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Asset Panda

Configurable Fixed Asset Tracking Software & Apps

4.65/5 (635 reviews)

Asset Panda overview

Asset Panda allows users to customize their workflow to include: Work Order Management, Purchase Order Management, Compliance Management, Check In and Check Out, Depreciation, Service Management, Enterprise Service Desk Solutions, Fixed Asset Location Assignment, Fixed Asset Disposal, Fixed Asset Maintenance, Tool Tracking, and Reservation Management.

System features include mobile app barcode scanning, capturing GPS coordinates upon scans, parent/child relationships and data grouping, a calendar/gantt feature, change history reporting, hosting of asset's documents, photos, videos and voice notes, multiple field types to choose from when creating custom fields, and role based user configuration to name a few.

Asset Panda's mobile app allows users to perform audits by way of barcode scan and update/change asset records on the go. It is fully integrated with the web app and allows users to work with real time data. The app is integrated with Red Laser barcode scanning technology and eliminates the need for purchasing additional costly hardware.


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Asset Panda reviews

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James George

Asset Panda solved the impossible.

Used daily for 1-2 years
Reviewed 2018-09-17
Review Source: Capterra

We had an incredibly diverse inventory. Fields for one asset didn't necessary make sense for many other assets, which just about every inventory solution we slogged through demos trying out couldn't handle. At first I found their 10 table (group) limit rather restrictive, but once I figured out how I could leverage their system into a functional schema, it was as incredibly robust as if I'd built the database myself - and fast for a cloud solution. Now I don't need to spend unthinkable amounts of time building a LAMP solution from the ground up, or paying someone to do it for us, and all without hardware to worry about either. It's an expensive solution, but it will guarantee a worthwhile ROI when you do the math and realize the costs of creating a solution as powerful as they have yourself. And you get the Apps too!We had control over our basic database schema from the beginning. Asset Panda looks and feels like a turn-key inventory solution to our users, but we designed and built how it works for our own custom and niche needs, without a developer and without expensive licensing and hardware. If you factor in those costs to achieve the same control and quality that Asset Panda achieved out of the box, it easily pays for itself.

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Lee Seidman

Product does what it is supposed to -- and we especially make use of the mobile application (scan)

Used daily for 1-2 years
Reviewed 2017-11-28
Review Source: Capterra

1) Gone are Move-Add-Change (MAC) forms that technicians would lackadaisically fill out (and if they did the penmanship turned the whole process into guesswork any way) 2) Asset repository can be updated instantaneously with a few taps on the SmartPhone 3) A decent attempt to impose some standardization 4) Reporting is only limited based on the type of data enter 5) Saves timeDefinitely barcode scanning with the mobile application; the software could not be easier to learn and use. Audit feature is really nice so the history of seeing how people screwed up what they did with an asset is right there. Nice repository for contract and warranty information.

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Adam Wright

So many uses!

Used daily for 1-2 years
Reviewed 2018-09-13
Review Source: Capterra

GDPR compliance has been made easier with the system being rolled out to everyone we can use it as an image store with added contracts that people sign to allow us to use those images. its great. The overall experience is a good one, its helped me further my career in the field and has got my name on the map and thats partly down to this system and its capibilityOnce you learn the configuration of the system you can use it for so many things. It can replace electronic signing for assets or compliance... if there is a change in your asset management process its very easy to map in your mind what you would need to change on the system and what links will be affected. I cant say in my years of dealing with asset management that I have seenanything better or easier to use. The Mobile App is an absolute life saver. If your resource is stretched like mine, with the right processes in place you can mould the system to allow employee's to manage their own assets and take responsibility themselves which is a powerful thing.

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Patrick Cirelli

Asset Panda is an exceptional tool for our company!

Used weekly for 6-12 months
Reviewed 2018-06-20
Review Source: Capterra

Asset management that keeps our operations streamlined and saves us money.Excellent design, capability, and flexibility! After vetting many other vendors, Asset Panda far surpasses its competition. Its configuration flexibility, included features, and user interface are unmatched by all. Asset Panda makes it easy to configure a setup that aligns with your company's workflow and processes allowing you to create a powerful configurations that go beyond basic asset tracking giving you the tools you need to succeed. It includes many valuable features at no additional cost where competitors want to charge significant amounts for over their base product. Want to scan assets in and out with your smartphone? Asset Panda has you covered. Their competitors want to know how many users will you have, how many devices do you need, etc, all to charge you just to have the functionality whether you use it or not. Lastly, the user interface is excellent and highly configurable so that you can configure your setup to best meet your needs and the needs of end users not be stuck paying for a system that you need to adapt your business to to make it work.

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Brittney Touchin

Tailored to my company

Used daily for less than 6 months
Reviewed 2017-01-11
Review Source: Capterra

We were looking for a photo catalog of all the items we had in stock. We do weekly events in multiple locations and we were looking for a way to keep track of what was being sent out to the events and track what was returned. Considering that we were going to hand out little giveaway items we would send out 100 items but we might not give away all of it. Some of it would be returned and have to be added back into inventory. That simple task was just not possible with other inventory systems we tried. We also were looking for something that included a photo. Our promotional inventory has multiple items that can be labeled the same but are different. ie, Pens vs Stylus pens or Plastic cups vs tumbler cups. It was very nice to be able to see a photo of what the item was. Again, this was a feature that other inventory systems were not capable of doing. I love that once the initial set up is in place that we are trained how to alter any aspect of the way our program is displayed and operates. We decide how our program functions. It is completely customizable. I am super impressed how much freedom this program gives us and is well worth the money to invest in. I was able to take care of 6 different monthly or weekly tasks with this 1 program. Now what use to take me nearly a week to complete I can complete in a day. This program is incredible! My only hang up is that it does take some poking around and a lot of trials and error to get the hang of. If you are not computer literate it may take you quite a while to understand how this works. It's very technical on the back end although when the back end is set up it is very user friendly. Completely customizable pulls customized reports has the option of a photo displayed The calendar feature is extremely helpful

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Asset Panda pricing

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Asset Panda is a yearly subscription based system priced on the number of assets that will be tracked and managed. Each account includes free unlimited users, unlimited mobile app downloads, and unlimited locations.

Asset Panda features

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Audit Trail (168 other apps)
Document Storage (180 other apps)
Inventory Management (193 other apps)
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Additional information for Asset Panda

Key features of Asset Panda

  • Complete fixed asset management solution
  • On demand reporting for all types of assets
  • Full auditing mode
  • Supported on most mobile devices with cameras
  • Track employee compliance
  • GPS coordinates attached to assets when scanning
  • IT asset tracking with barcodes or software
  • Access based on roles for users and groups
  • Fully customizable fields
  • Customizable reporting available
  • Depreciation tracking functions
  • Full maintenance logging and tracking
  • Complete physical asset tracking solution
  • Store documents as assets or attach to assets
  • Asset photo management
  • Asset video management
  • Asset voice notes management
  • Tracking by person
  • Purchase/lease information
  • Service contract information
  • Pick lists
  • Grouping management
  • Automated change history per asset
  • Asset tagging
  • Bulk reallocation of assets
  • Assign contacts by location
  • Insurance policy information tracking
  • Look up asset details from Amazon & eBay
  • Product UPC
  • Repair tracking functionality
  • Depreciation
  • Replication configuration
  • Multi-user
  • Configurable notifications
  • Customizable email notifications for users and admins
  • Full import and export ability
  • Automated email reporting options
  • 'Check Out' forms
  • Mobile security
  • User configurable views
  • Searchable cloud based database
  • Barcode generator
  • Custom dashboard
  • Full cost tracking
  • Complete management for requisitions
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Asset Panda is customizable, allowing for more powerful asset tracking and managing to fit each customer's unique business needs.
Streamlines everything from auditing to facilities management, equipment support ticketing, compliance, and purchase order management.
Gives users quick and central access to asset photos, documents, videos, and voice notes.
iOS and Android mobile apps give users the flexibility to track and manage assets on the go.
Drag and drop reporting allows users to generate the data they need quickly and easily.