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Kommo logo

Messenger-based sales tool for SMBs and entrepreneurs

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Organize contacts, make calls, send emails and chat through messengers — all within a single app. With Kommo’s flexible contact management, your sales team can focus on selling instead of managing data. Win more business with this messenger-based sales solution for SMBs and entrepreneurs.

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Yesware logo

Sales Engagement Made Easy

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How sales teams do meaningful email outreach at scale.

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Ringy logo

Customer relationship management & marketing automation tool

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Ringy (formerly iSalesCRM) is a customer relationship management software that provides businesses with tools to generate leads and automate marketing operations. Supervisors can gain an overview of turnover rates, incoming leads, outbound calls, account balance, and other key metrics via charts and drip analytics.

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All-in-one real estate CRM

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Real estate specific CRM software that contains lead generation, follow-up prompts, AI-powered farming, drip campaigns and more.

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GreenRope logo

Complete CRM for sales, marketing, and operations

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GreenRope is a scalable CRM & marketing automation tool, enabling businesses to consolidate sales, marketing and operations data, in order to streamline & grow their business. The cloud-based platform contains modules for sales, marketing, and operations to close deals, gain leads, and collaborate.

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SugarCRM logo

Empowering sales teams to drive growth, since 2004.

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SugarCRM is an all-in-one CRM platform that aligns sales, marketing, and service teams to drive enhanced productivity and growth. It's a cost-effective, realiable CRM solution, highly regarded for its user-friendly design, and robust integrations.
Ideal for B2B medium to large-sized companies.

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Zendesk Sell logo

All-in-one sales platform for sales teams.

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Zendesk Sell is a CRM software focused on empowering sales teams to win more deals. By automating tasks and data analysis, the all-in-one platform aims to help sales reps increase productivity while enabling sales leaders to provide the personalized coaching needed to accelerate performance.

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eM Client logo

Email, calendar, contacts, tasks, notes and chat in one app

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eM Client is an email client with an easy-to-use interface, which also offers features for contacts, calendars, tasks and more.
Organize your contacts and distributions lists with tags, folders and exhaustive data fields - personal & business details, notes, unlimited emails,phone numbers,addresses.

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LeadSquared logo

Marketing automation and sales execution platform

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LeadSquared’s Content Management Software keeps track of every lead, customer, and contact in all stages of the sales funnel

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WORKetc logo

Business management system for SMBs

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WORKetc helps you capture and manage contact information, with unlimited connections, branches & departments; tagging; notes; custom fields; & data syncing.

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Outplay logo

Sales enablement platform with multi-channel sales outreach

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Outplay is a cloud-based sales enablement software designed to help organizations engage with the target audience and gain insights into business metrics to improve revenue and drive growth.

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Zoho SalesIQ logo

Discover the future of customer engagement

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Zoho SalesIQ is an all-in-one customer engagement, live chat, and analytics platform to unify your marketing, sales, and customer support efforts. Increase your team's productivity seamlessly using powerful automation and chatbots to collect data and respond to queries.

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Wingmate logo

Field Service Management Software

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Wingmate helps businesses to incentivize field service staff to gather important customer intelligence, sales leads, competitive insights, prospects, and more.

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Shared Contacts for Gmail logo

Contact sharing solution with GMail integration

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Are you looking for a simple way to share your domain contacts with your colleagues or your different Google accounts? Our shared groups application works with all editions of Google Apps!

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Retable logo

Business management platform

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Retable offers you a modern database and business management platform with its user-friendly and no-code interface, allowing teams to manage all their data and workflows on a common platform.

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FreeAgent CRM logo

Powerful, easy-to-use CRM your whole team will love.

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FreeAgent CRM is a fully-featured CRM. Manage contacts, accounts, deals, tickets, projects, quotes, and more in one happy place.

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OnePageCRM logo

#1 Action-Focused CRM Software for Small Business

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OnePageCRM is a simple, contacts-focused CRM. We take a to-do list approach to managing sales leads, where every contact has a Next Action to always follow-up.

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Mobile Text Alerts logo

#1 SMS Marketing Service for Businesses

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Mobile Text Alerts helps businesses grow their sales through SMS marketing. Our online dashboard and mobile app allows users to send and receive mass text messages, manage subscribers, segment lists, engage in 2-way conversations, connect integrations and interact with messaging analytics.

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Workbooks logo

A made-to-measure CRM for an off-the-shelf price.

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Workbooks is the provider of CRM apps designed for small and mid-size organisations. Headquartered in the UK, our suite of software enables clients to accelerate sales growth, improve marketing execution, streamline business processes and improve the customer support they deliver.

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Lime CRM logo

A visual and user-friendly CRM customised to your needs

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Lime CRM is a customer relationship management (CRM) software that helps you keep all your customers, deals and campaigns in one place. With integrations to your other IT systems, Lime CRM gives you with the tools to provide exceptional customer experiences. Hosted or on your own server.

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RocketReach logo

Increase engagement with your audience

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RocketReach combines the best of email marketing with cutting-edge digital tools to deliver a powerful solution that increases engagement at scale.

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Pobuca Connect logo

Connect with your contacts

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Connect with your contacts. Optimize the way your company stores and communicates with business contacts having a unified company address book.

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Evercontact logo

Save 1h/week by automating your contact management

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Google Apps professionals like you save an hour every week as they no longer have to copy/paste contact details.

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Kavkom logo

Predictive dialer and telephony software for telemarketers

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Kavkom Predictive Dialer is designed to help businesses automate dialing and routing of calls to live agents. The application enables supervisors to manage and optimize prospecting, sales, and recruitment campaigns, track the productivity of agents, and provide access to specific agents to view information about leads or campaigns.

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Commence logo

Online CRM for Small to Mid-Size Businesses

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Manage accounts, contacts, notes, history, calendars, activities and e-mail

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