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SynerTrade Accelerate

Flexible procurement management software

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SynerTrade Accelerate overview

Synertrade Accelerate is a digital procurement management solution that helps users manage the entire procurement process with a full set of flexible and scalable applications. Organizations can manage sourcing, contract lifecycle management, catalog management, invoice monitoring, supplier onboarding, collaboration, data management, and more. The solution also provides users with spend and purchasing intelligence, helping to optimize purchasing and finance processes.

Synertrade Accelerate is designed to help streamline the procurement process while maximizing savings and compliance, from initial phases such as strategic sourcing, to contract and vendor lifecycle management. Users are able to create tenders based on templates to collect bids from vendors around the world, analyze responses using advanced scenarios, and drive negotiations with vendors using Synertrade’s online auction feature.

Tools for procure to pay allow users to create and manage their product and services catalog, monitor invoices, and keep spend under control. Users can collect, process and approve purchase requisitions, create and track purchase orders, manage goods delivery, and proceed with payment. The catalog system includes a free form for purchase requests, as well as collaboration between suppliers and clients.

Supplier management features allow users to manage potential and strategic suppliers with a customizable supplier database, automated questionnaires and workflows for onboarding and qualifying new suppliers, performance evaluations, improvements plans, and more. Synertrade Accelerate enables users to collaborate with suppliers in any phase during the procurement process, and allows users to share supplier assessments and knowledge with the procurement community.

Purchasing intelligence helps organizations with data and spend management through to decision making via custom or pre-configured business reports which provide a unified vision on procurement performance. Accelerate also helps turn ideas into products with advanced project management and planning tools such as questionnaires, collaborative modifications, online document exchange, and more.


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SynerTrade Accelerate screenshot: Advanced bid analysis and awarding capabilitiesSynerTrade's corporate presentationSynerTrade Accelerate screenshot: 9 different auction types for successful online negotiationsSynerTrade Accelerate screenshot: A questionnaire editor to capture innovationSynerTrade Accelerate screenshot: Advanced project management features to facilitate collaborationSynerTrade Accelerate screenshot: An Amazon like webshop to ensure user adoptionSynerTrade Accelerate screenshot: A complete database to manage the lifecycle of productsSynerTrade Accelerate screenshot: Authoring and monitoring capabilities for contractsSynerTrade Accelerate screenshot: Advanced invoice tracking and monitoring capabilitiesSynerTrade Accelerate screenshot: A customizable supplier databaseSynerTrade Accelerate screenshot: Project management tools to drive continuous improvementSynerTrade Accelerate screenshot: Advanced reporting capabilities to analyze supplier performanceSynerTrade Accelerate screenshot: Multiple pre-configured business reports availableSynerTrade Accelerate screenshot: An advanced editor to create custom reports online

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SynerTrade Accelerate features

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Additional information for SynerTrade Accelerate

Key features of SynerTrade Accelerate

  • Requisitions & approvals
  • Catalog management
  • Supplier management (SRM)
  • Sourcing management
  • Spend management
  • Budget management
  • Strategic sourcing
  • Contract lifecycle management
  • Supplier onboarding
  • Spend & purchasing intelligence
  • Data management
  • Compliance and transparency
  • Financial risks management
  • Source to contract
  • Build online RFIs, RFPs, RFQs
  • Contract authoring and monitoring
  • Advanced bid analysis and awarding capabilities
  • Multiple auction types for online negotiations
  • Catalog & webshop
  • Purchase request forms
  • Invoice tracking and monitoring
  • Workflow engine
  • Collaboration capabilities
  • Internal rules and workflows
  • Delivery management
  • Payments
  • Contract compliance
  • Monitor budget consumption
  • Monitor global spending
  • Payments analysis
  • Advanced BI reports
  • Automated flexible questionnaires
  • Performance evaluation
  • Share supplier knowledge and assessments
  • Customizable supplier database
  • Project management
  • Certificate management
  • Supplier self-registration & qualification
  • Custom & built-in reports
  • Mobile-responsive design
  • Share dynamic presentations
  • Supplier scorecard
  • Brand management
  • Artwork & packaging
  • Chemical risk management
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Synertrade Accelerate provides a complete application suite with all the necessary features for source to contract, procure to pay, supplier management, purchasing intelligence, and idea to product.

Improve spend management strategies using Accelerate's purchasing intelligence apps by following the company's global performance through a unified vision on procurement and its true impact on results.

Through Accelerate's supplier database, vendors and buyers can collaborate at each step of the procurement process and share information such as assessments and knowledge within the community.

Find and access all kinds of purchasing-related data via SynerSpace, the online workspace which allows users to organize their activity dashboard and follow all activities on purchasing.

The SyMo S2C app for Android and iOS provides users with mobile access to all activity within the Accelerate procurement management system while on the go, via mobile device.