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Silvertrac Software

Real-time security incident reporting and guard management.

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Silvertrac Software overview

Silvertrac is a real-time guard management and security incident reporting solution that helps security organizations to efficiently monitor and respond to issues, tasks and events. The solution was built for security companies and in-house operations of all sizes that are looking to streamline internal operations, and ensure immediate, on-site accountability.

Silvertrac enables guards and security officers in the field to report incidents, receive tasks and alerts, and scan checkpoints via mobile phone. Dispatchers, supervisors, and administrators can view reports in real-time with Silvertrac’s issue monitor in order to proactively resolve issues as they happen. The solution’s native app for mobile devices enhances the platform’s features by enabling officers to gather supporting text, audio and photos directly from the field.

Silvertrac provides tools for guard and parking management that let users register vehicles, sell parking permits, charge for parking violations, and more. Silvertrac is integrated with a banking system for credit card payment processing. The live Parking Book displays virtual permits and owner’s contact info for each parking space, including guests and visitors. The solution also integrates maintenance and tow services within the platform.

Silvertrac provide users with a streamlined inspection process that simplifies report completion, and includes a searchable database. Types of inspections include vehicle inspections, fire extinguisher inspections, flow of traffic, pool & spa, signage, safety, and home inspections. The platform also includes features for dispatch center monitoring, facility maintenance tracking, and risk management assessment.


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Silvertrac Software screenshot: Cloud-based security reporting & guard management tool for full transparency of your operation.Silvertrac Software screenshot: Capture incident reports in the field and send them to your issue monitor for automated daily reporting.Silvertrac Software screenshot:  iOS & Android friendly guard tour app with easy to use interface.Silvertrac Software screenshot: Customizable guard tours with checkpoint scanning.Silvertrac Software screenshot: Dispatch guards to customizable property locations.Silvertrac Software screenshot: Report security incidents via text, audio, or images in real-time with gps & time stamping for full accountability.

Silvertrac Software reviews

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Ruthie Ramos

Comprehensive Reporting At It's Best!!

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2019-01-18
Review Source: Capterra

Since including the Silvertrac in our bids, I find that a level of energy rises. Explaining that not only can they keep a historical account of security items, but also utilize the Maintenance Module as a Risk Mitigation Tool and possible save money to our clients. We have found more success in our presentations. Most of our sites have only one or two officers during sporadic times and therefore not feasible to keep a supervisor on site. This system has helped us to manage our employees without having supervisors on site. Our reporting has been so comprehensive that has been frequently used in court hearings. When presenting a bid for services, it is a great pleasure to show our Silvertrac Reporting system because it's an easy sell as so much bang for your buck! My enthusiasm becomes infectious as I describe all three modules encompassed, Security, Parking and Maintenance. My more detail oriented property managers get super excited to know that they can sign in and view real time reporting. I love that we can incorporate pictures and audio. If a specific issue catches your attention, the issue numbers are quick links to view, print and even email the a full report of the issue. The system is so user friendly. However, for those who may be less tech savvy, the customer service is excellent! Not only do they make it easy to ask them questions or report concerns, but there are quick links on each page that take you directly to a support website for that given page and topic. The website details how to do something and even provides video for visual learners. Additionally , should you need to talk to a live person to guide you through, a Customer Care Manager is at your disposal. With these resources at your fingertips anyone can become and expert and optimize usage in no time! As much as I enjoy using this system, I am even more excited to see there are some big changes coming in the very near future that will make the system even better. I sincerely encourage anyone looking for this type of software to consider Silvertrac. It is, in my opinion, truly the best!

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Roger Lange

Improving my business with Silvertrac Software

Used daily for less than 6 months
Reviewed 2016-08-12
Review Source: Capterra

I've identified weaknesses that I didn't know were there with my guards. Silvertrac has exposed those guards that were trying to get away with putting forth the minimum effort. My clients are impressed with the information they are now receiving. One client had in the past complained that the guards were not making rounds, I've went live with this software 3 weeks ago and since then the client has not had one complaint.I can see when my guards are doing what they are supposed to be doing and when they are slacking. I had some employees that have become disgruntled because they are now being accountable for what they are doing. These employees are of course ones that I'm now working on eliminating from the ranks. The guards now spend more visible time in the field since they do not have to go in to the guard booth to type reports and dailies, everything is completed as they perform their duties during their shift. The majority of my guards say that they like this software because they are able to end their shift on time and not be tied down to completing reports and dailies. Silvertrac has allowed me to identify those employees who is late to work, these are the employees that don't like the program. The clients like the information they are receiving on a daily basis and the reports and dailies are waiting for them when they arrive in the office first thing in the morning. Whenever I have an issue with something in Silvertrac I send a message and within a very short time period I'm contacted and the issues are worked out, most time they are simple fixes that I had missed. Silvertrac has been very patient with me in resolving my issues while taking whatever time is needed to make sure I understand how to work around in the software. My wife had asked me why I hadn't been using this software earlier and I could only say I didn't know of it earlier. I guess you can say better late than never.

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Anastasia (Dee Dee) La Rue

Comstock Protective Services

Used daily for less than 6 months
Reviewed 2016-10-05
Review Source: Capterra

As a retired Public Safety Dispatch Supervisor and IT Project Manager, I was hired to facilitate the implementation of a Communications Center for a private security company looking to expand their patrol operations. My first job was to review their existing Guard Management Software, since there were lots of complaints with the Destiny Software System they were using, and to determine if it wasn't being utilized properly or simply wasn't designed to meet the company's needs. Destiny simply couldn't meet their needs. I compared several other programs and Silvertrac was in the top for consideration. Based on our needs, the Silvertrac functionality and their proposed price, it was an easy decision. Johnny Page worked with us and patiently and extensively answered all our questions and made several on-line workshops available to show us how the system worked. Considering the monthly price, which included 90 days of 1/2 off and a 90 day 100% money back guarantee, we couldn't NOT pick Silvertrac. Their written instructions, on-line video training material and webinars made the implementation of the new system very easy. I was even able to take their Mobile App user manual, insert our company's policies and personalized Issue Types, and create a .pdf that is issued to each officer who downloads the system. Their support team is outstanding. They answer quickly and never make me feel bad even when the problem or question is based on an error I made when setting or using a module. There are blogs and webinars that I constantly refer to other managers in our office. Their company is not just a software company that decided to write a program for the security industry. It is a Security oriented company that enjoys helping other Security companies with their product and lots of diversified support. I especially appreciate the efforts they put in to always trying to make the software better meet the needs of their customers. Our company now inserts several pages of Silvertrac's sales and demo screenshots into our business proposals when presenting a proposal to new clients. I highly recommend any security company look closely at Silvertrac. It just might help you become even more successful!! The ease of implementation and the ease of use for Communications and field units. The functionality of the software.

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Arthur Williams

Nothing else like it!

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2018-08-10
Review Source: Capterra

Silvertrac is night and day compared to the traditional pen and paper reporting system, which does not allow for such critical documentation components as time and date stamped photos and checkpoint scan times, location, date, etc... The biggest benefit of Silvertrac is being notified of security, maintenance, and parking issues in real-time. This allows for our client's to respond in a timely fashion to any urgent issues. Silvertrac has dramatically changed the way we operate as a security company. Silvertrac allows us to have a direct insight into all of our guard's activity and ensure our quality of service is being executed each and every day. Since partnering with Silvertrac our business has expanded year after year. This is due to our client's being impressed by the sophistication and documentation capabilities of Silvertrac's reporting software. Further, the ability for our guard's to scan checkpoints ensures all 'hotspots' of the property are being thoroughly patrolled and secured. The notes section for each property has also cut down on training time, as all important notices, areas of interest, policies, rules, procedures, etc... are readily​ available to all new team members.

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Jason Hamiton, CPP

ALERT Protective Services review of Silvertrac

Used daily for less than 6 months
Reviewed 2016-06-21
Review Source: Capterra

Proposal was excellent, as was explanation of how the software worked. After evaluation, we quickly decided this would be a good fit for ALERT, even though our use of the software is a little different from a typical Silvertrac client. ALERT uses the software 85% of the time from a fixed location as a "dispatcher profile" - officers at a fixed post using a Windows PC, and accessing and creating an issue report via web browser interface. It works well this way for 90% of reports. The other 15% of use is the typical smartphone or tablet interface, via the Silvertrac App. The App itself works VERY well and we've gotten good feedback from clients.Ease of use by officer personnel. Ease in reading reports as they are disseminated by email. Ease in seeing information at a glance via Issue Monitor and basic trend reports. DAR recap is also very good, providing clients with at a glance information. Of advanced functionality, the AUTO REPORTS function (auto DAR in particular) feature is GREAT and must have.

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Silvertrac’s real-time reporting software is available at three different pricing levels: Basic, Pro and Enterprise.

The pricing structures of each plan are based on the number of reporting devices being utilized by a company, not per user.

For more detailed information, please contact Silvertrac.

Silvertrac Software features

Activity Tracking

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Additional information for Silvertrac Software

Key features of Silvertrac Software

  • Trend / problem indicators
  • Sales Reports
  • Scheduled / automated reports
  • Contact management
  • Group management
  • Scheduling & events
  • Data management
  • Reporting & statistics
  • Menu generator
  • Customer management
  • Event management
  • Checkpoint tracking
  • Investigation management
  • Ad hoc reports
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Technician management
  • Asset tracking
  • Service history tracking
  • Key & lock management
  • Collaboration
  • Data source connectors
  • Financial reports
  • Permit management
  • Violation tracking
  • Citation tracking
  • Ticketing
  • Damage tracking
  • Appeals management
  • Tow management
  • Payment processing
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SilverTrac software ties all security, maintenance, and parking issues together into a single dashboard for quick access.

Users can view detailed reports including daily activity reports, summary reports, and incident reports along with trending information.

Silvertrac provides guard performance metrics so users can discover any underperforming officers, as well as prove their value to clients.

Silvertrac helps improve accuracy by allowing officers to report using notes, talk-to-text, photos, and audio files.

The solution helps simplify guard training by sending site-specific instructions to guards’ smart phones and auto-prompting tasks at every checkpoint.