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Contract Logix logo

The Contract Intelligence Platform

learn more
A complete contract management solution to digitally request, draft, negotiate, approve, execute and manage contracts with automation, visibility, and data-driven insights to reduce risk, improve performance, and increase efficiency.

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EraCLM logo

Contract collaboration, automation, management and analytics

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EraCLM is an innovative CLM solution that increases staff efficiency, enhances collaboration, and speeds the close of contracts.

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AffableBPM logo

Cloud-based business process management solution

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AffableBPM is an AI-enabled cloud-based solution that automates and streamlines end-to-end business processes and can be customized based on the specific needs of small-to-enterprise businesses.

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Supply collaboration & procurement system for manufacturing

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JAGGAER eProcurement is a configurable supply chain collaboration solution designed to help businesses manage procurement, sourcing, supplier networks, and more. Administrators can facilitate purchasing experience by comparing catalog items and internal inventory on a unified marketplace.

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PlanetBids logo

Powerful solutions for procurement and public works

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PB System is the leader in eProcurement solutions for public agencies providing collaborative outreach, prequalification and diversity certification, bid management, insurance and contract management modules.

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Users also considered logo

Contract creation & payment collection for freelancers & SMB

learn more is a contract management software which enables freelancers & SMBs to create & send contracts, receive digital signatures, & accept client payments

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contractSAVE logo

Easy to Use, Monitor and Understand Contract Management

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AI-powered contract management platform with a totally free personal version and cost-effective small and medium businesses focus versions with a 14-day free trial.

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Contractify logo

Rely on experience | AI-driven automated contract management

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Using Excel to keep track of your contracts? Missing opportunities due to inefficient contract flows? There's an easier way to manage contracts and avoid automatic renewals. Start centralizing and improving collaboration & contracts with Contractify today.

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LightHub logo

Welcome to a better way of contracting

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LightHub takes the contracting process to new levels of efficiency, visibility, certainty and collaboration.

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JobRouter logo

Digital process automation platform

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JobRouter is a digital process automation platform that helps businesses manage workflows, electronic forms, document handling, and more. It provides a centralized platform for seamless integration across all systems and departments within your company. It allows users to customize and scale the platform according to their specific needs.

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emsigner  logo

eSignature Based Document Processing Automation Solution

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emSigner is a cloud based eSignature and paperless office solution that simplifies signature management on documents using globally accepted, legally valid, electronic or digital signatures. In the process, it completely eliminates the need to print, manually sign, and scan documents.

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ELMA365 logo

Low-code business process management (BPM) software

learn more
ELMA365 is a low-code business process management (BPM) software that helps businesses model, monitor, execute, and manage projects and tasks.

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CMx logo

Contract management & automation solution

learn more
CMx is a contract management solution offering a centralized contract repository, review & approval workflows, multi-factor authentication, analytics, and more

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Powerful solutions to control spend - from source, to pay.

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Proactis is an integrated spend management solution that allows businesses to monitor the expenditure of sourcing projects and streamline procurement processes. With the administrative dashboard, professionals can get an overview of ongoing tasks and generate analytical reports.

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AI Docs logo

Create, Execute, and Manage Contracts with Ease

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Small and midsized companies can efficiently create, execute, and manage contracts with AI Docs contract automation. AI Docs is affordable contract lifecycle management (CLM) software for small and midsized organizations.

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Gainfront logo

AI/ML Powered eProcurement Solution

learn more
Gainfront Contracts is a highly configurable and complete contract lifecycle management solution, with innovative technology and modern user experience. Streamline the contract drafting process by building robust clause libraries and templates automatically based on your existing contracts.

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Vantage Software logo

Software for managing incidents, risks, and compliance

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Vantage Software offers a robust platform for Incident, Risk, Compliance, and Facilities Management. It tracks and reports on incidents, safety procedures, risks, audits, quality, targets, feedback, CQC evidence, policies, contracts, staff concerns, training, compliance, fire and equipment assessments, assets, events, contractors, vehicles, and maintenance. It also secures ASB, allegations, sensitive data, safeguarding, and community safety.

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RForm logo

Contract management for architects

learn more
rform is a contract administration solution designed specifically for architects with tools for organizing and standardizing project contracts. The cloud-based rform application allows users to log, review, and track submittals, store files online, and create and distribute change orders and RFIs.

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C2-ITSM logo

The ultimate ITSM platform

learn more
C2 ITSM is an integrated IT service management software designed for organizations looking to provide highly refined quality service delivery. It’s also an ITIL-ready and codeless service desk built for reaching ultimate automation potential and operating best-in-class ticketing.

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Primavera Unifier logo

Facilities Asset Management Software

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Ultimate flexibility for facilities and asset lifecycle management, and project controls

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DocuVantage OnDemand logo

Cloud based Contract Management and Approval Automation.

learn more
Create contracts from templates, Version Control, Approval Routing, Alerts and Reminders, eSignature Integration

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FAD logo

Cloud-based digital signature and authentication software

learn more
FAD is a cloud-based software designed to help businesses collect, validate, and record electronic signatures in compliance with industry regulations. Managers can capture videos of remote clients during agreement signing processes, enabling them to authenticate and verify the identity of end-users.

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Cyferd logo

No code platform for developers

learn more
Cyferd is a no-code platform designed to help businesses build smart, scalable, and flexible applications in the cloud. Teams can Automate tasks with data workflows to improve productivity. It enables managers to share data across applications to better understand data and relationships.

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Comforce logo

Contract Management Software for Mid/Big Companies

learn more

Comforce is a contract management solution designed to assist large and multinational companies manage contracts and suppliers.

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Legisway logo

SaaS cloud solution for management of legal documents.

learn more
Legisway is a cloud-based software for the centralized management of corporate legal information. The platform tracks legal documentation, such as contract lifecycles. It also authorizes access, automates tasks, and generates alerts, reports, and activity charts.

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