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How To Create a YouTube Playlist in Minutes

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Jul 26, 2021

Creating a YouTube playlist will make your channel easier to navigate while increasing the odds that your audience will find the content they’re looking for.

Collin CoueySenior Content Writer

If your YouTube videos aren’t attracting as many views as you’d expected, don’t panic. Before giving up on your dream of being a video creator, there’s a quick fix to try: creating a YouTube playlist.

YouTube playlists are an easy way to optimize your YouTube videos. They provide viewers a quick glance of the content available on your channel. This helps save time as well as increases the chances that people will watch more of your videos.

If you’re pretty tech savvy, here’s a quick list of the steps to create a YouTube playlist. But if you want detailed guidelines, scroll down to check out the step-by-step instructions along with supporting images.

  • From your channel, select the video you want to add to the playlist.

  • Click “Save” to add the selected video to your playlist.

  • Give your YouTube playlist a name.

  • For privacy settings, choose either public, unlisted, or private.

  • Click “Create.”

Step #1: Select the video you want in your playlist

On your YouTube channel, find the video you want to include in your playlist. To get there, click the account icon in the top right corner of the YouTube homepage and then select “Your channel” from the dropdown.

Opening your YouTube channel from the YouTube homepage

Opening your YouTube channel from the YouTube homepage

You’ll land on your YouTube channel page. Click the “Videos” tab sitting next to the “Home” tab at the top of the page. You’ll now see all the videos you’ve uploaded to your YouTube channel. Find the one you want to add to your playlist and open it.

Viewing the videos uploaded to your YouTube channel

Viewing the videos uploaded to your YouTube channel

Step #2: Save the selected video

On the next page, click the “Save” button to add the YouTube video to your playlist. The save button has three horizontal lines with a + symbol and is placed directly below the video.

Saving a video to a playlist on YouTube

Saving a video to a playlist on YouTube

On clicking “Save,” you’ll get a drop-down menu. Select “Create new playlist” from the menu.

How to create a new YouTube playlist

How to create a new YouTube playlist

Step #3: Name your YouTube playlist

Next, simply enter a name for your new YouTube playlist. Remember you’re creating a playlist to make it easier for people to view your content, so select a name that does these few things:

  • Describes the content that’s available in it.

  • Is catchy and attention-grabbing.

  • Includes relevant keywords that might come up in a YouTube search that’s related to your playlist.

Naming your new YouTube playlist

Naming your new YouTube playlist

Step #4: Choose the privacy settings for your playlist

Now that you’ve named your YouTube playlist, it’s time to choose the privacy settings. Privacy settings determine who can see the YouTube videos on your playlist.

You’ll find the “Privacy” tab on the same menu where you entered the name of your playlist. Click on it to bring up a new dropdown that lists three privacy options.

Privacy options for your YouTube playlist

Privacy options for your YouTube playlist

Think about your target audience when choosing a setting. Here’s how the three options work:

  • Public: Create a public playlist for videos or music that you want to come up in general search results. If you create YouTube videos to promote your business or if creating YouTube content is your job, this is the setting you most likely want to choose.

  • Unlisted: Select this option if you don’t want your YouTube playlist to come up in search results but want to directly share uploaded videos with friends, family, or customers. Unlisted videos and playlists are great if you’re creating educational business content that may have proprietary ideas you don’t want to be public.

  • Private: If you don’t want anyone to view the videos you’ve uploaded on YouTube, create a private playlist. This is a great option for content you’ve created for personal use and don’t intend to share with anyone.

Once you’ve selected a privacy setting per your choice, click the “Create” button.

How to finalize your new YouTube playlist

How to finalize your new YouTube playlist

You’ve done it! You’ve officially made a new YouTube playlist. Now you can add any previously uploaded videos to the playlist or upload new videos directly to the playlist.

To add existing videos, follow the same process outlined in the second step. Everything will look the same except this time you’ll see the playlist you’ve just created in the dropdown; simply select it. It’s that easy!

A video thumbnail image will be automatically chosen for your playlist, but if you have a specific playlist thumbnail in mind, you can edit it at any time by going into the playlist settings.

Create YouTube videos to add to your new playlist

Now that you’re an expert in making YouTube playlists, how about creating great content to add to your playlists? Make compelling videos to increase your subscriber count and monetize your videos.

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