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Easy-Commission overview

Easy-Commission is a simple and flexible sales commission software that’s easy to use and cost effective to implement, and offers the key features, benefits and functionality that you are looking for. It is a fully web hosted product that has functionalities such as setting up a commission plan, and tracking and calculating commission for sales people independently.

Sales Commissions drive the performance of sales people in most companies. For good sales performance, it is important to be able to calculate and track commissions accurately and on time. Easy-Commission helps to do this task easily. Easy-Commission solves the major issues for most companies in calculating and paying out sales commissions.

Easy-Commission is an easy to use application to manage customer relationships, invoice customers and to calculate sales commissions. It can calculate sales commissions in a simple and easy manner. It takes sales data you enter, applies commission calculations you have set, to produce commission statements. It is completely web based and allows your sales reps to have direct access to their commission statements. There are typically three types of users, Finance, Sales Management and Sales Reps. The entire application is available on the web. And all the users can have access to their own information.


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Easy-Commission reviews

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Graham Sharkey

The easy commission staff have been extremely professional and so helpful in assisting us!

Used daily for 6-12 months
Reviewed 2017-09-20
Review Source: Capterra

Reduced significantly the amount of time taken to reconcile our company commissions and pay our reps and introducers accurately.Turns what would be a hugely time consuming and complicated manual task into a streamlined, simple, automated process.

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Julie Bluvas

Great Customer Service & Reliable Product

Used weekly for 1-2 years
Reviewed 2018-05-25
Review Source: Capterra

Easy to use and to understand. Straight forward commission reports for my reps and fabulous customer service by the team at Cellarstone.

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Saves Time with Commissions (and Headaches)

Reviewed 2013-08-05
Review Source: GetApp

Small fast paced company with multiple commission structures which on paper work great. Managing these are a major pain and take too much time. Easy Commission makes it easy. No hassles and the link from Quickbooks to Easy Commission is actually as advertised, Easy. You gotta try it.Easy Set up. Has multiple calculation options using Microsoft excel like formulas.

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Amazing Service

Reviewed 2013-09-03
Review Source: GetApp

We have been searching for a way to calculate commissions without investing a large amount of money. Easy Commissions seems to have been the perfect solution for us. I usually have difficulties converting to to a new system but the transfer has been relatively easy. Our business is located in Lebanon in the Middle East and our internet connection is very slow. The guidance of Sam and Raj and the rest of the support team has been amazing! They were very patient and walked me through my problems step by step.

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Ester Lascar

Exceptional Service & great product

Reviewed 2013-09-25
Review Source: Capterra

We are a small business using Quickbooks. We needed an extra feature that Quickbooks did not offer and we were not ready to pay the large fees associated with a custom program. Easy-Commission met our needs at a very reasonable cost. We are in Beirut, Lebanon where we suffer from low internet connection and electrical out-ages. The service we received from Easy-Commission was exemplary. I would recommend this program to all business. The cost is minimal and in our case was compatible with our Quickbooks.

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Easy-Commission can be used under 2 editions. There is an Economy edition with basic features. There is also a regular edition that provides additional functionality. Pricing available as low as $1.98 per user/mth.

Easy-Commission features


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Additional information for Easy-Commission

Key features of Easy-Commission

  • Generate detailed commission statements by rep
  • Calculate flat commissions
  • Calculate tiered commissions
  • Split credit between multiple reps
  • Integrate to QuickBooks
  • Use Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly calendars
  • Provide Manager overrides
  • Customize commission statement
  • Extract output for Payroll/Accounts Payable
  • Draw / Cap calculation
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Reduce errors in sales commission calculation. Calculating commissions in Excel, Spreadsheets or other manual processes are highly prone to errors. A systematic, professional approach like Easy-Commission can help reduce errors that may creep in during calculation. You not only save money, but also gain your employee’s trust.