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QR Mobile Data

Automate Business Workflow With Mobile Data Collection

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QR Mobile Data overview

QR Mobile Data is targeted towards a business work flow where you need to monitor and keep records of the processes and procedures performed on the object, report object conditions,
track product batches or monitor project's progress. Business objects can include equipment, buildings, infrastructure, agricultural fields, or multi-step projects - anything that you need to keep track of and collect data on in your business

Use regular smartphone, mobile forms and QR code / barcode scanning to access and collect information in the field. Your smartphone will serve as a barcode scanner, a tool for data collection and access,
camera for taking photos and GPS tracking device - and you won't need to spend money on purchasing dedicated hardware.

Scan QR code or barcode to uniquely identify an object, avoid errors associated with the manual entry. Access all required information on the object (specifications, image(s), drawings, usage instructions, etc.), as well as all records that were recently completed.
Get list of forms relevant to the scanned object to fill out if you need to record what was done, report conditions or damages, record maintenance or routine inspection. Clarifying text and images make it clear what and how to fill out.
Take photos using your smartphone and attach to the completed form for visual documentation.

All collected information is saved on your smartphone, so you can stop and start at any time. Collect data with or without data connection, and submit to the cloud when connection is available.

Access collected information in real time from anywhere, filter by multiple parameters to receive exact information you need. Never lose collected data, find information that you need fast from anywhere.

More information and test drive are available at www.ahg.com/qr-mobile-data


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QR Mobile Data features

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Additional information for QR Mobile Data

Key features of QR Mobile Data

  • Custom mobile forms linked to business objects or processes
  • QR code / barcode scanning
  • Mobile data collection in the field
  • Mobile data access
  • Use smartphones for QR code scanning, data entry and look up
  • Centralized cloud storage
  • Real time access to collected information
  • GPS location, images and signature capture
  • Custom fields to hold all required information
  • Customizable Reports
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1. Use mobile forms to conduct inspections, maintenance or record repairs and service. Go paperless and never loose collected information.

2. Adjust to your business - create custom forms via the web interface

3. QR code / barcode scanning - identify asset by scanning qr code or barcode with a smartphone for error free records.

4. Customize to your business - create custom fields, custom transaction types and properties. Define what you want to be accessed, tracked, recorded and reported via the web interface.

5. Custom reminders on preventive maintenance or other events - keep your equipment in a good shape, save money on equipment turnover.

6. Cloud storage - records are stored in a secure cloud, can be found fast and are accessible from any authorized device.

7. Use smartphones as scannes / mobile computers to conduct inspections / maintenance, review asset information or record asset transaction. Save money on purchasing expensive hardware.