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Mar 13, 2017
Employee Wellness

Top Gender Diversity Apps That Promote Equality in the Workforce

We profile the top gender diversity apps that improve the wellbeing of not only your female employees, but also your workforce as a whole.

Karen McCandlessAnalyst

Mobile World Congress 2017 marked an important step in the promotion of reducing the gender gap the tech industry, with the introduction of the Women4Tech program. This program consisted of seminars and hands-on workshops aimed at tackling the issue of gender diversity, and ended with the Women4Tech Summit, which featured insights from female leaders at Facebook, Twitter, SAP, and Lenovo.

Women4Tech also organized the Hack_D_Gap global challenge in conjunction with the Four Years From Now (4YFN) summit. This competition was aimed at startups that have created products aiming to drive gender equality in the technology world.

These gender diversity apps can help with the personal development and improve the wellbeing of not only your female employees, but also your workforce as a whole.

Here we profile those apps, as well as present some more established software that is also looking to redress gender diversity in the workplace. These apps came from three different categories:

  • Digital tools that create awareness of gender diversity in the tech industry

  • HR solutions that help to facilitate gender balance

  • Wellness apps that support work-life balance within the sector.

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Emerj started life as an app called Lean.On, which was designed to help women find mentors to help with work issues. The app allows you to search for topics that you may be having an issue with and get tips from the community, or to write a specific question which you can have answered in a 1-2-1 chat with a female mentor. The list of mentors can be filtered by parameters such as location and industry.

Emerj has expanded beyond female mentors to connect employees with the most relevant mentors within organizations to help with specific questions or work issues.

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Work Wide Women

Set up in 2014, Italian-based startup Work Wide Women is a social learning platform that is designed to help train women in skills such as web development and digital technologies. The idea behind the app is to help women gain official qualifications in skills that are currently in demand to reduce unemployment among women and improve gender diversity in the tech sector. The app then matches companies with women with the relevant skills.

The geolocalized app (currently only available in Italy, Spain, and South America) also allows you to create a network by searching for women in the same industry as you that are nearby. You can then send messages to fellow professionals. The app is available for Android, iOS, and (if you still have one) Windows Phone.

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TeamEQ aims to improve the levels of emotional intelligence and improve gender equality within teams. It does this by providing anonymous surveys to employees within your team every two weeks to measure metrics such as motivation, wellbeing, satisfaction, and engagement. You can then analyze the results using the app and compare your opinion to that of your team members, before taking action on areas that need improvement.

The app is designed for all types of teams whether they are new teams, temporary teams, growing teams or remote teams with the idea of improving employee engagement through addressing the issues that matter most to them.

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Blunder identifies areas where your employees lack knowledge and then matches them with experts within the organization who can answer questions and help create a knowledge base. This knowledge can then be distributed throughout the entire company as necessary, tailoring it to the needs of different business units, departments, and level of knowledge on the subject.

The idea is that the system identifies experts anonymously so there is no gender bias or distinction according to sex. Club Nespresso, for example, used Blunder to help communicate information surrounding the launch of new products to employees in a different, more effective way.

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Adalab is an app designed to help young women who have difficulty finding work become leaders in technology and digital companies. It does this by providing training in high demand digital skills such as frontend web design and matching these profiles with companies who are looking to fill roles requiring these particular skillsets. This could be both IT skills, as well as soft skills.

There is also a social network element to this app that creates a community for the women taking these courses.

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Fuelling is an app that aims to improve worker wellbeing by helping promote a more active lifestyle. Workers collect "litres" the more they move around during the day, which can then be converted into rewards in the employer branded store.

The app also has a social element where you can share pictures and see what your colleagues are up to, as well as create challenges to take part in together.

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From startups to established names

While all of the above apps are innovative, useful and names to watch, some are still quite new to the market and only available in certain countries. There are, however, more established names in the tech world that are also working on software to help address the issue of gender diversity.

Here are just a few of our top gender diversity apps below.

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SAP SucessFactors

SAP is embedding capabilities in its SuccessFactors HR suite to help companies identify areas in their talent acquisition and management processes where there may be biases. Using the SAP HANA text mining and data learning platform, the HR app will look at job descriptions and performance reviews and suggest actions to help combat any bias.

SAP is also investigating the use of mentoring programs to help improve diversity in the workplace, as well as tools for managing work-life balance.

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PeopleFluent HR solution provides both a platform and services to improve workplace diversity. Some of its key features include:

  • A dashboard to help identify areas where your company needs to improve diversity

  • The ability to set actionable goals and track these goals through progress indicators

  • Visibility into ROI

  • Communication plans to help secure buy-in from stakeholders.

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Accenture is working on software that aims to address gender diversity and pay gaps in the freelance labor market. The software encompasses:

  • Using text analytics to help recruiters write more gender-neutral job descriptions

  • Testing candidates based on anonymous online skill exercises

  • Providing visualizations to show where candidates drop out during the recruitment process

  • Comparable pay data to eliminate gender pay disparity.

The company demonstrated the prototype in 2016 at a #hackthepaygap event in the White House.

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PowerToFly is a recruitment platform that aims to build diversity in technical roles by connecting women with organizations that range from startups to Fortune 500 who want to improve their gender diversity. It provides features such as:

  • Targeted job promotions

  • Search and sourcing tools that are optimized to find the top talent among female engineers

  • A branded job board.

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Joonko is a diversity coach that is powered by artificial intelligence to enable companies to get rid of bias in the workplace. Aimed at improving diversity across the entire company, it identifies areas where bias (unconscious or otherwise) might take place and then provides recommendations to help companies take action in real time to resolve the situation.

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