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Facility Planning Tool

Facility management solution

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Facility Planning Tool overview

Facility Planning Tool is a facility management platform designed to help corporate real estate, architects, engineers, and facility planning and management groups maintain their corporate real estate portfolio and streamline document planning with a facility benchmarking tool and strategic facility planning and room data sheet smart tools. With Facility Planning Tool, users can scope a complex building in under 2 hours, as well as normalize processes, institutionalize knowledge, and encourage collaboration using functionality such as integrated database technology, documented decisions and project change tracking.

Facility Planning Tool guides project teams and ensures all designs are in alignment with the company’s facility strategy and business requirements. Users can maintain a single repository of facility planning data and share information and documents easily, plus communicate with senior management, reduce construction timelines and track decisions all from the same platform. The facility benchmarking tool helps optimize the facility planning process, allowing users to determine preferred building qualities in alignment with their business requirements, such as cost, schedule, risk, reliability, and safety priorities.

Database technology allows users to store important information and generate on demand reports, including project reports, project change summaries, and building capability reports. The strategic facility planning smart tool helps users forecast and manage space demand, ensuring they have the right space for the type of space their business requires, taking factors such as people, time, equipment, operations and utilization into consideration. Users can create and retrieve room data sheets using the room data sheet smart tool. Individual room sheets can be included in reports to streamline communication with project teams.


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Facility Planning Tool screenshot: Sample Project Report showing selection level and rationale with cost, schedule and sustainability impacts of the facility decision illustratedFPA Facility Benchmarking Tool DemoFacility Planning Tool screenshot: The intranet web interface is used to search the database for facility guidelines, current and historical project decisions and metadata relationshipsFacility Planning Tool screenshot: The Building Capability Report details the key facility qualities of a particular project Facility Planning Tool screenshot: Sample template illustrating how information is organized in the Facility Planning Tool, with over 90 templates included in the program

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Facility Planning Tool features

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Additional information for Facility Planning Tool

Key features of Facility Planning Tool

  • Abbreviations
  • Application portfolio management
  • Budget management
  • Business process consulting services
  • Capability mapping
  • Customizable metadata keywords
  • Data import
  • Data repository
  • Database planning tools
  • Documented decisions
  • Early stage design services
  • FBT scoring methodology
  • Facility management
  • Facility planning
  • Historical database
  • Knowledge institutionalization
  • Metadata searches
  • Modeling & simulation
  • On demand reports (project, project change, etc.)
  • Past project search
  • Pre-vetted selection options (building quality etc.)
  • Project change tracking
  • Project lifecycle management
  • Reporting/analytics
  • Response history
  • Room data sheets
  • Score/cost comparison report
  • Space forecasting
  • Space planning
  • Thumbnail size drawings or graphics
  • Transformation roadmapping
  • What-if analysis
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• Access and maintain a single and central repository for all facility planning data.

• Use the facility benchmarking tool to scope a complex project or building in under 2 hours.

• Develop comprehensive space demand/gap analyses with the strategic facility planning smart tool.

• Facility Planning Tool allows users to institutionalize knowledge, track decisions and benchmark quality/cost relationships all from the same platform.

• Supports facility planning and consulting services for business process design, strategic facility planning and planning and early stage design, helping users expertly plan and design their next facility.