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Extensiv Order Manager logo

Extensiv Order Manager


Ecommerce Inventory, Orders, and Operations Management

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Fulfill any way, your way. Shipping Labels, Dropship, 3PL, MCF, FBA

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Candid logo



Order management platform for wholesale businesses

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The Candid platform allows brands to create clear and concise terms to support business requirements while creating clarity and ease for buyers. It includes a virtual showroom, a branded wholesale catalog, and various third-party integrations.

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NetSuite logo



The World’s Leading, Most Deployed Cloud ERP Solution

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NetSuite order management automates the management of orders, returns and exchanges, providing a flawless, flexible fulfillment strategy.

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ShipMonk logo



Stress less and grow more with ShipMonk 3PL solutions.

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ShipMonk helps ecommerce brands scale through technology-driven fulfillment solutions that enable entrepreneurs to stress less and grow more. We’re America’s lead third-party logistics provider with 2,000+ team members across 12 state-of-the-art 3PL facilities in the US, Canada, Mexico, and Europe.

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Salesforce Commerce Cloud logo

Salesforce Commerce Cloud


eCommerce sites and marketing campaigns management software

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Salesforce B2C Commerce helps businesses design, launch and manage eCommerce websites to handle orders, pricing, product catalogs, account hierarchies, payments, and more. It allows service agents to access storefronts and order history in real-time to process over-the-phone orders and check-outs.

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CommerceJet logo



Elevate your e-commerce game with CommerceJet

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CommerceJet is a platform for complete e-commerce management that helps users procure, store, and sell goods online.

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GOIS Pro logo



Inventory & Order Management System w/QuickBooks Integration

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GOIS is a cloud-based inventory and order management system that runs on Web Browser, Android, and iPad/iPhone devices.

- Inventory Management by Locations
- Purchase, Sales, Transfer Orders
- LOT and Expiry Tracking
- Composite Products / Assembly
- QuickBooks Online & Desktop Integration

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ShipStation logo



The Shipping Software with the Most 5-Star Reviews

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Use ShipStation to import, manage & ship your orders from multiple selling channels using your chosen carrier. Access discounted rates & automate all processes.

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Brightpearl logo



The retail operations platform for brands and retailers

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For retailers trading over $1M, an advanced Retail Operating System designed to automate order processing and order fulfillment as well as handling inventory management, planning, reporting, warehouse management, accounting and shipping.

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Sana Commerce logo

Sana Commerce


Prioritize relationships, not just transactions.

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Sana Commerce Cloud streamlines order processes and manages order history through the power of integration.

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MPO logo



Transportation management tool to optimize order lifecycle

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The MPO TMS+ goes beyond transport, with real-time supply chain visibility and continuous optimization over order planning and execution in one single-view platform. Orchestrate and continuously optimize across all modes, regions, parties, and across the the full order lifecycle.

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Conexiom logo



AI-enhanced, commercial document process automation

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The Conexiom platform delivers industry-leading automation rates for processing Sales Orders, Invoices and Vendor Order Acknowledgments to minimize manual data entry and avoid the high cost of errors.

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inSitu Sales logo

inSitu Sales


Field sales, distribution and e-commerce management tool

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Whether it’s your truck inventory or multiple inventory sites, inSitu Sales provides real-time access to product availability. Sales reps can access specific inventory for specific customers, optimizing your field sales operation in real-time.

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Katana Cloud Manufacturing logo

Katana Cloud Manufacturing


Cloud manufacturing platform to make business easier.

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Katana is a cloud manufacturing platform to make daily life easier for your business. Bring everything you need into a single platform with sales, accounting, and shipping integrations. Get total visibility of everything you’re working on with data to help you make informed business decisions.

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Users also considered logo


Project Management Made Easy

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monday is a CRM software that will help you easily track all your orders, from initial acceptance to the shipment of the finished goods. With colorful views, you'll always know where all your orders stand and what needs to be done.

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Users also considered logo


From chaos to clarity, in order.

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Order simplifies buying for businesses. Eliminate manual purchasing & payment tasks to create one place to purchase, approve, and pay for the products your business needs.

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LABL logo



Streamline your shipping, save time and money with LABL

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This is a software solution for eCommerce businesses that simplifies the shipping process by automating and processing orders in batches.

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Kibo Order Management System logo

Kibo Order Management System


Kibo Order Management is built for scale and flexibility.

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Kibo Order Management is a flexible, cloud-based solution enabling retailers and branded manufacturers to quickly deploy and evolve dynamic fulfillment models. The single-admin, multi-site Commerce platform allows users to manage B2B and B2C functions from one console.

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Lucy logo



Automated, error-free PO to SO processing for emailed PDFs

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Lucy is a web-based order processing software designed to help businesses automatically handle orders in PDF format sent by customers via email. It lets wholesalers capture sales related data such as purchase formats and stock codes in the existing ERP systems.

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SKULabs logo



Cloud-based inventory management and order fulfillment

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SKULabs order management tools allow you to meet the needs of modern ecommerce buyers. Fulfill like the pros even without the experience to ensure seller performance. Route and assign orders to teams for multi-touch processing and ensure priority is followed without manual coordination.

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NorthStar WMS logo

NorthStar WMS


Cloud-based warehouse management software

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NorthStar WMS is a cloud-based platform that helps businesses streamline various warehouse management processes, including picking, pallet building, shipping, inventory management, and more. It comes with a graphical KPI dashboard and powerful auto allocation feature, helping users track shipping status on a centralized platform.

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DesktopShipper logo



Shipping and order management system

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DesktopShipper is a cloud-based shipping solution, which assists start-ups, enterprise businesses, and delivery companies with shipping management. Key features include order management, third-party integration, batch management, filtered views, and address validation.

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Retail Choreography Suite logo

Retail Choreography Suite


Award-winning Retail Choreography platform and CX tool.

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Qudini by Verint is the market-leading retail choreography platform helping international retailers and banks to enhance the customer experience, increase store team productivity and drive profitability.

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VeraCore logo



3PL warehouse management & order management for e-Commerce

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VeraCore offers Smart Warehouse and Order Management software for third-party fulfillment and eCommerce operations. This solution is designed to help businesses eliminate error-prone manual processes and streamline complex customer requests.

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Tecsys Omni OMS logo

Tecsys Omni OMS


Equipping Supply Chain Greatness

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Tecsys Omni OMS is a cloud-native SaaS OMS with advanced out-of-the-box integration capabilities and modern omnichannel features, including inventory management, advanced order routing, order consolidation, returns management, customer management, store fulfillment and more.

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Here's what we'll cover:

Buyers Guide

Order Management

Order management refers to the process of managing the different stages of customer order processing, which include the following:

  • Order confirmation: Check item availability and provide customers the expected delivery date and time.

  • Payment processing: Accept customer payments at the time of order or delivery.

  • Item tracking: Track the real-time location of an item.

  • Shipping management: Schedule self-owned or third-party transportation services for the dispatch and delivery of orders.

Managing these many tasks manually can be cumbersome, especially for a small business with limited employees. An order management system automates this process and lets you track orders more efficiently. This helps you respond instantly in case of emergencies such as delays in order delivery or inventory shortages.

To help you find the right solution for your business, we’ve created this guide that provides the necessary information about order management software. In this guide, we’ll cover:

What is order management software?

Order management software is a tool that manages all the stages of the customer order process, from confirming an order to delivering the product. The software manages orders from multiple channels, checks product availability, handles order shipping, and collects payments. You can also manage backorders and return orders for online products.

Deployment options for order management software

There are two deployment options for order management software. We’ve listed the characteristics of each option below:

Cloud-based deployment: Hosts your data on the vendor’s servers and lets you access the solution from a web browser or mobile app. These systems are usually priced on a per month basis or according to the number of users per month.

On-premise deployment: Hosts your data on your own servers, which requires you to invest in network equipment and servers. Some businesses host the data on third-party servers, for which they pay a monthly or annual fee. This type of deployment option charges you for each user license. You’ll also need to pay for software upgrades. recommends cloud-based deployment for small and midsize businesses. Compared to on-premise systems, cloud systems don’t require you to purchase servers and network infrastructure. These also don’t require an upfront investment, which allows you to switch to a different solution if the current system doesn’t suit your needs.

Key question to ask your vendor before you buy: Considering all the costs such as for equipment, training, implementation, and migration, what is your product’s total cost of ownership (TCO)?

What are some common features of order management software?

To ensure the successful deployment of an order management solution, check whether it offers the essential features. You need to know about the common features so that you can shortlist vendors accordingly.

Order entry: Captures customer orders, including the ones related to return orders and backorders. Lets you search for the orders by name, location, and item.

Order entry in NetSuite

Order entry in NetSuite

Order tracking: Lets you track the real-time status of customer orders on a dashboard. You can filter orders by items, location, and status.

Order management in QuickBooks

Order tracking in QuickBooks

Inventory management: Tracks inventory levels so that you are aware of the availability of products at the time of order confirmation.

Inventory tracking in Orderhive

Inventory tracking in Orderhive

Shipping management: Lets you assign shipping consignments to your transport team and third-party shipping providers. You can track the real-time status of your orders and inform customers in case of any unexpected delays.

Shipping management in ShipStation

Shipping management in ShipStation

Returns management: Allows you to manage return orders and refund the right amount to customers. This feature also takes into account the product condition, warranty, and repair costs while calculating the refund amount.

Return order management in Netsuite

Returns management in Netsuite (Source)

Key question to ask your vendor before you buy: Based on my business needs, what are the features that your product offers?

Research methodology

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*Note: The applications selected in this article are examples to show a feature in context, and are not intended as endorsements or recommendations, obtained from sources believed to be reliable at the time of publication.