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Pervidi Inspection

Mobile safety inspections & compliance (EHS)

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Pervidi Inspection overview

What is Pervidi Inspection?

Pervidi is a mobile safety inspection and compliance management solution which enables organizations to manage and automate all safety tasks and activities in a single tool. Inspectors can use their mobile phones to record results electronically while performing safety audits, managing and inspecting personal protective equipment (PPE), tracking worker compliance and training, or complying with custom checklists.

Pervidi is a flexible solution that is scalable for organizations of all sizes, and offers both in-house (installed) and SaaS (hosted) implementations. By combining software, handheld devices, and web portals, Pervidi helps inspectors to perform their tasks more efficiently, as well as accurately. The platform can be applied as a point-solution (to automate a specific requirement, such as an asset inspection), or to track several different competencies or areas.

Pervidi provides built-in safety checklists and recommendations for various types of inspections and audits, which can be tailored by the user to address specific safety and regulatory needs. Users are able to track a range of asset types, for example safety stations, cranes, or devices, and include electronic signatures and timestamps, as well as optional barcoding / RFID. Pervidi also enables users to integrate pictures using their mobile device, and doodle over or mark the images for further clarification.

Pervidi can be set up to automatically generate corrective actions based on the deficiencies recorded by inspectors, which can be automatically emailed to the relevant user, including all crucial information required to rectify the deficiency. Pervidi’s trigger and notification engine sends out automated email alerts, notifications and reports based on dynamic criteria defined by the organization.


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Pervidi Inspection screenshot: View priority on all inspections and their scheduled datePervidi Paperless Inspection AppPervidi Inspection screenshot: Create checklists for a variety of safety inspections and audits to address specific safety and regulatory needsPervidi Inspection screenshot: Include a description or questions for each asset that needs inspection, and record resultsPervidi Inspection screenshot: View detailed inspection schedules while on the goPervidi Inspection screenshot: Record results electronically via mobile devicePervidi Inspection screenshot: Track any type of asset via mobile phone with integrated barcodesPervidi Inspection screenshot: Access Pervidi while on the go using the native mobile apps for Android and iOS

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George W.

Go paperless

Reviewed 2013-08-30
Review Source: Capterra

After reviewing the Pervidi system, I've recommended it to one of my clients in the FM field. Three month later, they could not be happier, the customization and ease of integration into their business, was the key.

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Pervidi Inspection pricing

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Hosted/Cloud (SaaS): starting from $99 per month, billed annually

Desktop (In-house, Stand Alone): starting from $2,995
One-time fee + annual maintenance & support (first year mandatory)

Network (In-house): starting from $9,995
One-time fee + annual maintenance & support (first year mandatory)

Pervidi Inspection features

Audit Management
Inventory Management
Mobile Access
Work Order Management

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Key features of Pervidi Inspection

  • Location service history
  • Industry specific configuration
  • Multi-site support
  • Warranty tracking
  • Safety risk assessment
  • Corrective / preventive actions
  • Audit management
  • OSHA recordkeeping
  • Equipment replacement
  • Waste management
  • Environmental risk assessment
  • Environmental management
  • Occupational health management
  • Industrial safety management
  • Work orders
  • Web portal
  • Activity monitoring
  • Built-in safety checklist
  • Automatic corrective actions
  • Triggers and notifications
  • Deficiency life cycle
  • Mobility and data collection
  • Integrated pictures/images
  • Doodling/marking over images
  • Integrated barcodes (optional)
  • Electronic signatures and timestamps
  • Template creation tool
  • Reminders, alerts and escalation
  • Custom forms
  • Offline mode
  • Client and partner portals
  • Asset tracking
  • Inspection management
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Pervidi enables users to automate the entire inspection process, including built-in corrective actions, and reminders, as well as alerts and escalation procedures.

Built-in safety checklists can be tailored by organizations to address specific safety and regulatory needs for all types of inspections or audits.

Pervidi combines handheld devices, software, and web portals to help inspectors perform their tasks more efficiently, and eliminate paper.

Area supervisors can be sent a weekly email with a list of all overdue activities within their areas to improve productivity.

Pervidi is scalable and can accommodate a single user, or expand to 10,000 users.