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Order Time Inventory logo

Cloud-based order and inventory management solution

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Order Time Inventory is a cloud-based order and inventory management solution designed to help businesses streamline processes related to sales orders, lead generation, purchasing, production scheduling, warehousing and more from within a unified platform.

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Goodshuffle Pro logo

Cloud-based business software for event companies

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Goodshuffle Pro is a cloud-based rental solution which helps firms of all sizes manage sales, billing, payments, inventory tracking, task management, & more. The platform includes an interactive dashboard which provides an overview of upcoming events, booking status, & successful/pending payments.

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ADVANTAGE 365 logo

End-to-end equipment rental, sales and service solution

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ADVANTAGE 365 is a comprehensive, cloud-based equipment rental solution that centralizes inventory management, billing, accounting, sales, service/planned maintenance, dispatch and much more in one mobile-friendly operating environment.

Call 800 252 5011 Opt. 2 to schedule a free system demo.

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Rentman logo

Resource management and planning for the AV & Event industry

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Rentman is your all-in-one solution for managing rental and event production. It lets you schedule and track equipment and crew, create quotes, and communicate with customers. You only pay for what you need, and Rentman also includes integrated CRM tools.

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EZRentOut logo

Equipment rental software

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The Complete Equipment Rental Software to help you grow your business!

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Sirius-e logo

Business process management solution for the rental industry

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Sirius by Orion Software is a business management solution for the rental industry, offering modules for CRM, distribution, maintenance management and more

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MCS Rental Software logo

Equipment rental management and maintenance software

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MCS-rm is an equipment rental software for multi-branch / multi-user equipment hire & rental companies. With MCS-rm, businesses can improve asset utilization, maximize revenue, increase business productivity and gain detailed insights for strategic decision making.

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RentMaster logo

Rental management software with a customers’ database

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RentMaster is a rental management software designed to help businesses handle quotes, customers' information, reservations, point of sale (POS) processes, and more on a unified platform. Supervisors can set up categories with subcategories to organize inventory items and maintain a database of product information including product names, images, handling instructions, weight, size, price, serial number, and status.

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Booqable logo

All-in-one rental software

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Booqable is all-in-one rental software that helps businesses streamline operations related to orders, inventory management, documents, payments, and online bookings.

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WebReserv logo

Online booking system for rental businesses

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WebReserv is an online booking and reservations management platform for rental businesses. The cloud-based platform caters to tour operators, accommodation owners, and other rental companies, with tools for engaging customers, tracking conversions, managing bookings, processing payments, and more.

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Buildium logo

Cloud-based property management software

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Web-based system that streamlines processes for property managers of rental properties, condos, and homeowners associations.

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Asset Panda logo

Helping the world work smarter.

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Asset Panda is a powerful cloud-based asset relationship management platform that helps you keep track of your devices and create interdependencies between them. Our customizable software adapts to your unique workflows and use cases, whether you're tracking computers or construction materials.

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Lodgify logo

Lodgify is the #1 All-In-One Vacation Rental Software.

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Easily create a vacation rental website, accept credit card payments online and manage your reservations

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Checkfront logo

Online bookings for tours, activities & rentals

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Checkfront is an online booking system that enables businesses to handle their inventories, centralize reservations, & process payments. Checkfront manages tours, activities, & rentals.
Checkfront offers plugins to popular CMS products like Wordpress, Drupal, Joomla! & Movable Type.

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Rezdy logo

Tours & activities online booking and distribution platform

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Rezdy is a cloud-based reservation software and distribution platform, designed especially for tour, activity, shuttle bus, rental and sightseeing operators. It integrates seamlessly and easily with your own website, through direct linking or simply pasting html code into your CMS.

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Avantio logo

Powerful vacation rental software with Channel Manager.

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Avantio's vacation rental software maximizes the profitability of your vacation rental business and makes scaling a breeze.

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Twice Commerce logo

A platform for renting and selling products as a service.

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Twice Commerce is a commerce platform catering to various business models, including rentals, subscriptions, and second-hand sales. With Twice, you get all the essentials to running your business, just optimized for recommerce.

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Bouncy Castle Network logo

Booking and diary management system

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Bouncy Castle Network creates you with a business-grade website that works seamlessly with our revolutionary and cost-effective LIVE reservation system.

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HireHop logo

Equipment Rental Software in the Cloud

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All-in-one, intuitive and affordable equipment rental company software in the cloud.

Access powerful and unique features to improve efficiency, workflow & save you money.

There are no implementation costs and free phone/email support is included!

Start using HireHop today for FREE!

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RentWorks logo

Car rental software with front counter and back office tools

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RentWorks is a car rental solution that provides essential tools for car rental companies, dealerships, franchisees, and independents worldwide.

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Point of Rental Software logo

Cloud-based rental store/inventory management software

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Rental Essentials from Point of Rental is scalable, cloud-based rental inventory management software for fixed & mobile rental businesses of all types & sizes.

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Stessa logo

Smart accounting software for landlords.

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Stessa helps rental property owners and operators eliminate busywork and maximize returns. Join 200,000+ landlords using Stessa today!

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Users also considered Manager logo

bike rentals with frictionless software

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Dedicated software for bike rentals. Manager is the leading software for managing bike rentals, tours, events, demo days and test rides.

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InflatableOffice logo

Event rental software

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InflatableOffice is an event rental software that helps businesses manage inventory, streamline the ordering process, generate reports, and more. The platform enables managers to create and manage events, book venues, and coordinate logistics with suppliers. It provides a dashboard for business owners to track sales and expenses.

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Current RMS logo

Rental management for the AV, Events and Production industry

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Current RMS is a cloud-based rental management system designed for managing the full rental cycle in the AV, broadcast, lighting, production & event sectors

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