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Best Comparison List of Vendor Applications & Tools
  • Jobber    38

    Software for Mobile Service Businesses
    Jobber is the easiest way to run a service business. Easily quote on new jobs and then turn those quotes into invoices with the ...
  • WorkflowMax    22

    Time tracking and invoice software by Xero
    Impress your clients by sending reliable, customizable quotes in minutes. From quote to project tracking to invoicing - WorkflowMax ...
  • Infusionsoft    26

    Don't Compromise. Get Sales & Marketing Software That Works.
    Infusionsoft lets you create custom quotes and orders directly from emails. Infusionsoft auto-converts accepted quotes into orders ...
  • Qwilr    10

    Turn your business documents into winning webpages
    Replace your quotes, proposals and presentations with interactive and mobile-friendly webpages that are as easy to build and reuse ...
  • HarmonyPSA    9

    Complete professional services automation package.
    Use HarmonyPSA to create and manage client quotes and orders. The feature supports multi-currency and multi-jurisdictional pricing, ...
  • KashFlow    11

    Accounting Software For Small Businesses
    Use KashFlow to create an unlimited number of quotes: Customize quotes with text, branding & currency; categorize quotes; & convert ...
  • Onsight  

    Product catalogue & ordering app for distributors
    Improve your sales. The Onsight mobile sales app lets you quickly create quotes whilst on the road, even when you are offline.
  • Quosal  

    Quote. Propose. Close.
    Quosal makes it simple to create professional quotes and proposals to help you grow your business. See a live demo today!
  • Sofon Guided Selling    22

    Sales Configurator Software
    Use Sofon Guided Selling to configure products, calculate prices & create error-free quotations - supporting approval automation, ...
  • 1CRM    25

    Doing Business, Better
    1CRM lets you create custom quotes & invoices, with support for multiple layouts and tax rates, group & line item discounts, quote ...
  • YourTradeBase    8

    Easy software for trades and services
    YourTradeBase lets you create & send customized, professional quotes, estimates, invoices & receipts. Attach files, automate ...
  • Apparound CPQ    6

    Automated Configure Price Quote with sales gamififcation
    Apparound CPQ helps to configure offers, calculate prices and generate quotes & proposals, with support for complex products and ...
  • PROMYS Enterprise PSA    6

    The next generation in enterprise PSA software
    Promys PSA Anywhere includes a built-in CRM with quoting functionality that lets you automatically turn quotes into orders and get ...
  • PandaDoc    4

    Build, track, and sign any doc on the fly
    PandaDoc is an app that lets you build, track, and sign your docs all in one place. Automate your workflow, discover what sells with ...
  • Megaventory    4

    Sales and Inventory Management
    Megaventory is an inventory management app with the ability to prepare sales quotes for clients - add discounts, search quotes & ...
  • Quotient    2

    Online Quoting and Proposal Software
    Quotient is a full quoting system with the ability to create quotes, view quote activity on a dashboard, get email notifications, ...
  • CallidusCloud CPQ    2

    CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote) solution for sales document production
    Simplify even the most complicated configurations and quotes with a CPQ that is flexible to your quoting needs, but simple to use.
  • Quote Roller    5

    Create, send, track, and sign business proposals online, fast and easy.
    Quote Roller lets you create quotes, proposals and contracts, supporting CPQ, electronic signature, workflow automation, document ...
  • Proposable    2

    Online proposal software for proposal creation, delivery and management
    Proposable offers a drag & drop proposal builder and a catalog of proposal elements, along with email & SMS notifications, analytics,...
  • ServiceM8    2

    We're for small business
    Field staff can use ServiceM8 to create professional quotes & invoices while on site that can be printed, emailed, sent by SMS, or ...
  • Idronic    1

    Manufacturing software made easy!
    Idronic is software specifically built for metal fabricators and contract cutters that lets you build professional quotes from CAD ...
  • Black ICE CRM    1

    Your customers, in detail
    Black ICE CRM lets you build quotes for clients and send them in PDF or email format. You can also set up overdue reminders and link ...
  • Socket    2

    Online Quoting Software
    Use Socket to create, send & manage quotes. The app includes automated quoting, website integration, online payments, quote tracking,...
  • Quotiply    1

    Purchasing made easy.
    Quotiply streamlines the purchasing process by automatically collecting, rating & assessing quotes from suppliers, and providing ...
  • QuoteBase  

    Create effective and beautiful price quote
    Use QuoteBase to create quotes in PDF or email format with minimal effort. Add your logo, collaborate with team mates, add multiple ...

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What is Quoting Software?

Quoting software, also referred to as “proposal software” and “estimating software,” is used by businesses to automate the creation of quotes and sales proposals. These kinds of sales applications allow for the speedy calculation and creation of branded and coherent sales quotes and business proposals, as well as often contracts, invoices and orders. By automating the quote creation process, these business applications aim to reduce the room for error and improve efficiency and speed, while responding to a prospect’s request for proposal (RFP) more quickly.

Business proposal software will allow you to easily generate both a PDF proposal and a web-based proposal. Through the automated sending, tracking and archiving of quotes, you can save time and money by using reusable proposal templates that you only have to customize to reflect clients’ needs.

No more sending a proposal out and waiting, never knowing even if your prospect has opened it. With proposal-tracking capabilities, you know exactly when your client opens your proposal, and even often how long they spent looking at each section. This allows you to anticipate objections and perfectly time follow-up conversations.

With the electronic signature functionality or integration that comes with most any quoting software, you take away barriers many clients have to signing, getting your YES faster.

With some online quoting software you can even receive a secure online payment, produce reports and analytics, and include 3-D drawings and images that are proof of your good work. You could even include a video client testimonial as social proof of a similar successful project.

Quotes can easily be shared among team members for review and evaluation, using user permissions and scorecards to ease sales management and to foster competition. Additionally, most cloud-based proposal software will be integrated with other more complex accounting and CRM software, further assuring you never make an embarrassing mistake like leaving behind another client’s contact info or discounted price.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Online quote creation and PDF generation
  • Customizable, branded quotes and proposals
  • Cost calculation and automatic recurring charges
  • Quote sharing and automated sending
  • Quote archiving and revision history
  • Online quote payment and proposal acceptance
  • Integration with CRM and accounting systems