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Aug 21, 2018

5 Best Apps for 360-Degree Performance Evaluation

More organizations are delivering real-time performance feedback for their employees. Check out the top five tools offering the best 360-degree performance review features to support performance evaluations based on real user reviews.

Ankit SharmaContent Analyst

Let’s face it, most employees dread receiving performance reviews. This is mainly due to the following factors:

  • A lack of constructive or meaningful performance feedback.

  • A lack of real-time feedback; performance reviews are usually conducted annually, while 42 percent of millennials prefer to receive feedback weekly.

  • A lack of diverse feedback; performance feedback can be biased when it comes from a single stakeholder, and 57 percent of companies do not have a strategy for addressing biased performance reviews.

Businesses can use 360-degree performance evaluations to overcome these challenges and gather feedback from multiple stakeholders, including managers and peers. Feedback can be based on parameters such as communication, teamwork, self-management, technical skill sets, and more.

The process of 360-degree performance evaluation usually involves the following steps:

  1. Select the 360-degree performance evaluation method (checklist, rating scale, feedback form, etc.).

  2. Identify reviewers (peers, managers, HR personnel, etc.).

  3. Create a feedback questionnaire .

  4. Capture and aggregate the feedback data.

  5. Analyze feedback, prepare reports, and share the feedback with employees.

Despite being a key component of performance evaluations, businesses struggle to implement 360-degree performance feedback, either by failing to track feedback throughout the year or failing to educating their raters about the 360-degree evaluation process.

Small businesses that invest in and use 360-degree performance evaluation software to provide frequent feedback from both peers and managers stand to boost employee engagement levels from20 percent to nearly 50 percent.

In this article, we’re comparing top HR tools (based on user reviews left on GetApp) that offer 360 performance evaluation features. Read more about our methodology at the bottom of the page.

The top-rated HR apps for 360 performance evaluation (arranged alphabetically) are:

  • ClearCompany

  • People

  • Reviewsnap

  • Spidergap

  • Trakstar

For a longer list of 360 performance evaluation, visit our catalog page.

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ClearCompany: Assess improvement areas with nine-box grid template

ClearCompany is a cloud-based HR software platform that is designed to help businesses manage hiring, the onboarding process, performance management, and talent management.

The platform offers a matrix-based 360 performance evaluation in the form of a nine-box grid template, which allows managers to identify emerging talent, areas for improvement, and potential leaders in the organization.

ClearCompany's 360-degree performance evaluation capabilities

  • Visualize employee data by role, department, or office, as well as the status of reviews, in the 360-reporting dashboard.

  • Track individual and team progress in relation to the company's benchmarks; identify top performers as well as under-performing employees who may need more training.

  • Analyze key performance indicators (KPIs) for individuals or an entire team, observe performance trends, and compare the results with managerial feedback reports.

  • Share nondiscrimination checklist (to ensure feedback is given without discrimination based on race, ethnicity, gender, language, etc.) with HR staff and managers to use before sharing final reviews with employees.

  • Create automated notifications and reminders to be sent to employees who haven't filled out their performance review forms on time.

ClearCompany’s 360 performance review dashboard (Source)

User feedback trends

Based on analysis of reviews on GetApp, here’s what users of ClearCompany feel are the most helpful 360-degree performance evaluation features offered by the tool:

  • Automated workflows that help generate, analyze, and gather performance review data.

  • 360-degree performance templates, which can be customized for employees and managers in various job roles.

  • Increased awareness of employee behavior and co-worker expectations.

Who should consider ClearCompany?

Rapidly growing small businesses looking for a customizable 360-degree performance management tool should consider ClearCompany, which can help you identify the core competencies that are most valuable to your organization.

The solution’s nine-box grid template lets managers visually analyze employee performance data and link it to competency expectations. For example, applying the independent measures of an employee’s on-time delivery and number of days absent from work, to a core competency such as “reliability” helps to make a performance evaluation more precise and evidence-based.

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People: Analyze performance metrics to identify talent competencies

People is cloud-based HR management software for small and midsize businesses that want to focus on employee engagement, applicant tracking, and performance reviews.

The solution lets employees request 360-degree performance evaluations from peers. Managers can use the built-in performance review feature to evaluate employee performance and track progress in real time.

People's 360-degree performance evaluation capabilities

  • Customize built-in templates to create graphical visualizations of several metrics including employee work efficiency, quantity, and quality.

  • Automate processes-including the 360-degree evaluation process-by creating customized workflows with the tool's trademarked Ripple Workflow feature.

  • Evaluate individual performance reports and compare them peer-to-peer to identify key strengths and weaknesses and make informed decisions on where to invest training and development resources.

  • Build reports, charts, and graphs by extracting employee data (service tenure, promotions received, etc.) from the system using the Query Builder tool.

  • Add a score in the form of a number, text, or both to keep a record of both qualitative and quantitative performance data.

  • Monitor and update the status of your performance reviews and add comments to notify other team members in the dashboard, which is updated in real time.

People’s employee performance management dashboard (Source)

User feedback trends

Based on analysis of reviews on GetApp, here’s what users of People feel are the most helpful 360-degree performance evaluation features of the tool.

  • Priority setting through a priority matrix, identifying the key areas for improvement for employees.

  • Performance results are locked after manager approval and stored for analysis by the administrator.

  • 360-form completion is easier and more efficient than emailing different reviewers and compiling the feedback in an MS Word document.

Who should consider People?

People, primarily a talent management app, is good for first-time HR software buyers. The solution’s key component, Ripple Workflow, automates feedback features that can help managers create customized workflows, eliminating the need for repetitive manual tasks. These workflows can perform several actions using a single employee data set. For instance, a process that involves alerts every year for employee’s performance evaluation will repeat every 365 days.

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Reviewsnap: Real-time performance tracking to enhance employee engagement

Reviewsnap is a cloud-based solution that automates the performance management process through functions such as performance tracking, custom workflows, multiple language compliance, templates, e-signatures, and 360-degree feedback.

Reviewsnap's 360-degree performance evaluation capabilities

  • Measure employee capabilities across a statistics dashboard by collecting aggregate data from feedback surveys and generating analytics.

  • Make journal entries (notes) about employees' specific accomplishments to improve the quality of performance reviews.

  • Review employee data around time management, behavior toward peers, and technical skill set to determine which employees need extra coaching to improve their individual performance.

  • Control 360-degree feedback surveys overall, including setting up start and end dates, selection parameters, and automatic notification to those scoring and/or administrators.

  • Review form is prepopulated with sample fields but can be customized with the help of drag-and-drop fields from the toolbox.

Reviewsnap allows you to manage 360-degree surveys (Source)

User feedback trends

Based on analysis of reviews on GetApp, here’s what users of Reviewsnap feel are the most helpful 360-performance evaluation features of the tool.

  • The unlimited number of templates to gather feedback for all levels and departments in an organization.

  • Users like that Reviewsnap allows you to customize a basic template with essential functions according to an organization's core competencies.

  • Customized review templates for each job title and email notifications are sent to managers to alert them about upcoming reviews.

Who should consider Reviewsnap?

If your business lacks clarity in defining your objectives/goals and struggles with measuring employee performance effectively, consider Reviewsnap, which has a library of competencies you can match to your organization’s mission and develop individual employee performance plans.

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Spidergap: Customized feedback reports based on role

Spidergap is a cloud-based 360-degree evaluation software that enables HR managers and employee managers to create customized feedback reports with a drag-and-drop interface.

Spidergap's 360-degree performance evaluation capabilities

  • Create customizable feedback questionnaires with a rating scale and competency templates that can be used to define various roles in the business.

  • Allows employees and administrators to choose feedback providers (direct manager, senior colleague, or HR managers) to develop constructive feedback.

  • Support managers in recognizing trends across a team or a whole organization as part of a training needs analysis (TNA), which helps to identify gaps in the current employee training and related training needs.

  • Detailed reports (complete breakdown of the feedback ) enable managers to analyze and rank top performers and identify potential leaders-those who score exceptionally well when it comes to skill and decision-making.

Spidergap lets you view a list of participants and their status (Source)

User feedback trends

Based on analysis of reviews on GetApp, here’s what users of Spidergap feel are the most helpful 360-degree performance evaluation features of the tool.

  • Users find the tool self-explanatory and say it helps employees along by including prompts at each step of a form.

  • The intuitive and customizable system makes it easy to align feedback forms with an organization's values and/or manager scorecard (i.e., KPIs).

  • Users like the ability to run and manage 360-degree evaluations through a more automated process.

  • The ability to analyze group results and identify what training and other development resources are required to enhance employee skills.

Who should consider Spidergap?

Businesses that need help creating feedback guidelines and personal development plans should consider Spidergap. It provides templates to guide you with best practices and examples so you can set up 360 performance evaluation processes specific to different departments (sales, operations, etc.).

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Trakstar: Internal and external feedback combine for complete performance review

Trakstar is cloud-based employee appraisal software that provides performance evaluation capabilities such as 360-degree feedback, goal management, peer performance review, and succession planning.

Trakstar's 360-degree performance evaluation capabilities

  • Run reports to assess performance history, performance ranking, and other critical performance-based segments.

  • Compare feedback responses from manager review, self-review, customer feedback, and others to create a comprehensive performance report.

  • Request multi-rater feedback within the organization and manage 360-degree performance review workflow as an admin.

Trakstar’s performance review dashboard (Source)

User feedback trends

Based on analysis of reviews on GetApp, here’s what users of Trakstar feel are the most helpful 360-degree performance evaluation features of the tool.

  • Crowd-sourced-style feedback loops, i.e., extending performance evaluations by leveraging social recognition data from co-workers, helps managers collect additional information on employee performance.

  • Users find the training videos helpful for understanding the software's core features.

  • Users like that Trakstar allows you to rate competencies based on relevant performance evaluation questions, which helps the managers simplify the process of ranking their employees.

Who should consider Trakstar?

Small businesses in industries with many employees in client-facing roles (customer service representatives, help desk executives, etc.), should consider Trakstar. The tool allows managers to request feedback from clients about the service provided by the employees for a holistic view of employee performance.

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Next steps

There are many factors that go into an effective software selection process. Here are a few things you should keep in mind:

  • Ensure that the 360-degree performance evaluation software includes all the essential features based on your business requirements. Identify the features you need now, as well as those that you anticipate needing in the future, and select a tool that offers all or most of them.

  • Select software that integrates with your existing HR management system .

  • Choose software that is within your budget and that offers scalability in terms of licenses or number of users. Additionally, ensure that there are no hidden or unexpected fees involved in the subscription before making a purchase.

  • Most HR software vendors offer free trials and demos, as well as free versions of the software. Use these free trials to shortlist the right HR software for your business with 360-degree performance evaluation as a core feature.

Other helpful resources

The above comparison is meant to help you make an informed decision as you choose a HR software that makes 360 performance evaluation easier. To learn more about HR tools, you can check out some of these additional resources: 

  • Compare more HR software solutions that offer 360-degree performance evaluation capabilities.

  • See a side-by-side comparison of the tools featured in this article.

  • Check out our blog for more articles on HR management .

  • Read our " 3 HR Software Selection Tips to Help Your Business Go The Distance "


The solutions highlighted in this article are the HR software solutions that offer 360 performance evaluation capabilities and had the highest overall user rating from among the most reviewed products at the time of writing (the week of July 16, 2018).

Here's an overview of our methodology for choosing this list of top-rated apps:

  • We filtered HR products that offered 360 performance evaluation capabilities. The list of 50 products was then arranged in descending order, with those having the highest average customer review at the top. From among the top 10 products with the highest number of reviews, the five having the highest user ratings were shortlisted.

  • The "User feedback trends" section for each product is based on analysis of feedback for the feature discussed, from users who left reviews on GetApp.

  • Other information in the article is compiled from vendor websites and other secondary sources, wherever mentioned.

Note: The content in this piece that provides opinions and points of view expressed by users does not represent the views of GetApp.

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