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Tecsys Distribution Management

Distribution management for supply chains and markets

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Tecsys Distribution Management overview

What is Tecsys Distribution Management?

Itopia Distribution Management is a web-based software designed for complex distribution operations. The solution provides enterprise supply chains and high-volume distribution markets with real visibility and control over their inventory. Itopia Disitrbution Management operates in various industries such as healthcare, service parts, heavy equipment, industrial goods, giftware, and third-party logistics.

The Tecsys solution helps organizations track the status of their customers’ orders, service levels, product satisfaction, and profit margins. Modern mobile technology is used together with the software for optimizing warehouse management operations with real-time visual content and information.

The key capabilities include demand planning and forecasting, procurement, procure-to-pay, order-to-cash, inventory management, and financial and performance tracking. Users can capture real-time historical demand and automate generation requisitions based on preconfigured supply source. Organizations can also track vendor performance and manage promotions.

With Itopia Distribution Management, users are able to automate suggested replenishment orders and create purchase and transfer orders, as well as vendor invoices. Inventory management features include product portfolios, mobile asset tracking, warranty and damaged inventory tracking, warehouse transfers, and more.


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Tecsys Distribution Management screenshot: Handheld mobile technology adapts most features for users on-the-goTECSYS Software: Powering Today's Healthcare and Complex DistributionTecsys Distribution Management screenshot: Visual content on mobile devices for optimizing warehouse management operationsTecsys Distribution Management screenshot: View the order list using the outbound order planning featureTecsys Distribution Management screenshot: View detailed order information such as carrier, ship-to name, ship-to city, and moreTecsys Distribution Management screenshot: Search items using the WMS system administration featureTecsys Distribution Management screenshot: Pinpoint addresses using Google Maps
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Tecsys Distribution Management user reviews

Very good


Value for money
Ease of use
Customer support
Paul C.

This is a functional system, and tecsys can be customized to suite the needs of your business

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2017-08-11
Review Source: Capterra

Good support and a decent WMS, DMS environment that is fairly customizable to suit business needs.

Can be customized to suit your business's specific needs. The support they offer (while at a significant cost) is quick to solve any issues that may occur even beyond standard production times.

While stable for the most part, there are issues that arise due to the fact that we have heavily customized Tecsys to suit our business needs which can cause issues with the system failing and losing production time. This doesnt happen a ton, and Tecsys is usually quick to resolve the issue.

Rating breakdown

Value for money
Ease of use
Customer support

Likelihood to recommend: 7/10

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Wayne F.

Tecsys - Regulatory Affairs Perspective

Used daily for less than 6 months
Reviewed 2016-10-13
Review Source: Software Advice

I have worked with Tecsys for several years and found that it is able to perform almost all of the functions that you could ask for and is very customizable for the advanced user.

Customizable, easy to limit access where needed, able to handle complex systems and organizations.

Some of the functionality that surrounds inventory alerts could be improved. For example, If I knew that item 123, lot 456 is a recalled item and I want to avoid allowing it in my inventory in the future, it is not as easy it could be to set up alerts for that specific item. I am sure that there will be changes to improve this in the future.

Rating breakdown

Value for money
Ease of use
Customer support

Likelihood to recommend: 5/10

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Canadian based DMS system

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2018-10-30
Review Source: Capterra

The ease of moving thru the system. Lots of screens/options to personalize.

Can get pricy when upgrading. Support can be a little dicey at times.

Rating breakdown

Value for money
Ease of use
Customer support

Likelihood to recommend: 6/10

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Kevin J.

Strong Software but can be pricey.

Reviewed 2016-09-06
Review Source: Software Advice

Product location and identification help with accuracy of inventory. The use of handheld scanners in the WMS environment has made it easy for tech deficit individuals. The slotting of receipts and replenishment make for a smooth flow of product in and out.

Licensing and Maintenance Fees can add up quickly and can require a lot of daily upkeep and maintenance. The software does not seamlessly interact with our financial software makes it a tedious task for upkeep. End user portion of the software could be simplified.

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Value for money
Ease of use
Customer support

Likelihood to recommend: 5/10

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Tecsys Distribution Management pricing

Pricing options
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Tecsys Distribution Management features

Activity Dashboard
Inventory Management

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Additional information for Tecsys Distribution Management

Key features of Tecsys Distribution Management

  • Demand planning & forecasting
  • Real-time capture of historical demand
  • Advanced forecasting
  • Flexible replenishment methods
  • Automated generation of requisitions
  • Full visibility of inventory and statistics
  • Procurement
  • Advanced planning, forecasting and requisition
  • Purchasing processes
  • Vendor performance tracking
  • Multi-currency and unit-of-measure processing
  • Vendor promotions management
  • Procure-to-pay
  • Vendor management
  • Requisition management
  • Automated suggested replenishment orders
  • Purchase and transfer orders
  • Receiving
  • Vendor invoices
  • Order-to-cash
  • Customer management
  • Central access point for sales reps
  • Flexible forms
  • Unlimited, flexible order and/or shipment charges
  • Sales quotes management
  • Sales order management
  • Shipping
  • Flexible invoicing strategies
  • Inventory management
  • Product portfolios
  • Mobile physical asset tracking
  • Kits and bills of material
  • Serial and/or lot control
  • Warranty and damaged inventory tracking
  • Automated ABC classification
  • Physical/cycle counting
  • Warehouse transfers
  • Stock reservations and adjustments
  • Reverse logistics
  • Financial & performance tracking
  • General ledger with budget
  • Collection tools
  • Check reconciliation
  • Payables management
  • Financial and tax reporting
  • Performance reporting and dashboards
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Tecsys uses modern mobile technology with visual content information for optimizing warehouse management operations.

Itopia Distribution Management provides users with simple yet powerful demand planning and forecasting that can help reduce inventory costs.

Tecsys users can increase customer retention through order fulfillment features and value added services.

With enhanced visibility of inventory, organizations can improve their turn-and-earn ratio and track which products or customers are contributing to growth.

Tecsys enables real-time financial and tax reporting, check reconciliation and collection tools.