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River Logic

Supply chain network optimization planner

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River Logic overview

What is River Logic?

River Logic’s solution empowers supply chain personnel to optimize their networks by fully integrating financials with an accurate representation of the network. In addition to advanced analytics and what-if scenarios, NDO Planner™ provides optimization that considers financials as objective functions and as constraints. In doing so, decision-making can be optimized from multiple perspectives including:
• Long-term Capacity Planning
• Network Configuration
• Capital Expense Allocation
• M&A Evaluation
• Long-term Cash Flow Forecasting
Integrated Planning and Optimization for Consumer Goods Companies
River Logic’s suite of solutions enables Consumer Goods companies to improve performance by integrating and optimizing planning and decision-making across the value chain in order to:
• Reduce cost
• Grow revenue
• Improve ROIC
Network Design & Optimization Planner™ Supports long-term strategic planning


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River Logic features

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Key features of River Logic

  • Long-Term Forecast Using the Microsoft® Platform
  • Network & Financial Planning
  • What-If Analyses
  • Strategic Network Plan
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- Reduce COGS by 1-3%
- Improve Working Capital by as much as 40%
- Improve NPV of Capital Expense by 25-50%