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Email Delivery. Simplified.

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Twilio SendGrid's cloud-based email infrastructure relieves businesses of the cost and complexity of maintaining custom email systems. Twilio SendGrid provides reliable email delivery, scalability and real-time analytics along with flexible API's that make custom integration a breeze.

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Growth marketing automation platform

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Act-On Software is the growth marketing automation leader that offers solutions empowering marketers to move beyond the lead and engage targets at every step of the customer lifecycle.

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Marketing automation for smart ecommerce marketers

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Omnisend is an omnichannel marketing automation platform tailored for ecommerce. Beautiful email campaigns, sleek automation, advanced segmentation and personalization, variety of interactive forms and Omnichannel marketing feature to combine several channels into the same automation workflow.

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Email marketing software for real estate professionals

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ActivePipe is a email marketing software designed to help businesses in the real estate industry nurture leads and connect with buyers or sellers using targeted information. The platform utilizes data models based on a contact's online behavior to anticipate their requirements.

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Salesforce Marketing Cloud


Stand out in Your Customer's Inbox

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Salesforce Marketing Cloud combines a number of features to execute basic or complex email marketing campaigns. Create targeted, timely emails & track campaigns

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An all-in-one CRM, sales and marketing automation software

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Keap lets businesses design & send action-triggered, personalized emails using auto-responders, with email statistics to track delivered, opened, etc

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Data Driven Email & SMS Marketing for eCommerce

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Remarkety is a leading Email & SMS Marketing Automation Platform for eCommerce. A data-driven marketing system designed from the ground up for eCommerce website. With Remarkety you can segment and target (email/sms/social) your customers based on real time shopping behavior and purchase history.

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Manage your projects from start to finish with Wrike

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Wrike is a work management platform trusted by 20,000+ companies across the world. Use it to kickstart your email marketing with features such as custom request forms, tailor-made templates, versatile Gantt charts, and easy-to-use reporting tools. Build the best campaigns with Wrike’s software.

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CRM and email marketing that helps your business grow.

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Nutshell is a growth software platform that helps sales and marketing teams win more deals. Simple enough for any team and sophisticated enough for any business, Nutshell offers easy to use CRM, sales automation, and email marketing, unlimited data and contact storage, and world-class live support.

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Automation, Marketing & Transactional Email, and SMS Service

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SendinBlue features the best value in email marketing: smart list segmentation, responsive email templates, campaign automation, and insightful reporting. Free!

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Freshworks CRM


Next Generation Customer Engagement Platform

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Freshworks CRM Marketing Cloud helps marketing teams deliver more personalized customer experiences at every touchpoint across their lifecycle. You can automate conversations with website visitors using AI chatbots, create personalized email campaigns and nurture customers to keep coming back.

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On-Demand digital marketing and campaign management solution

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Address products to the right audience by creating and analyzing targeted marketing campaigns with Maropost, an interactive marketing & campaign management tool

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Powerfully-simple email marketing and automation software

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Turn passive prospects into loyal customers with our easy-to-use email marketing and automation tools with live customer support

Read more about AWeber



Marketing Email, Transactional Email, Transactional SMS

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Send, track and deliver both marketing and transactional emails with Mailjet. Our cloud-based infrastructure is unique and highly scalable with a proprietary technology that optimizes email deliverability.

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Constant Contact


Powerful tools and expert guidance to market your business.

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Whether you’re looking to reach more customers, sell more products, or simply share your passion with the world, Constant Contact has all the tools, features, and expert guidance you need to get online — and grow online — all in one place.

You've got this. You've got us.

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The world's easiest e-mail marketing

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Send beautifully-designed, responsive emails. Increase your sales and subscriber engagement through comprehensive email marketing campaigns.

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Powerful Email Marketing Automation Suite

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Most powerful email marketing suite with workflows, purchase behavior, dynamic content, advanced segmentation, industry-leading inbox delivery rates.

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Email marketing & social media marketing software

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Quickly and easily create high converting email campaigns, manage your subscriber lists, schedule social posts across multiple platforms.

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Benchmark Email


Email marketing service provider

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Benchmark Email is an online email marketing platform designed to help businesses of all sizes create, send, & automate marketing emails with email design, automation tools, & more. Benchmark is a permission-based email marketing company that puts user-deliverability & reputation at the forefront.

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An email marketing platform for advanced email operations

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The Ongage email marketing platform offers capabilities that include an email API and everything you need to manage high-end campaigns at scale. Features include a full analytical suite, advanced segmentation, dynamic personalization, data-driven campaigns management, next-gen SMTP relay, and more.

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Online email validation system

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Email validation is key to your email marketing success. Reach humans, not bots, and make the most of your campaigns.

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FireDrum Email Marketing


Email marketing and engagement solution

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Our easy-to-use email marketing software will empower you to send effective automated email campaigns and track your marketing success with ease.

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Email automation & analytics plugin for Outlook & Exchange

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PoliteMail is a plugin built for Microsoft Outlook, Exchange and Office 365, which helps organizations send email broadcasts to employees and analyze their engagement through actionable metrics such as open, click, and read-time rates.

Read more about PoliteMail

Really Simple Systems CRM


The Powerful Small Business CRM

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Our integrated CRM and marketing solution lets you build campaigns and send emails directly from your CRM, using your data to personalize and segment. New leads can be captured from a website and assigned to sales staff to follow up. Or add them directly to an automated campaign, and work smarter.

Read more about Really Simple Systems CRM

HubSpot Marketing Hub


All in one inbound marketing platform

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HubSpot's software helps you attract new subscribers and grow your list over time

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Buyers Guide

email marketing

Email marketing software turns email, a form of digital communication that pre-dates the internet, into a modern business strategy. This buyers guide will provide the information necessary to make an informed decision when selecting email marketing software.

What is email marketing software?

Email marketing software is a technology solution that helps businesses use email to execute and monitor marketing campaigns and communicate with customers. This might include newsletters or personalized messaging as well as transactional messages such as account statements or promotional offers.

Types of email marketing software

Email marketing software can be broken into two distinct categories: stand-alone platforms and email marketing hubs.

  • Stand-alone email marketing software is a dedicated solution that specializes in creating and maintaining mailing lists as well as launching and monitoring email marketing campaigns. The stand-alone category is dwindling as marketing tactics increasingly include new channels (e.g., SMS messaging or smartphone applications). In response, vendors offer solutions called hubs that provide integrated support for marketing initiatives beyond email.

  • Digital marketing hub software spans multiple marketing domains (mobile, social, and multichannel) and includes email marketing tools as part of a broader integrated suite. Depending on the specific needs of your business, marketing hub software may be more future proof than a stand-alone, email-only option. If you already run marketing campaigns other than email, consider a unified hub. This will simplify collaboration and create a shared data pool for analytics thanks to natively integrated applications and workflows.

If your marketing outreach is solely done over email and your software budget limited, consider standalone platforms to satisfy your email marketing needs. However, if your business already runs campaigns across social media or other mediums, consider more comprehensive hub software.

It is worth noting that while digital marketing hubs offer broader functionality, they also command a higher price tag and greater investment in a single vendor. If you settle on a hub solution, avoid making long term commitments before extensively testing the software and vendor support. This will help your business avoid becoming tethered to a single vendor that fails to meet your needs because no budget remains to migrate to a more suitable solution.

Cloud-based email marketing software is the best choice for most businesses

Software as a service (SaaS) is a distribution model where applications are hosted on a third-party server and made accessible via the internet. Gartner's Hype Cycle for Software as a Service (SaaS), 2018 states that the SaaS model has become essential for software vendors—having gained acceptance across organizations of all sizes and multiple industry segments. In 2018, for example, 85 percent of CRM software was purchased not built and over 70 percent deployed as SaaS.

While some vendors offer on-premise email marketing or digital marketing hub software, this is an increasingly less common sales model generally and is not recommended for the majority of businesses. While on-premise software would allow data to be self-hosted on company servers, and potentially be less expensive at massive scales, the costs and complexity associated with deploying and maintaining these solutions is prohibitive or unnecessary for most organizations.

What are some common features of email marketing software? 

Whether you purchase stand-alone email marketing software or acquire it as part of a larger digital marketing hub, the features to consider when making a purchasing decision are similar. The following list, though not exhaustive, covers common email marketing features:

Email campaign management features enable marketers to create, launch, and monitor email campaigns:

  • Drip campaigns are automated sets of emails that go out at timed intervals or in response to user actions. Content is created in advance then personalized and delivered using automation. For example, after someone subscribes to your mailing list, a drip campaign could immediately send a welcome email, followed by another email two days later with a curated list of product offerings.

  • Templates allow users to quickly create and customize email marketing campaigns.

Mailing list management allows marketers to import, edit and maintain a master list of subscribers, sales leads or contacts.

Subscriber management allows customers to subscribe (or unsubscribe) to email lists.

Customer segmentation enables marketers to group contacts or sales leads by shared characteristics (e.g., industry or purchase history). Email marketing campaigns can then target specific customer segments.

Reporting functionality tracks and aggregates data, often visually, to gauge campaign success and help marketing strategists make more informed decisions.

Key questions to ask a vendor before you buy: What does your company do to safeguard deliverability and ensure messages reach our subscribers' inboxes? How is campaign performance measured? Does your platform offer predictive analytics, and if so is it easy for marketers to take action from the insights they provide?

What are some important email marketing software integrations?

In order to leverage the full potential of email marketing software determine which integrations are necessary for your email program. If you purchase digital marketing hub software that includes email marketing functionality, any other tools (e.g., social media) should be integrated natively. The list below covers common integrations to consider when deploying email marketing software:

Integration: email marketing + CRM

Customer relationship management (CRM) software in its most basic form is a digitized Rolodex—making it a natural fit for integration with email marketing software that helps businesses manage contact lists. Additionally, some CRM platforms include email marketing tools. If you're using CRM software, check to make sure you don't already have access to email marketing functionality. Some benefits from integrating email marketing software with CRM include:

  • Automatically sync leads and contacts from your CRM with your email marketing contact list (and vice versa).

  • Avoid wasted or duplicated marketing efforts by using CRM data to better understand where contacts are in their customer journey.

  • Set up triggers to initiate email outreach to nurture new prospects after capturing their information in your CRM.

Integration: email marketing + other marketing software

If you purchase stand-alone email marketing software but leverage other marketing tools to run advertising campaigns, make sure the necessary integrations are in place so that your email program doesn't languish in isolation. Benefits from integrating email marketing software with other marketing tools include:

  • More robust customer segmentation thanks to additional user data gathered from other marketing efforts throughout your organization.

  • Including email in other marketing automations where appropriate, as well as using information from email outreach to build profiles across the entire customer journey.

Integration: email marketing + eCommerce

Email marketing and eCommerce go hand in hand. If your business has an eCommerce component, ensure integration is place so that valuable data such as customer purchase history can help inform your marketing strategy. Integrating email marketing software with eCommerce software allows for:

  • Provide more relevant and engaging content by including information about customer preferences in email marketing outreach.

  • Develop a better understanding of the role email marketing plays in the customer journey by correlating outreach with purchase data.

  • Leverage transactional data to improve personalization and deepen customer relationships. Turn transactional outreach such as purchase receipts into an opportunity to provide customized recommendations.

Research methodology

The following sources were used for this document:

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