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InnkeyPOS overview

InnkeyPOS is a cloud-based integrated point of sales solution that helps restaurateurs to manage their sales, cost control, stock management, finance, and payroll operations. The solution helps to handle the billing process of independent cafes, multi-chain restaurants, bars, banquet halls, and caterers. It enables restaurant staff to view the occupancy status of each table and assign free tables to waiting customers.

InnkeyPOS offers modifier and ‘make your own dish’ features which enable customers to modify an existing dish or create a new one by choosing toppings, spice level, and preparation method to meet specific needs. The application can assign extra charges for additional toppings or other modifications and adds them to the overall bill. It also offers split check feature that can create multiple checks and split the amount in the desired ratio for a table.

InnkeyPOS provides additional features including remote order printing, prepaid card acceptance, home delivery, discount policy, accounts receivable, and tax structure management. InnkeyPOS integrates with a sister solution for hoteliers, InnkeyPMS.


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InnkeyPOS features

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Key features of InnkeyPOS

  • Delivery management
  • Table management
  • Order processing
  • Order confirmation
  • POS
  • Multi-location support
  • Search functionality
  • Barcode support
  • Discount management
  • SMS integration
  • Invoice management
  • Billing & invoicing
  • Stock management
  • Customer loyalty program
  • Online order entry
  • Order taking
  • Order fulfillment
  • Electronic payments
  • Receipt management
  • Authentication & security
  • Exception reporting


• InnkeyPOS can handle tax calculations by allowing hotel managers to define tax percentage, prepare menu inclusive or exclusive of tax rates, as well as apply a tax on food items before and after discounted price.

• The solution can be configured by restaurants to issue cash or prepaid cards to its regular customers in order to promote business, process cashless transactions, and centralize customer database for multiple chains.

• InnkeyPOS supports both takeaway and home delivery options for caterers by allowing them to assign multiple addresses to a single customer and later on search a customer by address, mobile number, or name.

• The solution enables restaurant managers to register people for non-chargeable orders as well as create a separate bill and generate a report for such orders that can be emailed directly to the owners.

• InnkeyPOS helps in the management of account receivables by allowing users to define credit policy, credit limit of a customer, and map customers on an ongoing basis for credit sales.