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effie logo

Boost sales with effie>

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SaaS service for the
- brand and sale management for CPG manufacturers and distributors,
- standards control for retail chains and franchising,
- marketing strategies` management for pharmaceutical manufacturers

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Simple Office logo

Booking and scheduling software for hybrid working teams

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Simple Office is a booking and scheduling software for for hot desk, assigned desk and remote teams. It offers easy booking of working areas and other office spaces. It has a UX-friendly platform for connected workplace experiences.

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Cobot logo

Coworking and flexible office management

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Cobot is a coworking and flexible office management software that automates tasks and connects your community, giving you more time to spend with your coworkers.

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Escala Espaços logo

Manage your office spaces in a simple and objective way.

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Manage your workplace with more security and optimization.

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HR Artis logo

Human resources for the digital age.

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HR Artis, an all-in-one workforce management app that enables self-service with user-friendly technology. Empower your workforce with global access to all workforce data and detailed reports through one application that includes 24/7 support.

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Yardi Kube logo

An end-to-end platform for flexible workspace management

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Yardi Kube space management provides the tools and the software for an effortless approach to delivering occupier-ready flexible workspaces. The all-in-one workspace management platform provides a comprehensive, automated, fully encompassing, revenue-driving solution for operators of all sizes.

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Space Connect logo

Fast, affordable workspace transformation

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Space Connect is a game-changing workspace management tool designed to streamline your office operations. It simplifies desk and meeting room management, as well as visitor interactions, all in one seamless platform.

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Haltian Empathic Building logo

An end-to-end solution that focuses on employee experience.

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Haltian Empathic Building is a solution for digital workplaces. Saves you time, provides more choice, is super easy to use, and helps you to be healthier. The Empathic Building digital twin guarantees a superb end-user experience and deliver the key data for operational excellence.

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RentAll Space logo

Best Space Rental Script

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Create your own venue space rental marketplace with our space rental script.

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iParkSimple logo

Online booking service for reserving parking spaces

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iParkSimple is an online booking service designed to help drivers and businesses reserve parking spaces according to preferences across locations. Drivers can utilize mobile applications on Android and iOS devices to book and pay for parking slots before reaching their destinations.

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DeskNow logo

HybridWork office management & CRE marketplace SaaS!

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DeskNow is a cloud-based SaaS that allows companies an easy HybridWork/ SmartWork integration. Easily manage, analyze & optimize all types of offices, desks and workplaces digitally. In addition it offers a secure marketplace to share, lease or sublet spaces flexible as your business needs it.

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Swizi logo

Real estate property management software

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Swizi smart digital workplace is a subscription-based SaaS solution that allows businesses to choose features required by companies, universities, or schools to optimize work environments and offer everyone a unique digital experience within buildings.

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MRI ProLease Space Management logo

Space management software with CAD floor planning tool

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MRI ProLease Space Management is a SaaS software that helps human resources, IT, facilities, and security teams collaborate and manage facilities and workspace across the organization. It enables workspace planners to create CAD floor plans to visualize and organize spaces.

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Paatch logo

Community platform for hybrid businesses

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Paatch is the community platform that helps companies organize hybrid work and strengthen their culture.

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Clarity Core logo

Transforming your workspace management

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Our Manager App, is our amazing addition to allow your teams to connect to your CLARITY CORE system whilst on the go, providing access to information that would normally only be accessed via the desktop!

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Friday PM logo

A workplace evolution platform

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Friday PM is a workplace management software that consists of multiple cloud-based apps to guide you through your workplace evolution. Receive updates as to how your space is actively being used, convert data into actionable insights, manage office-related processes, streamline communication to your employees.

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Doflex logo

Software to manage workspace and meeting room bookings

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Doflex offers real-time visibility on the availability of workspaces and specialized rooms such as meeting rooms, editing rooms, and labs, simplifying the booking process and eliminating wasted space and resources.

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Corner logo

Space management tool for coworkers

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Corner is a software program dedicated to workspace management. It is designed to optimize the sharing of space between various users. It can be, for example, co-working spaces. Everything has been studied in order to make the renting of the space profitable and to facilitate communication with the users.

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Visiativ REAL ESTATE IWMS logo

Smart building technologies for a better property management

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Visiativ Property Management IWMS is a perfect solution to empower property professionals through building management optimisations. Reduce operating costs and improve facility services quality to occupants with intelligent buildings

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Metrikus logo

Turning data chaos into data clarity

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Metrikus transforms data chaos into clarity by aggregating building data from a range of trusted sources and giving you access to exactly what data you need.

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Hubstar Utilization logo

Workplace management platform

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HubStar is an end-to-end platform that provides comprehensive data insights and tools to optimize the hybrid workplace experience. The platform offers various products that enable businesses to manage any type of resource, predict demand, and eliminate booking friction.

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Envelo Solutions logo


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Envelo monitors air, surfaces, occupancy, and energy using smart technology and predictive learning to deliver actions that will reduce energy costs, and workplace sickness and increase profits.

Envelo empowers you to make big improvements within your workplace!

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HubStar Space logo

Space management software

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HubStar Space is a space management software that helps businesses assign hybrid occupancy profiles to match supply with demand. The platform enables managers to optimize the configuration of spaces to elicit employees’ best work. Administrators can publish floor plans directly to HubStar Scheduling and ensure consistent visual output.

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PlanogramBuilder logo

Windows application to create and publish planograms

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PlanogramBuilder is a Windows application to generate and publish planograms.

Two versions are availble: 2D and 3D.

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FlexWhere logo

Desk sharing app Hot desking done right

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The software solution for hybrid working FlexWhere helps you find a free workspace, colleague or meeting room fast.

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