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GetApp’s Integration Leaders in CRM

Dec 7, 2020

Find the CRM software products that integrate best with other apps.

GetApp’s Integration Leaders in CRM

What we'll cover

We’re living in the golden age of software integrations, which today are an essential component of any business’s tech stack. But which apps do integrations the best?

To find out, we analyzed integrations data for some of the highest-rated products on the market, compiling our findings into this Integration Leaders report. 

Integration Leaders in CRM

11182020 CRM grid

First, we calculated an integration score for each product based on GetApp user reviews data (see our full report methodology at the bottom of this page). We used that score along with the overall product ratings to narrow down to the top products, and plotted the results on a grid. The highest-scoring products are our Integration Leaders.

Most Common App Integrations

To dive deeper into the specific capabilities of each product, we also built a matrix of the most common apps our Integration Leaders say they integrate with, giving you an easy-to-read, side-by-side picture of which products play well with popular apps such as QuickBooks, Mailchimp, G Suite, and more.

11182020 CRM matrix

Deeper Dive Into Integration Leaders’ Capabilities

To finish it off, we created individual product profiles for every Integration Leader, offering a convenient look at score breakdowns, AWS compatibility, and more.

As your one-stop shop for integrations info, these reports will help you identify and compare the most integration-friendly applications according to other users—making it easier to find the right software solution for your business.

Freshworks CRM

Integrations score: 3.58

Integrations platforms: Zapier

Hosting platform: AWS

Open APIs: Yes

"The BEST part about Freshale's is the endless capability for customizations and integrations. This allows users to create systems of follow up with multiple points of contact to the client. The new future to manage duplicates was a great addition. I also love the capability to attach documents to client files, really comes in handy."

"Super easy to use. As a realtor in the business for several years I've tried BoomTown, HubSpot, Follow Up Boss and some others. I stumbled across FreshSales by pure happenstance and fell in love with it. Super intuitive, it integrates to other software easily and the app is flawless. I could go on and on. The pricepoint is also stupid cheap. A customer service rep even reached out to do a personal walkthrough with me."

"One of initial intentions of using this tool is for lead scoring, all the other tools on the market are very rigid and working with them was not so easy. The flexibility provided by FreshSales is too good and the integrations only make it sweet. It is has a ton of features like form builder, lead scoring, integration with chat etc. Overall a great tool."

Click here for more information on Freshworks CRM

Solve CRM

Integrations score: 3.55

Integrations platforms: Zapier

Hosting platform: AWS

Open APIs: Yes

Solve Client Manager that is extremely flexible which allows you to build it the way you want it. It is extremely easy to navigate and you can quickly lookup clients and contacts on the mobile app which makes collaboration on projects very easy. I rely heavily on their data export to google sheets to run reports. Their integration with google products like gmail, docs and sheets works fantastic.Very easy to enter information. Easy to add additional data fields."

"Nice integration of contacts and project blogs (which we use to manage all implementation docs & pictures)."

"Very reliable. Can't remember the last time we encountered an error or the software crashed.The best thing about this product is that it integrates somewhat well with Google Apps (now called G Suite). The cons to the product include cost (it's REALLY expensive) and somewhat poor ease of use."

Click here for more information on Solve CRM


Integrations score: 3.58

Integrations platforms: Zapier, PieSync, Integromat

Hosting platform: Microsoft Azure

Open APIs: Yes

"I really (REALLY!) like that I am able to incorporate all agent social media profiles and email accounts into this CRM. I cannot begin to explain how much time this saves me - especially with the email templates. The integration features that Nimble provides are absolutely a lifesaver for me. As someone who handles many agents at one time, I am so grateful that we've found Nimble!"

"From day one, the easy set up and integration made this an awesome tool. A leader in the CRM space, Nimble is a reference point for all other CRMs I try. Their team was always accessible to help, and their user interface seemed to work out most things on it's own. From customer journey, to conference activity, Nimble is everything it's name says it is."

"The most interesting thing about Nimble is the integration of email and social networks, which allow you to organize and follow campaigns in a simple and intuitive way. Something to highlight also is that Nimble notifies you when the recipient opens the received mail."

Click here for more information on Nimble

HubSpot CRM

Integrations score: 3.44

Integrations platforms: Zapier,, TIBCO, Integromat

Hosting platform: Microsoft Azure

Open APIs: Yes

"This product is easy to set up and get started. It integrates with other products easily and fast. Their analytics are detailed and very helpful. They’ll allow you to know how your Website, Call to action and LPs are performing. They also make it easy for you to know if you are meeting your goals and guide you to the right direction. Their customer support is reliable. It is free!!"

"The level of automation and integration in Hubspot is impressive. It supports chatbots, automated email response, diagnosis, analytics, work management and integrates well with Gmail and our website. For high-volume inbound sales it's invaluable. The UI is clean and easy to use, and there is a healthy support network.It's just like Hubpost promises, very easy to use it, configuration is easy, usability is very intuitive. A couple of on-line trainings and you can manage it pretty well."

"Technical set-up takes more business knowledge tan technical skills but putting this CRM to work is great for SMBs with up to 5-10 sales reps. Integration with Gmail or Outlook are also fantastic."

Click here for more information on HubSpot CRM


Integrations score: 3.43

Integrations platforms: Zapier,,, Zoho Flow, Workato

Hosting platform: AWS

Open APIs: Yes

"There's no better product on the market than Zendesk. It has all the features you could ever want. It's super easy to setup. Great customer service and integrates with just about anything. I'd highly recommend Zendesk to all companies."

"Zendesk helped us manage our Support tickets. I found the ability to create custom views very intuitive and creating custom reports is very robust and relatively easy. It's ability to easily integrate with multiple systems such as was helpful."

"What I like most about ZenDesk is the seamless integration and the fact that it is accessible on iOS and Android. Zendesk is also highly customizable which is great because I service clients in various industries."

Click here for more information on Zendesk

Dynamics 365

Integrations score: 3.47

Integrations platforms: -

Hosting platform: Azure

Open APIs: No

"Provides integrated Solutions. Uses cloud platform and helps improve performance using apps. It has apps for iOS, android as well is windows users which is very easy and convenient to use. Seamless Integration is very helpful."

"Dynamics 365 is extremely easy to start, install set up and access. Another plus point is that we can have access to all the functions quickly just by clicking or touching on it. With the help of it we can have effective decisions. What I love most about it is the way it integrates with other Microsoft tools. In order to manage different areas of business, Dynamics 365 is the best choice."

"Highly customizable and stable CRM tool that automates a lot of tasks that would usually take our team some back and forth time to get accomplished. I'm a big Microsoft fan and this one easily integrates with other MS software."

Click here for more information on Dynamics 365


Integrations score: 3.08

Integrations platforms: Zapier, Mulesoft,, Jitterbit

Hosting platform: Azure

Open APIs: Yes

"Salesforce has everything I need to make my sales day productive. Great integrations with other tools and a sleek interface that is very intuitive. Very playful actually so it feels a little like a cartoon or a game."

"Salesforce is obviously the most sophisticated CRM on the market. The integration options with other applications is extensive and impressive. They obviously have a huge market share for these reasons."

"The best part of this service is the ability for it to integrate with so many different other services that I currently use. The seamless integrations make it easier for me to take phone calls and log calls for future review. Furthermore, the interface for my leads is super easy to navigate and add notes."

Click here for more information on Salesforce

Zoho CRM

Integrations score: 3.46

Integrations platforms: Zapier,,, Adeptia, Integromat

Hosting platform: Azure

Open APIs: Yes

"I have used or tried most of the CRM systems and I would recommend Zoho to both beginners and professionals. They have something for everyone ranging from the FREE version (up to 3 users) to the paid subscriptions. Very clean design and well organized with tons of integrations."

"The multitude of integrations out of the box are impressive. Zoho is one of the few companies that doesn't over promise. All CRMs need customization to fit the needs of the organization. Don't overpay for CRM because you are dazzled by functionality."

"This is a very low-cost CRM for Small Businesses that are interested in tying out to see if this can really work for them. It beautifully and seamlessly integrates with Outlook and you can use ZohoCRM for most (if not all) your communications with clients and prospects. The interface is easy to understand and you can get most things done intuitively."

Click here for more information on Zoho CRM

Agile CRM

Integrations score: 4.16

Integrations platforms: Zapier,, Zoho Flow, Integromat

Hosting platform: AWS

Open APIs: Yes

"Agile is very easy to use, self explanatory and has great setup. It is easy to integrate with other programs and works very well with clickfunnels and other marketing programs and sites I would easy recommend agile CRM for smaller businesses and thous just starting out in online business, they have great support team how are very willing to help with anything. If you are using clickfunnels or godaddy agile is very good to use with them and easy to integrate in to both platforms."

"I find the software to be intuitive and very powerful. There is no need for me to use many platforms to achieve what you have to through AgileCRM. It has powerful features and many integrations. I like the freedom to customize and the many campaign nodes make campaigns and flows very powerful. It release a lot of wasted time for us."

"There are lot of good features in this product like it offers strong analytics features at the contact level, it offers easy integrations with other apps, and offers some marketing automation features."

Click here for more information on Agile CRM


Integrations score: 3.07

Integrations platforms: Zapier, Zoho Flow, PieSync

Hosting platform: Azure

Open APIs: Yes

"Incredibly full featured CRM that's very easy to use, and it even has a pretty advanced API to allow you to build your own integrations on top of it. The price is a flat price per user per month and is very reasonable, especially as compared to Salesforce and other top tier enterprise CRMs."

"Nutshell has proven to be helpful for our needs and continues to grow with our organization. Nutshell is continuing to make improvements and add integrations that are useful. Can be used as a very simple CRM or a fully integrated sales and operations communication system."

"We have tried out, PipelineDeals and Highrise. Nutshell is by far the best in every things. The user interface is much more intuitive and the integration with tons of cloud-base applications like Xero and Quote Roller is just wonderful. The automation of the sales process is excellent and the customized template of the sales process makes it really easy to remind the sames reps of what steps are to be taken next."

Click here for more information on Nutshell


Integrations score: 2.98

Integrations platforms: Zapier, Integromat,,

Hosting platform: Azure

Open APIs: Yes

"Ease of use. Probably one of the easiest CRMs I have ever used. By far much easier to setup, manage and use than SalesForce. The integration/app selections are also excellent. Almost every tool you need to hook up and sync to your CRM."

"The first thing that i like about Pipidrive is that they offer a trial period of 14 days with gold membership. Next thing that I like is that Pipdrive is very easy to setup it and start using. It has great integration with lots of marketing tools so you can easily streamline any given process while keeping it simple."

"It has solid integrations - and this is one of the key advantages of a system like this. On top of that, it's approachable in use and allows to organise the contact low the way you need. Seems like it's well-established position on the market is just as well-founded."

Click here for more information on Pipedrive


Integrations score: 2.93

Integrations platforms: Zapier, Zoho Flow,, APIANT, PieSync

Hosting platform: AWS

Open APIs: Yes

"This software is easy to use, friendly for users of all technical expertise, and allows us to track all needed details in one place! The integration with Microsoft Office for tracking emails is fantastic. The ability to upload and export files through csv is a must for our company and works so smoothly."

"We were looking for a flexible CRM option to fit our business. The intuitive clean interface, integration with Mailchimp, the customization available within the system is fantastic, Live Reporting and the Customer Service / Technical help is outstanding. I Would highly recommend Pipeline Deals for your CRM. As I mentioned in the Title; if your looking for a CRM, look no further!"

"We love it. The API is very robust so anything that can’t be done in the app can be coded to integrate and work for our own custom reports and integrations. We were one of the earliest customers and have been using it for 8 or 9 years very actively."

Click here for more information on PipelineDeals


Integrations score: 3.08

Integrations platforms: Zapier, PieSync

Hosting platform: Azure

Open APIs: Yes

"I love the ease with which I can build an automated campaign - just drag and drop! It's also great that it can integrate with almost anything. The customer service is superb. The company is super receptive to feedback, and over the course of my customer-ship has made multiple upgrades for the better."

"One of the most valuable assets of an organization is data, particularly customer's emails. Infusionsoft lets you establish a proper relationship with your customers via several campaigns you can create, task creation, triggers based on feedback and statistics are really handy. API is really easy to use and for integrations (particularly with Wordpress) it's really effective."

"Lots of features available, really like that they have analytics and marketing integrations and campaigns. Also like that they have pretty good customer service available, I've always been able to get help when needed for clients that use it."

Click here for more information on Keap


Integrations score: 3.03

Integrations platforms: Zapier,, Zoho Flow, Integromat

Hosting platform: AWS

Open APIs: Yes

"The best part of it is the integrations. The apps you can integrate with are perfect for the operations of a sales team, or any team! We used it with the staff at our church and it worked great! we had the free version for couple of years now until we upgraded. Truly it is a great app. Also it syncs with the iPhone app. This is 100% recommended if you use Google suite."

"Keeping track of leads and contacts made with those leads. Sharing leads and estimating the value they present to bring in closers or specialist if necessary. Google Apps integration is fantastic."

"Insightly works well with Gmail. If you already use Gmail everyday, the insightly Gmail gadget will make your life a dream. Also, the ability build workflows and assign tasks in insightly is very well executed. The ability to integrate with quickbooks online, and mail chimp make this a powerful crm for enterprising small businesses (like mine)."

Click here for more information on Insightly


Integrations score: 2.84

Integrations platforms: Zapier,

Hosting platform: AWS

Open APIs: Yes

"With Odoo CRM you can track your customer from the lead to the sale, including every contact I made with them, including phone calls and every email can be tracked in this app, and the integration with another Odoo apps make it a really complete solution."

"It's really easy integrate Odoo with other systems via API. In this case, i got a customer who needed realtime updates for sales via call center. Odoo allowed me to update it via our call center system and when an agent closed a sale, it was registered in the CRM with all the data from the call center system database."

Best part: Once completely customized different teams like Inventory, Manufacturing, Logistics, Finance can easily integrate on the platform. Communication across teams for updates on operation process. Any kind of new functionality needed per se different businesses can be implemented.

Click here for more information on Odoo


Integrations score: 2.81

Integrations platforms: Zapier

Hosting platform: AWS

Open APIs: Yes

"It is a grates platform that has intranet, project management, Chat, Document Management, Calendars. The tool has integration with applications like Mailchimp, Gmail, Dropbox, Google Drive and also allows the migration of data from other programs."

"Very efficient CRM tool. Offers easy integrations with third party services. Very comprehensive dashboard. Easy to use custom email templates. Mobile support for both IOS and Android. Free version now available."

"Bitrix24 offers you more than you can imagine for your company. We manage projects quickly and easily. With comprehensive integration options, we can manage all our business processes through Bitrix24. Communication tools and CRM tools are ideal not only for companies but also for freelancers and entrepreneurs. Online chat feature and task tracking tool make our work very easy. Business processes, customer data, projects, human resources, and more are all at your fingertips with Bitrix24."

Click here for more information on Bitrix24

Report Methodology

Integration Leaders reports highlight top-ranked products based on ratings from end users. Products are scored on two dimensions: integrations and overall ratings.

Data sources include approved user reviews, public data sources, and data from technology vendors. Please refer to the GetApp Community Guidelines for more information.

To be eligible for inclusion in a category, products must meet the following criteria:

  • Product has at least 20 unique product reviews published on GetApp within 24 months of the start of the research process for a given report.

  • Product achieves a minimum normalized overall rating.

  • Product has at least 10 unique product reviews that discuss the quality of that product’s integrations with other products.

  • Product achieves a minimum positive sentiment score for reviews that describe integrations, based on our proprietary assessment.

  • Product shows evidence of offering required functionality as demonstrated by publicly-available sources, such as the vendor’s website.

The Integrations Score is calculated based on the sentiment of user reviews that describe a product’s integration capabilities, based on our proprietary assessment.

The Overall Rating score is calculated based on overall user ratings for each product. Newer ratings are weighted more heavily.

The matrix table showing each product’s integrations with the most commonly-integrated apps in the market is supplemental; those data do not factor into a product’s qualification for, scores in, or placement on the Integration Leaders chart.

The data used in the matrix table were collected from vendor websites and other publicly-available data sources. Individual integration capabilities were not evaluated by the GetApp team. The data is believed to be accurate at the time of publication, but readers should note that vendors will continue to expand and change the integrations they offer over time. Our reports will not reflect such changes in real time; such changes will be reflected if and when we update the report in the future.

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