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iEstate overview

What is iEstate?

iEstate is a cloud-based real estate property management software designed to help property developers, lease management firms, and other real estate organizations handle sales, contracts, contractors and subcontractors, facilities, and more. The platform enables users to gain 360-degree visibility into properties and client preferences using geocoding and interactive Google Maps.

The facility management functionality in iEstate lets property owners schedule and track maintenance activities and manage property history, cost reports, and blueprints via a centralized portal. It offers a host of features such as workflow management, project accruals, payment certification, rent and lease management, and more. Enterprises can use leasing and rental management capabilities of the application to monitor residential, commercial, and rental leases, payment plans, and agent activities.

iEstate allows managers to handle leads captured via numerous social media and marketing platforms, track inventory and administrative services, and calculate incentives together with commissions for agents and brokers. Built on the Oracle platform, it also supports integration with various Oracle applications such as Siebel Help-desk and Service Cloud.


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1. Low Total Cost of Ownership
2. Centralized and standardized solution with industry best practices
3. Contactless rent collections and ensure Business Continuity
4. Out of the box Business Flows
5. Rapid delivery of benefits
6. Business Process driven Transformation, Consulting experts