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Omnia Dynamic Pricing

Algorithm-based pricing optimization solution for retailers

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Omnia Dynamic Pricing overview

Omnia is a provider of integrated pricing and online marketing solutions for retailers, offering an automation suite of SaaS-based modules. The range of products are intended to aid the growth of sales and therefore profit margins, by acknowledging existing business strategies to allow Omnia to automate pricing and online marketing. Omnia Dynamic Pricing sits within the Omnia suite as a pricing module, alongside Omnia's Pricewatch, and promises intelligent, automatic price optimization for products. The module boasts a core, self-learning algorithm built around price elasticity that combines internal product and sales data with that obtained from other sources such as Omnia Pricewatch and Google Analytics. By determining those products needing to attract larger volumes of sales i.e. "high elasticity" products, and products able to have a high margin i.e. "low elasticity", the module generates new optimal pricing. The algorithm promises to resist pricing suggestions pitched higher or lower than the market rate and therefore fixing any existing outlier prices in the process.

Dynamic Pricing also features customizable business rules on any level, product or category, with a conditional logic-based interface used to define any pricing business rule necessary. Pricing can then also be based on any variable including such factors as recommended retail price (RRP), target sale margin, competitor averages, etc. More broadly, the Dynamic Pricing module promises a level of transparency and visibility on optimal market pricing for retailers of every type and scale. Decisions made by its algorithm are always qualified via a flexible, intuitive console-based UI that Omnia claims requires no installation or specialist knowledge to operate.


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Omnia Dynamic Pricing screenshot: Dynamic Pricing utilizes a core, self-learning algorithm based around price elasticity, revealing the products needing to attract volume and those that can have a higher marginomnia - how does it workOmnia Dynamic Pricing screenshot: Customizable pricing business rules allow any required strategy to be followed, with prices based on any variableOmnia Dynamic Pricing screenshot: Example channel search on a given product, detailing all the key pricing information plus access to the "Show Me Why" button

Omnia Dynamic Pricing reviews


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Marcha van Grinsven

Easy to set-up pricing automation tool which optimizes your product prices every hour.

Used daily for less than 6 months
Reviewed 2017-09-27
Review Source: Capterra

What I like most about this software, is that it is very flexible. You can make adjustments and controle the algorithm in a way that the 'rules' follow your own unique pricing strategy. Furthermore, I like that the tool is very transparant. You can click on 'show me why'-buttons, which explain all the steps the tool took to decide on the advice price.

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Laura Wiersema

Helps find the sweet spot - at first I regarded it as a novelty app until I became convinced by it.

Used monthly for less than 6 months
Reviewed 2018-04-01
Review Source: Capterra

Experiment...experiment...experiment. It helps me experiment with market positioning through dynamic pricing, at the same time explaining to me how the algorithm works and the factors that inform the software's recommendations. This empowers me to keep tweaking as I go until I find the sweet spots for my products. Brilliant!

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Omnia Dynamic Pricing features

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Additional information for Omnia Dynamic Pricing

Key features of Omnia Dynamic Pricing

  • Pricing analytics
  • Competing product analysis
  • Channel analysis
  • Price list management
  • Price optimization automation
  • Search functionality
  • Rules based algorithms
  • Business intelligence
  • Dynamic analysis
  • Custom pricing options
  • Market segmentation
  • Product catalog integration
  • Multiple data sources
  • Application integration
  • Predictive modeling
  • Market research
  • Conditional logic
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Omnia's Dynamic Pricing is an integrated product pricing solution for retailers of any scale, utilizing competitor pricing data coverage in 30+ countries and a range of tools designed to help grow business and raise sales margins.
Makes "intelligent" automated pricing decisions around a self-learning algorithm based on product-level price elasticity that leverages internal system product / sales data and other data gleaned from sources including Omnia's Pricewatch module and Google Analytics.
Aside from improving the visibility on high / low elasticity products, the core algorithm also promises to fix outlier prices that are currently set too low or too high beyond the optimal market level.
Customizable business rules set at product or category levels can be defined using conditional logic, with pricing based on any variable.
A "Show Me Why" approach to system transparency makes clear the algorithm's pricing decisions, keeping visibility high and a promise on user-friendly operation for users of every level.