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PROS is the only proven vendor to combine world-class CPQ capabilities with world-class dynamic pricing science to power your modern commerce experience. Smart CPQ enables your sales teams to provide frictionless and meaningful customer experience by accelerating their responsiveness to customer requests. With guided selling and algorithmic cross sell recommendations, sales teams can now increase deal sizes with personalized, science based offers customers are most likely to buy. Using scientific algorithms and not spreadsheets, Smart CPQ identifies complimentary products which that customers is most likely to buy, personalizing the experience to that customer’s needs and buying behavior. Best of all, algorithmic cross sell is automated, meaning you can sustain your cross sell process and deliver increased average deal sizes with relevant recommendations over time!

Smart CPQ’s mobile application also supports your on-the-go sales teams with the power to create configurations, get quotes, and generate contracts and proposals right at their fingertips. Take your business one step further and extend your addressable market by enabling partners and customers with the same great configuration and quoting capability for a modern commerce omnichannel experience. Empower your new and existing customer’s wherever and however they choose to buy with an omnichannel experience. Extend Smart CPQs capabilities to your partners and self-service eCommerce portals through PROS eCommerce edition and leverage dynamic pricing science to create tailored offers and drive a personalized and consistent customer experience across all your sales channels.

With Smart CPQ you now have the speed and agility to respond quickly to customer requests and use prescriptive insights to consistently provide the right products at the right price for your customer through any sales channel.

PROS Smart CPQ enables you to deliver process automation and profits.


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PROS Smart CPQ features

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Key features of PROS Smart CPQ

  • Product Configurator and Modeling software
  • Add technical datasheets, installations, plans etc.
  • Proposal Generator
  • Add cover letters, terms and conditions and more
  • Social media-ready and search engine optimized (SEO) catalog
  • Show cross-sell, up-sell and promotional opportunities
  • Real-time pricing, costing and promotions calculation
  • Microsoft Word and/or Adobe PDF documents
  • Fully customizable UI
  • Define document templates
  • Salesforce CRM Integration
  • 2D/3D drawing generation
  • SAP Business ByDesign integration
  • Bills-of-material (BOM) and routings generation
  • CRM, ERP or other system integrations
  • Multichannel, multicurrency and multi-language
  • Create customized and branded sales proposals
  • Real-time management of rules and options
  • Generate proposals from his mobile device
  • AJAX-based navigation with multi-criteria search


• Use guided selling to identify the right products for every customer
• Support select-for-sale to complex engineer-to-order configurations
• Provide visualization techniques including 2D, 3D and mixed reality using HoloLens
• Convert paper diagrams into interactive exploded parts diagrams using OCR technology
• Generate optimized configurations with one-click
• Increase deal size with algorithmic cross sell
• Automate the quote approval process
• Add external and pre-defined content such as technical datasheets, cover letters, product diagrams, terms and conditions and more
• Deliver winning prices with dynamic pricing science insights
• Expand your addressable market and enable partners and self-service eCommerce portals
• Compatible with all CRMs with out-of-box integration with Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Salesforce CRMs
• Compatible with all ERPs with out-of-box integration with SAP
• Get started with Smart CPQ in as little as 90 days