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How To Set Up Your YouTube Brand Account in Less Than Five Minutes

Nov 10, 2021

Get more views on your business’s video content by setting up a YouTube brand account. Here’s how to make one in less than five minutes (and why you should).

Toby CoxSenior Content Writer
How To Set Up Your YouTube Brand Account in Less Than Five Minutes

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Which comes first, the YouTube brand account or the content? The beauty of social media is that you get to decide. Whether you have videos you’re ready to upload or you’re just starting to think about content, it’s never too early (or late) to create a YouTube account for your business. 

A brand account is a specific YouTube channel for your business that you can manage through your personal account.


YouTube is able to play a critical role in your social media marketing strategy, especially if you’re on a budget. It has 2.29 billion users and is ranked the second most used social media platform–that’s 2.29 billion potential viewers of your content and 2.29 billion potential customers who could be exposed and introduced to your brand. 

Before you can access this potential, you have to create a brand account and upload video content. But one thing at a time: Let’s talk about how to get your account up and running. 

How to create a YouTube brand account

1. Click your YouTube Avatar and go to “Settings.” 

YouTube Brand Account 1

Source: Screenshots taken by author of personal account.

2. Click “Create a new channel.” 

YouTube Brand Account 2

Note: On this page (if you don’t already have a brand account), you will see the option, “Create a new channel.” If you do already have a brand account, you’ll see this option as “Add or manage your channel(s).”

3. Type in a name for your new brand account.

YouTube Brand Account 3

Control who can edit the channel

After you create your brand account, you’ll want to give access to employees who will need it. 

1. Click on your avatar, and go to “Settings.” 

2. Go to “Add or manage your channel(s).” 

YouTube Brand Account 4

3. Select the brand you want to add/remove managers to/from.

YouTube Brand Account 5

4. Click the brand’s avatar and go to “Settings.” 

5. Click “Add or remove manager(s).” 

YouTube Brand Account 6

6. Click “Manage Permissions.” 

YouTube Brand Account 7

“Manage Permissions” means you can control who has access to the brand account and who can make changes to the account (e.g., upload content, edit descriptions, add other managers). 

Make your brand channel uniquely yours

Using social media platforms, you get limited control over your page, so always take advantage of opportunities to customize your YouTube brand account. 

1. Click your brand account’s avatar and go to “Your Channel.” 

YouTube Brand Account 8

2. Click “Customize Channel.” 

YouTube Brand Account 9

3. Customize your channel. 

YouTube Brand Account 10

Your first stop in this realm is layout customization. On this tab, you can upload introduction videos for new visitors and more personalized videos for returning visitors to welcome them back. You can also organize your content in up to 12 sections. 

4. The next customization step is branding.

YouTube Brand Account 11

On this tab, you can upload your brand account’s profile picture, banner image, and add a watermark to your videos. For your profile picture, it’s best practice to make it your brand’s logo to increase brand recognition and awareness, but you can get more creative with your YouTube banner image

Adding a watermark to your videos can help keep them safe and prevent people from stealing your brand’s marketing property.

5. The last step in channel customization is updating your brand’s basic information.


However, it’s important to note that this should really be called critical info. Your description might be one of the first impressions you make on a viewer, and it’s tone should match your video content’s voice. Think short and snappy, more like a tweet (140 characters or less) rather than a lengthy blog post. 

Update your brand account’s URL so that it includes your brand’s name at the end of it, rather than a string of random characters. 

Don’t forget to include your brand’s actual website and your contact information. 

Need more resources? We’ve got you covered 

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The steps to create a brand account on YouTube were researched in November 2021, and the screenshots reflect the app layout on a MacBook. Applications and layouts are liable to change; see YouTube’s Help Center for additional information.

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