from anywhere, at any time.

eQuip! supports a range of asset tiers, including 1500, 5000, 7500, and higher, and includes customizable workflows, displays, and reporting options. Web APIs allow users to integrate eQuip! with existing systems, including ERP (enterprise resource planning) systems, for data synchronization. Sensors, meters, RFID readers, and other devices can also be connected, giving users access to real-time sensor readings and asset movements. Additionally, the mobile applications allow users to scan barcodes using their device’s camera, and read low-energy Bluetooth tags on nearby assets.

The IT asset management solution allows users to manage the full lifecycle of IT assets, from purchase to retirement, and can be connected to IT asset discovery tools. Inventory audits can be carried out, with support for multiple auditing methods, including statistical or random sampling, inventory by exception, and wall to wall audits. Users can also track asset locations, and view the full chain of custody for any asset. Warranty and contract details can be attached, and monthly depreciation calculated using the straight-line method. eQuip! also offers a government property management solution, which allows users to import asset information directly from the IUID (item unique identification) registry, update the registry with revised life cycle information, track equipment, supplies, and materials by project, task order, or contract, automatically generate DD1149 forms, and more.


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eQuip! screenshot: eQuip! allows users to import asset details using the asset import templateShort Demo -- eQuip! for Managing Physical and IT AssetseQuip! screenshot: eQuip! offers an IT asset management solution which can be integrated with IT asset discovery toolseQuip! screenshot: Users can create reports on software contracts and any compliance issues with eQuip!eQuip! screenshot: Equipment can be assigned to users in eQuip!eQuip! screenshot: Assignments can be created using access card ID numbers, or an individual can be selected from the drop-down listeQuip! screenshot: Users can then create reports on all assets assigned to an individualeQuip! screenshot: eQuip! can also display a full list of all assets, including both active and retired assetseQuip! screenshot: Assets can also be linked to their location on floor plans, allowing users to view exactly which asset is in a particular locationeQuip! screenshot: Full asset details can be tracked in eQuip!, including summaries, location histories, owners, licences, maintenance, vendor details, and moreeQuip! screenshot: eQuip! also offers native mobile apps for iOS and Android devices, allowing users to manage assets from anywhere, at any timeCheck In and Out Physical Assets -- Mobile App

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Additional information for eQuip!

Key features of eQuip!

  • IT hardware & software tracking
  • IT asset lifecycle management
  • Warranty & contract information tracking
  • Support for multiple inventory auditing methods
  • Government property management
  • Support for multiple asset tiers
  • Equipment tracking
  • Automatic DD1149 generation
  • Standard reports
  • Asset information import
  • Facility management
  • Physical asset management
  • Emergency management
  • 1D & 2D barcode scanning
  • Active & passive RFID support
  • API
  • Sarbanes-Oxley compliance
  • Custom reporting
  • Asset & resource use scheduling
  • Asset chain of custody tracking
  • Workflows for business process automation
  • Centralized asset database
  • Maps & floor plans
  • Customizable asset fields
  • ERP integration
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Multiple inventory auditing methods are supported, including random sampling, statistical sampling, inventory by exception, and wall to wall audits.

eQuip! can be integrated with other software, including ERP systems, using its web APIs.

Native applications for iOS and Android can be used to scan barcodes and read low-energy Bluetooth tags, and eQuip! can also be integrated with mobile or fixed RFID readers, meters, sensors, and other devices.

IT asset lifecycles can be managed, from purchase to retirement, with users able to track the ‘what’, ‘where’ and ‘who’ check-in and check-out information, linked assets, monthly depreciation, and more.

Emergency management agencies can use eQuip! to track equipment purchased using FEMA grants, account for equipment use, and prepare for Homeland Security audits.